Has Science Gone Too Far?


More proof that the last rope the capitalists will sell will be the one that we use to hang them with.

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Why the fuck do commie scum believe this?
If you impossibly manage to destroy western society, I won't become a communist; I'll just kill as many of you as possible.

Capitalism will destroy itself, friendo. We simply need to be there to smother whatever new class society might try to take its place in its cradle and build the new society ourselves from the ashes of the old.

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And how's that been working out for you? :^)

The global economy collapsed massively a decade ago and has never really recovered, most of the "recovery" being essentially a meme borne on by stock buybacks, meanwhile every leftist organization I'm in contact with, including my own, is reporting record recruitment rates (at least in this country, we haven't been this strong since WWII, before living memory for most people) and now that retard Trump is hammering on the what little foundation the global economy is resting on.

So, pretty damn good. An old comrade I met up with called these recent years a "renaissance" for us and our leaders biggest complaint is that the growth of class consciousness and radicalism is faster that our ability to organize it.

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I would give a proper response, but refuse to correct the enemy while they're making a mistake.

That's fine. Given your responses so far, I bet it would only have been "muh spooks" bullshit anyway.

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Anyone can sell designs on redbubble. Probably just some dude.

ok man

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pretty sure they did you a favor tbph

that also destroyed all the chance alt-right morons had so thanks. even spencer admitted it all died from that point onwards. How fast social retardedness ruins something is glorious. Zig Forums is worse than /b/ in 2008 with Project Chanology, they fucked up way way worse.

But everybody already knows that. You see /b/ knows they have been shit for more than a decade & they don't believe otherwise. Zig Forums on the other hand… they're the retards that believe they're the wise asses of the internet, still to this day even failure after failure LOL. You know I'm glad Zig Forums exists, everything Zig Forums touches becomes shit & loses all the support that matters.

Have you ever encountered, at any point in your life, someone who unironically embraced the label of "alt-right" before they were "defeated"?
Not even Zig Forums accepts the label.

aut right is Zig Forums lol unironically yes I know you would like not not believe it but most of those autists come from there and /r/the_donald meeeeh you guys destroyed your own shit by being retarded. deal with it.

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daily reminder that Lenin said the rope quote sarcastically to describe naive leftcom theories about the progression of Capitalism.

2018 year of nazbol confirmed.
The capitalists are realizing the true power of the cult of Nazbol Zombie Lenin.
The world will stand still once the Truth is revealed. You can't stop the NAZBOL GANG
pic related

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stolen valor


Most of you fucks openly embraced the term "alt-right" before you managed to tarnish the term irrevocably and moved on to other dog whistles.

Doesn't matter what Zig Forums think of it. They openend the Pandora box with their stupid meme magic that attracted the filthiest retards. And now they're forever linked to alt lite and kekistani shit.

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The alt-Capitalist term has been mocked since its inception.

Anyone that unironically believes "western" society exists is nothing but an american cocksucker that must be sent to die in the gulag.
You're nothnig but a waste of resources

Watch out! He's gonna get ya!

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But that has literally never been true.