Alright Zig Forums I came mostly because some people said it's better here than it is in Zig Forums...

Alright Zig Forums I came mostly because some people said it's better here than it is in Zig Forums. Also because I became very interested in Anarchism. I'm a Fascist and by fascist I don't mean MUH not socialisM DUUURR, fuck them. I want to learn more on anarchism, I have some "basic" knowledge on it like I know that Bakunin is rather popular and so is Max. I even get the thought of becoming a anarchist. So where do I start? By reading Bakunin? Will even answer some questions on Fascism if you like! Much thanks in advance.

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a lot of people in both Zig Forums and here were Zig Forumstards. Its pointless to discuss if you still have biased opinons / spooks. Go grab a book .pdf and read it. Thats way better. This wont get anywhere.

And if you're still a portard and want to "debate me. change my mind. prove me wrong I bet you cant I'm scrubscribed to le Lardgon of Cukkad!" just go to the contaiment thread for your kind. Shitpost there all you want. We're gonna ignore you here if you start sperging out.

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Don't wanna debate anybody. Just came to expand my knowledge on anarchism (sounds really cringy when I write it like that) I seem to agree with a lot more with you guys than Zig Forums. Zig Forums still shills for capitalism for god knows why. Who knows I might even become a anarchist, though it is gonna be hard to leave it :(

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*leave fascism*

Buddy, you gotta make up your mind
Do you want the government to control everything and enforce racial uniformity or do you want a decentralized society where people are heavily involved in their communities without larger organizations looming over them
Fascism is brainlet tier ideology and the only reason you'd be looking to become an anarchist is if you never actually believed in fascism in the first place, it's like a polar opposite

I dont know any anarchist books, but wage labour and capital is pretty good.

Oh but also as far as literature goes, read The Conquest of Bread, it's babby's first anarchism treatise

then read books about it. In general Anarchism is anti-politics, the absence of politician or hierarchy influence. The Ego & It's Own by Max Stirner, What is Property by Bakunin, Mutual Aid: A factor of Evolution by Peter Kopotkin. There thats the basic bitch entry level stuff.

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FUCK I hate this! Okay I will read on anarchism and finally make the decision. I always did want a society where people just keep to themselves and work together neighbor helping neighbor.

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Jesus fuck off with your political compass bs

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Nah man. I'm reading that one (I stole it from a corporate library, it's a book about anarchism ofc I'm gonna steal it) and in all honesty it's super fucking basic that even tho I'm like 40 pages away from finishing it, it's all shit I already knew.

Conquest of Bread maybe would have been a good book to read when I was 13. I wish I picked up Mutual Aid, it's much more elaborated.

That's not anarchist praxis
Anarchism would be more akin to stealing anarchist literature from porky and donating it to a public library so the public can educate themselves

skip Conquest of Bread. Read Mutual Aid is much more useful.

Pic related: Thats all of Conquest of Bread summed in 1 image. Seriously it's that basic.

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When I'm done with those 40 pages I'm obviously giving it out. I didn't like how basic it was anyways, I didn't learn anything new in all honesty… It was like just speaking with myself in my mind, I don't have to know what I already know.

I never liked that image tbh.
What if the total labour value of the ingredient and fire of the bread are much larger? What if the labour value the baker adds proportionately is less than a slice of bread?
Just because you assemble a car doesn't mean you made it on your own, you received pre-manufactured parts that also took labour to make.

You're going about political ideology all wrong
You shouldn't think about "deciding", you need to take a look at what you believe and check it against how things actually are
Going from "I'm a fascist!" to "I'm an anarchist!" really doesn't give the impression you're thinking critically. Don't be afraid to mix up your beliefs, wholeheartedly accepting the dogma of one particularly ideology is plainly dumb

the image is very specific that the mofo bakes a loaf and only earns enough to buy a slice. this kind of stuff happens irl too usually in 3rd world or China's sweatshops or in some parts of the 1st world but it's not about bread, it's about "I can't pay rent". It's basic shit.

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Reminds me of this image which is just pure gold.

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The NEET life style is virtious and pure beautiful hedonism, he/she is the figure of Dionysus incarnated in the flesh. But their enjoyment only lasts as long as they have autonomy & you know Autonomy is very expensive due Capitalism. It's possible but it ain't easy.

Now that it think about it, from Fash dog to free Anarch… You should really read Ernst Jünger. That motherfucker is the closest human that existed to Big Boss, fucking legendary soldier seeking out his personal freedom. Jünger has a similar story to most of us here only deeper because he actually participated in struggles & wrote about it.

But in general he is the ex-Zig Forumstard who grew the fuck up out of it but beautifully due to the amount of pain he had to endure. He was indeed very strong willed.

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Interesting what exactly makes him great for me though? Hopefully the best image loads up everything this time.

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He went through the ideologies in the same steps you're going through one he did it during WW1 and WW2 (he fought for the Reich's which he was deeply dissatisfied with). He goes like: Nationalism > then I would say he had a kind of National Bolshevik (NazBol) period > He read Nietzsche: Conservatism (not in the American sense but in the more kinda-traditionalist sense which I believe it might be because during WW2 he hanged out a lot with Julius Evola which is honestly a pseudo-intellectual that just misinterpreted Nietzsche), then he did some LSD trip experiments with Albert Hoffman > Read Max Stirner (very loved author here in Zig Forums for obvious reasons > became what he calls Anarch, which is just basically PERSONAL Anarchy, Smart Anarchy that won't fight aginst an authority he/she dislikes if he/she can't win against it but he/she will never really be dominated by it's rules, he/she owns him/herself. Jünger is really deep, it's easily one of my top 5 authors due to all the shit he went through, that makes it legendary in my eyes.

During all that change tho he always respect the figure of the worker immensely because well it's actually WORK who moves the world around, not money like everyone stupid says. WORK = getting shit done. Adapting to struggle = strength. So Jünger was always a Socialist, Leftist, pro-labor, etc.

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27.3 km walking with heavy soldier gear. I actually never did the math right when I was reading. I'm gonna do that one day, most I have walked is around that 20 km but light af. I know I can do better. enduring walking & running is by far the most important personal skill for anyone strong really.

I shall add The Worker to my read list. Thank you.
(Pic unrelated)

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I recognize your posts, you're fucking weird tbh but whatever yeah it's a good book but good luck finding it in English. Learn another language don't be a moron like most Amerifats.

besides Stirner wasn't an "uncaring asshole". Read his biography, he cared a lot about the things he cared about, had 2 relationships, attempted to have a family but 1st wife died in pregnancy, etc he is the Unique after all only he understands.

The asshole is Nietzsche. Nobody liked that guy irl, even tho his philosophy is amazing (because most of it is basically from Stirner).

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It's not exactly 27.3km, because that route is using modern automotive transportation networks.

Go to /marx/ if you want to ask question and learn about Marxism, they are open minded enough to discuss with you

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Shit meme

Stirner is Engels fabrication. Cut it out already!

Any healthy person can cover 30 km in a single march, much less a day, we're built for long-distance travel as species. It's not a matter of some special training, perseverance or whatever, it's a matter of comfortable footwear and avoiding dehydration. (Note how the quote emphasizes footsoreness instead of fatigue.)

If you are opposed to capitalism, why are you behind an inherently capitalist ideology?

How is it Capitalist?

What state do you think was closest to "ideal" fascism?

It supports Private Property and a Market economy. It tries to put them on a leash, but Fascist States have ultimately ended up rubbing shoulders with Industrialists.

OP asked about anarchism and nobody posts anarkiddie books. Come on.
Don't restrict yourself to anarchy though, OP. Read other stuff too. First place to start is probably Revolutionary Self Theory.
It's real fuckin short.

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I would recommend the following links to any newcomer to anarchism :
And here's a reading list and a quote.

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Uh, this board dosn’t have a FAQ.

Start with Proudhon, he was the first Anarchist in the modern seance. His book “What id Property” is probably the best starting point in terms of understanding Anarchism.

You thought wrong. Don't disagree with a mod, or you get an instant month-long ban.

One important skill you should try to learn is being able to entertain an idea without agreeing with it. There's a lot of reading involved with anarchism and leftism, and a lot of the time you'll be reading things you don't agree with. It's tempting to just claim it all as bullshit and stop reading there, but instead you should take a pause and think about why you disagree, analyzing both your own belief structure and the text at the same time. Modern anarchism has a strong emphasis on "critical self theory", which is basically constructing your own theory and constantly trying to build upon it with things you've read or ideas you've had. If you find yourself agreeing with everything in a book you should be instantly cautious, it's probably trying to sell you something.
As an example, I read industrial society and its future and was put off instantly because it spends half the time on sketchy analysis on the leftist psyche. But I kept on reading and found I agreed with a lot of the anti-civ ideas presented.
Basically, learn as much as you can, but in the end form your own opinions based on critical analysis.

Out of the anarchist trio of Bakunin, Proudhon and Kropotkin, only Kropotkin isn't retarded.

Thanks boys, it's going to be rather hard to leave fascism and sad to really. Gonna miss people like Oswald Molsey and Jose Antonio.

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Google Bookchin

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[desire to know more intensifies]

Nah you're not gonna give a fuck, you will see them as spooked as fuck dogged individuals after that.

Nah, fuck those spooky idealists dude, honestly I think you'll be revolted by how empty their rhetoric is after reading some leftist theory.
Become an anarchist or a commie so I can call you a comrade

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In case you don't know there's also an anarchist Zig Forums board >>>/anarcho/. Wouldn't know if it's good though (not an anarchist so i've just lurked it once or twice)
Also since you said we can ask questions, how/why did you become a fascist? How did you evolve politically?

>In case you don't know there's also an anarchist Zig Forums board >>>/anarcho/.
It went to shit when n1x left for 0chan.

After you finish idolizing Mosley, you should read on the actual nature of fascism.

in the same vein

Communism is a spook.

spooks isn't just "anything I don't like"

Sounding rather spooky comrade