Being a leftist of Plebbit in a nutshell

Being a leftist of Plebbit in a nutshell.

Why is Plebbit so keen on getting offended over bullshit and policing everyone speech to the point where you have to review half of the vocabulary you use so that you don't get branded a heretic and get chastized like a witch or something? Imagine fighting a guerilla war under these conditions.

*Kills comrade*

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At least own up to it. These are the people who you unironically consider to be part of your "side".

These are the moments when I feel lile no matter what I do and no matter what I say, it's never gonna be good enough. And quite frankly, when I can't even rely own my own ideology for hope and support because I'm being villified by so called comrades for frivolous nonsense, it just brings me back to my old habits of despair, self-imposed isolation, depression and suicidal tendencies.

There is one thing leftists hate more than capitalists, fascists and liberals: it's other leftists.

That's the point where you should focus on yourself, and what you want to get out of life.

But that's individualism, which is the antithesis of leftism.

I tried it back after several months of imactivity and I instantly regretted it.

There is nothing I want out of life in the capitalist system. Everything this world stands for repulses me.

And what would it take to -not- repulse you?

To be sure, there are problems, and likely more on every level of existence than you realize… but what would it take for you, personally, to not find it repulsive?

Actually, I'm probably the wrong person to talk to.
I'm not screeching from minarets about how I can't wait to die in a gulag, so I'm probably going to be banned in a minute anyway.


abloobloobloo, I can't wait to see how many more millenia of """late stage capitalism""" is left, before switching to technocracy.

you are free to argue against it in good faith, preferably in /containment/ if it upsets you so much you have to go on a shitposting spree

And this is why you'll always lose.
Even cuckchan's Zig Forums convinces people by the tens of thousands, because it allows for open debate.
Nobody is convinced by totalitarian leftist "LISTEN AND BELIEVE OR GET BANNED" rhetoric.

friendo, we get 50 of (you)s every single day
I reiterate: if you want to argue against Marx or his conception of class, you are entirely free to do it. Since you seem like a retard, preferably in here
if you can argue honestly you can even make a whole thread of your own, though from only this brief exchange it seems that honest arguing is something beyond your abilities.

I was actually just offering helpful advice.
If you think gulaging everyone who doesn't agree with your failed ideology is the way to go to enact your little "communist revolution"… well, that's precious, and will fail as badly as last time.

>>>Zig Forums is that way

Why would I want to post on the falseflag honeypot board?

not everyone, only special cases like yourself.

honestly it's social retardedness from both individuals the one who posted like a shit head asking to get banned and the banner.

it's because of the way they write if you haven't noticed. Instead if he wrote: "man I wish some liberals didn't support capitalist pigs at all"
The results would be much different.
Problem is a lot of people in chan boards are socially retarded and a lot of people in reddit are very sensitive. Know how to interact with a community, it helps a lot.

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Well, I'm a borderline autist and that's just who I am. From this point onward, I shall not give a shit anymore. I will do and say as I please and if it offends people, it's their goddamn problem.

Kill yourself you literal retard.

ok do whatever you please but if you get knocked the fuck out someday it because you're generally disliked. Thats all I'm gonna tell you.

The left is dead.

yea dude black characters on your favorite tv show are why the left is dead forever

I have plenty of other shit to take care of and worry about. If I'm an unlikable piece of trash, so fucking be it. I don't even like myself anyways. When nothing you do or say is never good enough for anyone no matter what, you get sick of it eventually.

Not him, but I'd correct my enemy when making a mistake… except, out wait, no.

Keep on with your failed totalitarian horeshit.

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That's not how you use meme arrows.

The Political concept of Leftism is obscure and unworkable, basing itself on gutfeel shit such as "eliminating oppression" or "inequality".

The Socialist movement including itself in the Left-Right was spectularly bound to failure as it opened an avenue to being coopted by Bourgeois Ideology. People like Sorel and Bergson over a 100 years ago warned against the missapropriation of Marxist terms -and even the word "Socialism"- to mean vague shit about "muh oppression" instead of their relationship to material forces.

This on itself has its origins on Socialists entering Parliamentary politis, causing the dilution of this terms as a result of political opportunism.

As long as an organization associates itself with "Leftism" it leaves itself open to get derailed by the progressive identitarian bullshit as this is what is expected of you "as a Leftist", which your opponents can also use to damn you to through association.

Quite simply, we need New Politics. Not just an ideology, or an org, but also a position that wedges itself against the Left and the Right. I'm not talking about edgy, sensational Turd Positionism that takes "Socialism from the Left and Nationalism from the Right" but rather one that recovers both concepts that doesn't actually belong to either side, and has the capacity to stand up to the current political Status Quo.

Interesting point.

It’s sad dude I’m sorry but on the bright side I’ve seen time and time again that this shit is dying off, the sjw stranglehold on socialist thought.
The issue with reddit right now OP is the mods of these spaces still cling to their power and they enforce that shit because it makes them feel better about themselves. To educate you, in their minds and punish you if you don’t adhere

These are nouveau-socialiste who have a lot of baggage from their previous relationship with ideology. You should feel sorry for them.

Both sides are equally autistic in applying their ideology too explicitly instead of acting strategically. One side happens to be opposed to liberalism, the other for it.
But the fortunate problem with liberalism is that it naturally gravitates towards hysterical smearing of your opponents which eventually backfires because playing a victim only seduces the masses for a time, then they realize they don't gain anything from it.


Fuck off. I deal with a load of shit myself, including social anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, severe attention deficit disorder and avoidant personality disorder. Those who LARP as the language morality police are often privileged people. If you're more concerned with words you deem oppressive irrespective of context than capitalism and actual and concrete injustices, you are indeed showing a great deal of privilege, because people who are actually going through to have time to review their entire vocabulary and discourse so that it doesn't offend your puny little feelings. Do I call fat people pigs? No. Do I call intellectually disabled people retards? No. Do I call homosexual males faggots? No. Do I support LGBTQ+ rights? Yes, entirely. Do I acknowlege intersectional theory and how different systems of oppression affect groups of people differently? Yes. So spare me your fucking lectures on ideological and moral purity that are completely fucking irrelevant in the real world. You wanna be a lifestylist? Fine. But don't fucking act like a smug little cunt over it by correcting people's language every five fucking minutes because "muh oppressive language". It condescending, it's patronizing and it's just irritating.

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That would be fine. It's not what these people do though. They demand that certain jargon be used, and if someone slips up or just isn't aware of the current standards, they're tarred as a bigot and shamed as a means of coercing not just compliance but submission to the authority structure.

"It's not authority when we do it."

that's not cool at all, real nazbol niggas would lynch faggots and trannies all day.

The left is dead.

oh no

I'm no nazbol.

'It makes no sense to share things if one doesn’t begin by communizing the ability to see. Without that, living the communist way is like a wild dance in utter darkness; one crashes against the others, one gets hurt, one inflicts bruises on the body and the soul without meaning to and without even knowing exactly who to be angry with. Compounding everyone’s capacity for seeing in every domain, composing new perceptions and endlessly refining them, resulting in an immediate increase of potential, must be the central object of any communist development. Those who don’t want to see anything cannot help but produce collective disasters. We must become seers, for ourselves as much as for others.'
'Organizing ourselves has never been anything else than loving each other.'

We live in a society

The leftist subs are fucking terrible on reddit. The ablist speech rules are the one of the single most retarded things ive ever seen on the site. They will also ban you for supporting Rojava or criticizing the DRPK or China.

Literally "oppression=power+privilege". SJWs would give moral justification to genocide if they thought the victims were "systemically privileged".

It's like Plebbit moralfags want to remain inside their echo chamber having their circle jerks of moral superiority instead on engaging in actual discourse and getting anything done. Seriously, fuck them. I unfollowed all leftist subreddit and I only use it for porn and chicks now. >inb4: Muh objectification of women!!!!
Yes, I fucking objectify women. I have vices. I am an asshole and terrible human being and I'm done apologizing for it. It my existence offends people, then people can rim my asshole and suck on fucking balls.


Soviet Union, Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Yugoslavia, Chile, Spain…should I go on?

In case you were wondering, those are all the countries with successful communist and socialist revolutions. What you mean to probably say is that most countries with a *successful* revolution failed decades later. We can debate on why they failed later, but you can't debate the successes of revolution, because those are facts.

Why not just try not being a butt hurt punk and comply with their stuoid rules while still raising class consciousness

Because I like to give myself some slack. I don't have time to review half of my vocabulary. We're revolutionaries goddamn it, not children in kintergarden.

I followed them back when I created my Reddit account thinking they were cool.

I don't even deny the fact that systemic oppression exists. What bugs me is that these moralfags who believe they have the authority to police people's language because they deem it offensive are privileged people themselves. I've never been given diatribes on my language by anyone with cognitive or physical disabilities, or anyone part of a marginalized community for that matter. Why? Because we all use these fucking words. Idiot, retard, cunt, bitch, imbecile, cretin, moron, pussy… Their use is ubiquitous. If using them against the capitalists and fascists makes you a brocialist, then most leftists are brocialists. Reddit moralfags need to leave their echochamber and realize that in real life, people don't correct each other's language every ten seconds. We don't all have the time to be lifestylist and strive for ideological and moral purity. All they do is alienate everyone who isn't ideologically and morally as pure as they are. It only makes them look like a bunch of self-righteous assholes.

Idk about this, I made a post on r/socialism once (the only thing I ever posted there) critiquing the "ableist speech" thing and got mostly bashed by the people there. Don't know if you're talking about online or real-life socialism but I'm not seeing much of a positive development either way in this regard

The antithesis of individualism is capitalism you retard. Individuals will be able to develop themselves much more integrally under socialism. Please kys

Oh, so you're literally a hilarious walking stereotype of that one NEET meme where the guy pretends to spend his days being a philosopher/musician/celebrity, because he doesn't have to work.
Protip: If you're none of those things under capitalism, you'll still be a retarded useless wanker under communism, but also probably starve to death in a gulag.

Be honest for once in your miserable life.
You wouldn't want to live in any of those places.

Why not, I'd love to live in the USSR or Tito era yugoslavia, much rather than in the capitalist shitholes that have replaced those regimes nowadays. Places like those managed to modernize quickly (much faster than capitalism has ever been able to modernize a country and that without fucking slave-tier or child labour) and provided a high quality of living, education and healthcare to their citizens.


These countries constantly collapse due entirely to their communist practices, which results in millions of deaths between starvation and genocide.
Hell, China lost an entire generation of scientists due to forcing everyone to work on farms, instead of allowing the freedom to pursue what fields they wanted to. By the time they cut that shit out, the pre-revolution professors were already retired, and the new generation literally had to study abroad if they wanted to learn anything of value.
Communism is the antithesis of freedom.
Sit your ass down in a chair away from your computer, and take a long, honest look at your failure of a life. The reason you're a deadbeat loser isn't "because it's Porky's fault!", it's because you're a deadbeat loser.
Under communism, you'll still be a deadbeat loser.

I genuinely can't tell if this is Zig Forums bait or regular Zig Forums retardation. Either way read a book faggot.
Didn't even mention china but if we're gonna go there, some of Mao's economical and social policies were shit compared to the ussr's. He did manage to modernize the country though, highly improved gender equality, etc.
And in what way do you think banning scientists is essential to communism? Ffs I'm always baffled by Zig Forumstards and libshits' overly emotional idealistic look at the past. Why do you need to form a black/white judgment of every country that has existed? Are you aware you can approve of some parts of their policies and disapprove of others? It's an objective fact that socialism has brought immense inprovements almost anywhere it was implemented. It's also an objective fact there have been major failures in those systems. The point is to repeat what went good and fix what went wrong. That's all really, now go properly inform yourself instead of repeating what you read in some rationalwiki article.

"But it may be asked how Individualism, which is now more or less dependent on the existence of private property for its development, will benefit by the abolition of such private property. The answer is very simple. It is true that, under existing conditions, a few men who have had private means of their own, such as Byron, Shelley, Browning, Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, and others, have been able to realise their personality more or less completely. Not one of these men ever did a single day’s work for hire. They were relieved from poverty. They had an immense advantage. The question is whether it would be for the good of Individualism that such an advantage should be taken away. Let us suppose that it is taken away. What happens then to Individualism? How will it benefit?

It will benefit in this way. Under the new conditions Individualism will be far freer, far finer, and far more intensified than it is now. I am not talking of the great imaginatively-realised Individualism of such poets as I have mentioned, but of the great actual Individualism latent and potential in mankind generally. For the recognition of private property has really harmed Individualism, and obscured it, by confusing a man with what he possesses. It has led Individualism entirely astray. It has made gain not growth its aim. So that man thought that the important thing was to have, and did not know that the important thing is to be. The true perfection of man lies, not in what man has, but in what man is.

Private property has crushed true Individualism, and set up an Individualism that is false. It has debarred one part of the community from being individual by starving them. It has debarred the other part of the community from being individual by putting them on the wrong road, and encumbering them. Indeed, so completely has man’s personality been absorbed by his possessions that the English law has always treated offences against a man’s property with far more severity than offences against his person, and property is still the test of complete citizenship. The industry necessary for the making money is also very demoralising. In a community like ours, where property confers immense distinction, social position, honour, respect, titles, and other pleasant things of the kind, man, being naturally ambitious, makes it his aim to accumulate this property, and goes on wearily and tediously accumulating it long after he has got far more than he wants, or can use, or enjoy, or perhaps even know of. Man will kill himself by overwork in order to secure property, and really, considering the enormous advantages that property brings, one is hardly surprised. One’s regret is that society should be constructed on such a basis that man has been forced into a groove in which he cannot freely develop what is wonderful, and fascinating, and delightful in him – in which, in fact, he misses the true pleasure and joy of living. He is also, under existing conditions, very insecure. An enormously wealthy merchant may be – often is – at every moment of his life at the mercy of things that are not under his control. If the wind blows an extra point or so, or the weather suddenly changes, or some trivial thing happens, his ship may go down, his speculations may go wrong, and he finds himself a poor man, with his social position quite gone. Now, nothing should be able to harm a man except himself. Nothing should be able to rob a man at all. What a man really has, is what is in him. What is outside of him should be a matter of no importance.

With the abolition of private property, then, we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life in accumulating things, and the symbols for things. One will live. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
t. Oscar Wilde


The term is "thought crime" you cretin. If you're going to reference 1984, you ought to have at least read the book.

You mean the same USSR, that was a failed state?

No, I'm disagreeing with the idea that "oh wow, if only we had communism then people could pursue what fields they wanted to!"
Historically, the complete fucking opposite has been consistently true.

I am neither one of those, and the past in communist countries has been complete shit, which is why I oppose communism.

Because I like systems that work, and dislike those that don't.

Sure. I even admit that there are certain problems that capitalism inevitably has. The problem is that communists, both here and on leftypol, are literal religious fanatic-tier about how "perfect" they think communism is, even though history has consistently shown it to be a completely dogshit system.

I disagree. The improvements are brought about by "modernization", based on developments made in capitalist countries, and communist countries consistently collapse, resulting in millions of pointless deaths, directly attributable to embracing communism.

If this were true, I would support your line of reasoning. All I've ever seen is "It only failed BECAUSE PORKY, COMMUNISM IS LITERALLY PERFECT!!!!"
Even the Communist Manifesto is treated like some sort of holy work of God-given truth, despite its glaring flaws, which results in a month-ban for even questioning.

I guarantee I have read more books than you have. The idea that reading idiotic bullshit makes you "smart" is the zenith of pseudo-intellectualism.

However, unlike you, I don't gauge my mental abilities on how much dumb propaganda I've read, but rather on my ability to discern truth, claims, facts, and logical fallacies based on whatever I happen to be reading, rather than blindly accepting it.

I mean, seriously, the whole
makes this place a fucking parody of itself.

Bourgeois "individualism" is merely a form of liberal totalitarianism.

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Try to explain in what way you believe it failed. You mean it isn't there anymore? It existed as a succesful state for 70 years though so that's a fairly weak argument.

read a book
I, too, believe a system "works" when it fails to allocate resources efficiently, is only capable of functioning in terms of porky's profit maximization, causes massive unemployment, fails to help those in need, extracts surplus value from people, causes imperialist wars and is literally in the process of destroying the planet's ecosystem
Ah yes the classic "dude you're eating food made under slavery so slavery has to be the perfect system guess I win again ECKS DEE"

No one is saying it's "literally perfect". But again, define failed. If you mean the socialist states ultimately collapsed, how is that not due to capitalist policies and constant embargoes from the capitalist nations? Not many people will blame the Great Purge on capitalism though. Give less vague and meme-tier arguments, maybe then you'll also get reasonable answers.

Literally untrue. Zig Forums BO is insane and bans people who don't support Assad, but on here you don't get banned if you don't shitpost all over the place. We even have a containment thread for discussion between communists and non-communists in case you haven't noticed. And you're free to debate any specific point from the Communist Manifesto or other leftist works in an intelligent fashion. But don't just go "DAE garl margs was stoopid? XD gommies btfo!!!" and expect actual argumentation in return to that.

Really? Because I'm pretty sure "being forced to be a farmer" is a form of totalitarianism, and "being able to study in whatever field you want" under capitalism is individualism. I'm not sure what utter insane mental gymnastics you preform to pretend that this isn't the case.

No, that's just authoritarianism.

The authoritarian formula is "you do what I say and I don't care what you think". The totalitarian formula (if there can be said to be one at all) is "you do what I say and here's what you should think about it".

That said, no, you can't "study whatever field you want". Most fields of study will punish you dearly for having studied them and place you under effective debt slavery. The only fields you can study are one's with jobs that yield high returns enough that you can pay off the costs of studying. In capitalism, your place within society is very much dictated by a higher force, though it's an inhuman force if that's some kind of consolation to you.

Because leftism is a (neurotic) superego thing, it's why leftists are right when they say that political correctness just means having good manners.

You can study whatever you want under capitalism.
If you fucking suck at whatever useless field interests you, it's not like you'll fare any better under communism.

Yes, technically, but you're severely punished for not choosing a "correct" field. So, if you don't feel like living in abject poverty, you only have a relatively small pool of "viable" fields to choose from.

And you would fare better under communism regardless.

Under communism, you'll probably either starve or get gulag'd no matter what you choose.

There are more people in the US prison system now than there ever were in the gulag.

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Tell niggers to quit robbing people, then.

Most incarcerations are for political crime.

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Should I even ask you to define "political crime", or are you willing to admit you're just a shitter?

There are two forms of crime. Political crime and anti-social crime. Basically, anti-social crime is crime that hurts others in some way. All other forms of crime are political crime.

In that case, as a commie, you should be able to appreciate how ridiculous it is to pretend that dindus are some kind of"political prisoners", while supporting an ideology that typically genocides everyone who opposes it wen they gain power.

So we do all. If you actually knew anything about intersectionality, at no point do they deny that. But just because you personally suffer bad things doesn't mean structural racism and misogyny don't exist. Its like saying "Jim Crow laws? Yeah, well I have anxiety!" No-one denied you did.

What people. Yeah, they do demand it, but they don't *enforce it*. Its not like they think you should be thrown in prison for using using marginalizing language. Many of them didn't agree with Dankula being thrown in prison (I do, because leftists get fined or run out of their careers for less). Kevin Logan, who is an SJW called June a "cumbucket" and Coughlan regularly calls people cunts and thickos. Notice they have a substantial SJW audience even thought the audience doesn't really agree with their abrasiveness.

Except that doesn't happen and never happened.

That said, we don't shun violence or the use of political terror. That is literally the point of the state, a workers' state is merely organized violence in the service of the proletarian class. And we can see what happens to those who refuse to use this violence in cases like Allende in Chile, the Paris Commune or even the Bolsheviks, whose revolution started as relatively bloodless and were thus hit with a massive counterrevolution and imperialist invasion wombo combo.

Actually, you're supposed to realize they're not actually leftists. 99.99% of them are just fake leftists. There's maybe a handful of real leftists on leftypol but that's about it.

I never said they didn't exist, you moron. Structural and systemic racism are very real and when privileged fucks come lecture me on my language, it shows how much of a bunch of elitist fucks they are.

Jesus christ, look at that drivel you just shit out. Who exactly do you thinking you're fooling here?

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To make a counter-argument, you would have had to make an argument in the first place.

The massive death toll from communism is a fact. No actual historian would deny that. Plugging your ears and pretending that none of them ever happened is an insane delusion.

The Black Book of Gommunism and it's gorillions of people dead is completely undisputed, guys xD

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In addition to your 3rd pic, it's important to mention the majority of Gulag inmates were actual criminals such as murderers and rapists, much like current-day prisoners. If you accept those as "victims of communism" you also have to see every mass murderer imprisoned in the US as a victim of capitalism.

The funny part is that most of the disputes revolve around that the numbers cited are far lower estimates, by at least tens of millions in regards to Russia and China.

And this is why it's impossible to take you retards seriously.

The gulag system detained both political opponents and regular criminals. And the political opponents represented a minority of the population of the camps.

They were political prisoners, you absolute fucking retard.

The way it works

"X defender" means you have to agree on tactics with whoever is holding the stick at that time, or you support them

Even if that isn't just propaganda, that doesn't change the fact that most people were arrested for normal anti-social crime.

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why are you defending social parasites? every fucking time…ffs, there's so many people out there that shouldn't be allowed to live in society under circumstances.

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These are what everyone else refers to as "communists".

das rite btfo deh gommies EBIN SDYLE :DDDD how will they ever regover :DDD

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In about approximately 10 years when they embrace capitalism again.

Sure thing, we'll see the End Of History through the development of Impeccably Glorious Liberal Democracy in 10 years.
Hail Neo-Fukuyamaism!

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I meant for that specific quote

Wew lad. I'm already beginning to doubt the validity of the rest of the list.