Why is the left so weak?

I got into socialism a couple years ago, I grew up in a working class family. Since I've started meeting and talking to leftists and seeing how they're represented I've noticed they're largely middle/upper middle class trust fund kids. And the ones that aren't are effeminate, weak, and embarassing. I've personally known liberals who started claiming socialism because it's trendy who've never read a word of Marx. These same people have made fun of poor white people on numerous occasions. I'm going off on a tangent now but I'm just curious as to WHY the left attracts such weak people? For fucks sake we're infighting on various social media platforms about "problematic language" and being offended by shit that ultimately doesn't matter or was taken out of context. tldr How the fuck is the right supposed to fear us when a large majority of American leftists are skeletal millennials? Please go to the gym anons.

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I blame tankiddie LARP.

Anarchists cannot afford being like those soyboy strawmen.

You can write entire essays on this subject but I would put the blame on opportunist reformists using idpol to culturally reform socialist movements for whatever reasons, which in turn attracts middle/middle-upper class student intellectuals who have read New Left literature. That is; left-liberals are more attracted to hopeful idpol social justice than daunting revolutionary class war; so they dilute the contemporary left with the former. At least that is one way of looking at it.

Theyre angsty pseudo intellectuals, at least its because 90% choose to be left without knowing shit and rant about identity politics till everyone decent ignores them. Then they turn out like louise spitting at people.

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You mean they make everything related to IdPol, right?

Right-wing word salad: the post.

I hate these bourgeois liberal LARPERs getting into socialism because hip and kewl…

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I don't really understand this question because 99% of all political movements are made up of physically weak people, just look at the average alt right dumbass or wincing intellectuals in the neoliberal camp. The only movement to really have much support from stereotypical strongmen are fascist populism, maybe because it appeals to their social Darwinist type views about life, well adjusted and intelligent people don't generally feel the need to be able to beat people up.

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The problem is terminal soy poisoning

Actual socialist workers are everywhere user, we're just too busy…working

and also a lot of us don't want to become the vampire castle's next victim

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Consequently' this is why you people are a joke.

Lmao, I've been a leftist for more than a decade. The left now is far stronger than when I first started getting involved. It's still weak, but trust me when I say things are getting better. No point being a pessimist. Also, in regards to the liberal shitheads and their language policing, there has been increasing push back against that in most circles and I think that will become less of an issue in the coming years. For now it's best to learn normal human socializing and not act like an imageboard sperg.

jesus can you stop judging us by the standard of actual gorillas?

get out of the gorilla mindset yourself, tard.

The living are soft and yielding;
the dead are rigid and stiff.
Living plants are flexible and tender;
the dead are brittle and dry.

Those who are stiff and rigid
are the disciple of death.
Those who are soft and yielding
are the disciples of life.

The rigid and stiff will be broken.
The soft and yielding will overcome.

you are gay


Use your words

"Read a book."

Leftism is a parliamentary bourgeois concept. The Socialist movemebt's involvement in it spelled its doom into getting coopted into meaning vague socjus shit instead of its original materialist theories. Georges Sorel predicted this shit over a hundred years ago.

The Socialists' abandonment of class struggle and the streets in favour of the Campus antics of Herbert "OSS" Marcuse's New Left was the final nail in the coffin for Socialist Leftism after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, we're expected to up with Idealistic shit like Hwhite privilege and Intersectionality because we are "Leftists". Even worse, our efforts have been succesfully derailed into opposing an equally powerless fringe of far-right Autists instead of the increasingly permissive Neoliberal establishment, inviting the likes of Optimistic college students and champagne prioritizing over progressing social values instead of Worker's whose interest lay in the Class Struggle.

Niggas, quit the Leftism. You are Communists. What you want is Communism. Not "Leftism", whatever the fuck that may entail with it's compromise, anti-materialism, its moralism, and its Contrarianism towards the specter of the right instead of the very real mode of production of Capitalism.

Lingering effect of the hippies.

Too many college kids pick it up. For a lot of people, when they hit college they reach an existential point in their lives, the first glimpses of adulthood, the defining of self and a reaction against the world. The struggle against it.
Some take up radical politics rooted in idealism, as they are often idealistic. They haven’t been beaten down by life yet. As a result you get lots of these sjw type “socialists” who see injustice but think you can hold a political rally or protest and win the war. Change another heart and mind against bigotry or racism or whatever.
So I think these typical if weak leftists are those going through a socialist phase. I wouldn’t say they are actually socialist. For them it’s a phase. Any single so-called socialist in the street fighting for increased gun control is not a socialist. Any so-called socialist fight for political policy that will further entrench the bourgeois state is no socialist. Any so-called socialist who looks at a working class they don’t understand and holds them in contempt is no socialist. I don’t mean this as a “no true Scotsman” type deal, only that the contradictions is see today from red liberals stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of what socialism actually is, and how to get there.

I agree with some of the underlying sentiments but as a dweeby nerd I object to that part. I might not be able to punch very hard but we skinnies play dirty: we bite, poke eyeballs and shit like that. The right are absolutely terrified of some scrawny high school kids who want to take their guns away, so I don't think not having big enough muscles is the problem.

I'l give you a different example.

I'm reading a biography of Stalin right now and when the young Stalin first met Lenin in real life, he was shocked because Lenin was a small, short, dweeby little guy. It was a very different image than the one Mr. Ioseb Jughashvili had built up in his head from reading copies of Iskra, and that made Stalin initially think less of Lenin; but over time he became his closest disciple.

Not saying I'm Lenin or anything but you see where I'm coming from. Seriously if you look at photographs of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party and its Bolshevik faction in the early 20th century, a lot of them looked like … leftists. A bunch of bookworms, nerdy Jewish guys and girls and so on. I was amazed at how similar they looked to any socialist club today.

Okay so this is something I've noticed. A kind of very vague 'progressive' activism that is devoid of political content and attractive to mystical gurus and hucksters with messianic complexes.


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Good photo, good commentary, good takes and good post.

The average person in general is a weakling. Most people on the right aren't le aryan ubermensch as they present themselves.

But also the movement attracts many trannies, trannies take over the movements and forums shifting the goalposts from class and Marxism to idpol and fun attracting weak men and "women".



Because most people are out of shape, and for whatever reason we draw more skinnyfats while the reactionaries draw whales. Socialists should work out and we have a thread on this board for that and other types of improvement, but that's for reasons beyond giving the ideologies more aesthetic adherents.

There's a higher percentage of nazi or fascist or snowflake reactionary trannies than marxist or anarchist trannies.

Because we refuse to acknowledge the truth of the blackpill, user. As long as women lead our movements we can never succeed. Feminism is a crime against humanity and the greatest betrayal of the proletariat ever conceived.

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Because your only exposure to leftists is memes online……….
Most leftist people are just regular people with average physiques…….
"all leftist are idpol, richkids" is so boring a topic and keeps coming up……….

hot pic. got any more?

that pad looks like a burnt piece of bread


The left is weak because the system successfully practices two techniques against it: integration and extermination. Your post describes both.
However bashing soft leftists is a bad strategy, unless they're actively trying to bring the existing left to the center. The situation currently is such that we should support anything that further splits centrists and leftists.
Thus soft leftists angry at the status quo should be further lured away from the center instead of attacked for not being left enough. So for example a socdem like Jimmy Dore is valuable because while not yet radicalized towards the left he is nonetheless irreversibly radicalized against the center.

Because you live in yank land. Working class yanks are all flag waving christians brainwashed into thinking Jesus was a long haired Ronald Regan who died to save us from Socialism. Also, why do you care if they're effeminate or weak? You sound a bit like a reactionary to me.