What does Zig Forums think about the troops? My dad enlisted right after 9/11 and did one tour of duty in Iraq...

What does Zig Forums think about the troops? My dad enlisted right after 9/11 and did one tour of duty in Iraq, he's got some crazy stories about people losing their minds and killing themselves (he said it was particularly common among people who never left the wire, ie never left the base). I want to feel bad for them, I really do, but we don't have conscription laws soooo

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of US? I hope they die or get all sent back tbh. They're fighting for their Capitalists Politicians not anything else. They're that retarded yes.
Their dog, puppet-like obedience is why so much cancer is happening globally rn.

Troops are proles and have a lot of revolutionary potential. Blaming soldiers for crimes committed by the government is absurd and alienating people who not only need our help but are capable of providing a lot to the cause

Woops, too late :^)


Psychopaths, all of them.

this is tough because I find both true on some level.
everyone who is not one of the 8 gorillionare family members who own the entire world's wealth is in the same economic class and it is therefore in their best interest to get cracking on some fugging gommunism, sure.
but these are the most conditioned cucks on the planet. these are the cuck commandoes, the very essence of what it means to hold the most wrong, backwards, and self/world-defeating views ever and to uphold blowing your load for empire and getting ripped off/nothing in return, yet still support it.
I met a guy who would not ever shut the fuck up about how he killed a 3 year old in the operation to coup gadafi, and the lie he tells himself to justify it is that he helped stop global terrorism.
idk, this is why I say go after people like this and don't cause physical harm but destroy all their property and steal their toothbrushes. once the carpet is pulled out from under them, they will either go snake or socialist in a meaningful way.

They not in any sense of the word. What the fuck?

It's the soldiers who commit the crimes, on behalf of the government, sure, but that doesn't absolve them. Just because I pay somebody to murder you doesn't mean he didn't do a crime. Where I live, American soldiers are seen as a occupiers and rapists, and everybody wants them gone. They're scum and fuck you for fraternizing with them.

Many of them don't know any better. They're blinded by patriotic fervor or they believe the lies that their "helping spread democracy" Others join because of the opportunities afforded by the military, like a steady income, job training, free college, free healthcare etc. Can you blame a prole acting in their economic interest?

The military has always been counter revolutionary ie Bonapartism and the Frei Korps. Things have to be really fucked up for soldiers to abandon their commanders.

get the fuck out with this moralism. Yes soldiers are scum, but I don't give a flying fuck about it.
History showed that many in the military are willing to join a communist revolution and it's in my (and our) interest to let that happen.

They have to provide their labor, soldiering, for a wage. How are they not proles? A worker can do unethical things working for unethical entities, corporations or governments. This does not suddenly mean they are no longer workers, nor does it mean that they then lack revolutionary potential. Some of the first soviets were composed of soldiers and seamen, stop letting your hate boner for america cloud your judgment.

They are the fools who sailed away full of hope and not knowing any better.

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Were are you from?

If I had to guess, Afghanistan.

Career military is invariably reactionary. Even the lauded mutineers of the october rebellion finally sided with the reactionary bolsheviks.

There is a clear differences between soldiers and the military; soldiers are literally brainwashed into not question orders and do as they are told. You could even argue that soldiers are slaves of a psychological kind. Military generals and officers have full and active agency in war crimes and imperialism.

Soldiers shouldn’t be hated on. Many join because of patriotic brainwashing into believing that the wars there fight are to spread democracy. Even though it’s to help corporations. Others join because hey have no where else to go. It’s the only job they can get. Blaming solders for war is like blaming prols for capitalism. It’s there only choice. However generals/officers are Porkies.

What does Zig Forums think about the military
A blanquist style entryism in the military could work.

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You don’t get that to happen by claiming there immoral. You get that to happen by organizing them.

And by giving them a clear line to run behind when they need to make their escape.

It's more than just psychological. Their lives depend upon their following orders. Look at what happened to Brad Chelsea was it? Manning. If they catch a serviceman doing something in direct opposition to the military very bad shit happens to them. They get locked up in the worst prisons in the world and tortured, publicly humiliated, and eventually discharged with all their damage into a privately owned world that refuses to hire anyone with a dishonorable discharge in their record. There is a real physical threat behind every order. They say that the military owns servicemen, and they fucking mean it.

I'm thinking revolutionaries could build a fifth column inside the system and posing as hardline neolibs/neocons while they climb military or corporate ranks. When the right opportunity presents itself, they could start doing damage from the inside. Call me a Blanquist, but this could act like a cancer eating the bourgeois institutional apparatus.

these cucks lost hard in vietnam. these cucks are just inbreds with $2000 of gear on them.

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