Why do the media oppose people like Trump?

I'm under the impression the general tendency in the western media is to disapprove of Trump and other conservatives. Why is this? Unlike opposing marxism and anarchism I don't see how cultivating this sentiment is in the interest of the ruling classes. It also seems to happen so systematically that it's probably not just because a lot of liberals happen to work for all news outlets. Is it literally just a theatre set up to make it appear that Trump is anti-establishment?

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media hates anything that represent alternative ideas,for them its either liberal democracies or nothing.They are also just a bunch of shills for specific corporate interests

The best way to rob people is to do it politely–to inculcate people with an ideology excusing the way that things are. Trump embarrasses those will real power enough to feel that it threatens their power structures.

Also the military-industrial complex thrives off of constant low-key conflict. Another world war will stop the gravy train.

It's about propping up irrelevant conficts to hide the underlying one.

There is no such thing as bad press, and they lavish him with it.

This and because controversy gets ratings.

because they want to sell the audience on the pretend story they make up where anything the wrestlers or audience do matters at all in any grander scheme of things

Because Donald and other conservatives being particularly cruel, mean or stupid offends the sensibilities of generic liberals and apolitical centrist-types which constitute a large portion of the upper-income suburban proletariat. Pandering to them is therefore an "easy" story that will get lots of views/ad revenue without offending the wrong people, just like stories about sexual harassment and missing white children.

There's no deeper conspiracy/strategy behind it, it's just chasing eyeballs and ad dollars. Donald is not a particularly likeable character anyways.

The media in liberal capitalism isn't a perfect propaganda outlet for capitalism, it's ultimately entertainment directed by market forces and operated by a firm. As such it will pursue controversy first, because that gets more ratings and thus more ad money for the firm. Trump is being focused on because he says dumb, and admittedly often bigoted, shit like clockwork and this drives people to want to talk about the dumb shit. This is good for us, and is a continuation of selling us the rope in that capitalism's contradictions between preserving itself and growth will prevent liberal capitalism targeting as effectively as a fascist state would.


Imo you are just looking too deeply in the fact that some specific media opposes a single politician. In italy for example berlusconi owns some of the most important national channels, that obviously shill for him.

First and foremost because the media is in the tank with the CIA and military leaders and they want wars in Syria and Iran and they're willing to risk war with Russia to do so. They want to put pressure on Trump to comply with this. The only good thing about Trump is that for whatever reason, he doesn't want to start World War 3 with Russia, but each week he caves more and more to medias pressure to have a militaristic response against them.

Trump is offensive to the very core of liberals and status quo worshipers whose idea of the president is someone with pedigree, credentials, the right experience and a placid overly contrived tone when speaking on air. Trump is a middle finger to their idea of government and the ideals they pretend it contains. He is also not one of "them" and in-groups always hate when an outsider they have held to the margins comes out. They don't care about his racism & sexism, they don't care about his anti-free speech actions, they care about his demeanor and the way he says it.


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Trump paid people including the Clintons who wiil suck any dick presented to them for some paper, to come to his wedding. He even said this himself in relation to that picture. He is an incompetent fool who likes the appearance he is important and unfortunately other people bought into this delusion.

Trump & Kanye are just brutally honest rich people. The other rich are terrified of normiea realizing that they all think like that privately

Luckily for him, being an incompetent fool does not keep one out of elite circles. All that is required for admittance is an ungodly shitload of property, which he has.

Trump was mostly thought of as a jester making a fool of himself to scam idiots (most of the property he "owns" isn't actually his and just uses his name).

It's seriously just butthurt jews. That's really all it is. All it takes is whiff of nationalism to send them into histrionics.

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The right wing media dislike him because he isn't a GOP elite; he's an outsider that threatened the other Republican's chance of being the nominee. Thus, Trump's political ambitions were not in line with the media donors' interests.
The liberal media dislike him because it's easy to get money from enraged tumblrites about "Dotard Dumpf said a dumb thing on Twitter EX DEE".

They don't, really. The media is about two things first and foremost, ratings and preserving the status quo. Appealing to the people who hate Trump is a good source of ratings, same as appealing to the people who hate Obama was a good source of ratings when he was president. Neither is a threat to the status quo though.

trump would never have been elected without the ridiculously unwarranted amount of coverage he got from the msm, it's like wrestling, pretend to be enemies in front of the cameras while doing coke and fucking hookers together behind the scenes