Why do leftists tend to be either fat slobs or twinks? How do we fix this...

Why do leftists tend to be either fat slobs or twinks? How do we fix this? Is the logical conclusion of ultra-inclusivity?

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Peter Coffin and Muke aren't leftists.

they call themselves leftists and have completely neglected the gym or a healthy diet.
Whatever happened to the good ole' days when the soviets were winning all the weightlifting competitions?

They ARE Leftists. What they are not, is Socialists.

Socialism is a mode of production. Leftism, on the other hand, is inconditional fetishism for "the oppressed" and petty political contrarianism, leading to these pathetic man-failures that passively accept the hedonism and apathy of Capitalism, as any rejection of these inferior attitudes would be labeled "Rightism"

Of course, this all comes from the anti-Marxist New Left. But the fact that the Socialist movement has gotten so thoroughly infected with no signs of recovery shows that Leftism as a concept is politically unviable

I like this, im going to use this.

Under capitalism almost everyone looks like a twink or fat slob.
Consistently diet and exercise. You can head on over to and start with yourself.

They call themselves socialist or communist and frequently make comments advocating for communism. I don't like them either and think the wider socialist movement would be better without them and similar opinionstube fags, but it's disingenuous to say they aren't socialist.

They might call themselves leftists, but it's quite clear that they are using the term to gain clicks and attention. With that logic, you might call a Chinese entrepreneur or a billionaire in the CPCh "leftist". Both might even advocate for communism.

Peter Coffin has had a racist fake account of his fake girlfriend (for which he used photos of a Korean model). He's nothing but scum of the earth who is now trying to make a cheap buck of the "new left" on Twitter and YouTube.

Then what is a real leftist or socialist?
A chink Engels isn't out of the realm of possibility.
Is he still pretending his real doll is his wife?


don't you want to physically intimidate porky and his attack dogs user?

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Doesn't he wear a wedding ring in his videos? Wtf is with these cringey ass e-celebs ffs.

Someone who supports a proletarian revolution against the bourgeoisie. Do you think Muke, Peter Coffin, Hmbombreguy, Contrapoints etc would support a proletarian revolution? I don't think they would, and thus I they aren't leftists.

Someone who is genuinely and authentically interested in changing the human condition and its predicament.

I mean, to make a career in the CPCh you sort of have to formally subscribe to communism. This is different from Engels. I'm not saying that upper class people can't be communists, I'm saying that there is a difference between people subscribing to it as a fashion/career choice and ones who are ariving at a leftist conclusion on their own, or are affected by the pitfalls of capitalism and class society directly (whereas Peter Coffin and Muke actually are profiting from it). Peter Coffin didn't have an option other than being a leftist/SJW/socialist after he publicly kicked his own balls on TV. The right and liberals (actual liberals, not burger liberals) would never accept this, and the left needs to stop being inclusive in regards to these retards.

That is true, but what I am saying is the root of the problem lies in the concept of Leftism.

We need Socialism without Leftism. It is a concept originating in Bourgeois parliamentarism that confines us as Revolutionaries and obfuscates any Materialist analysis with Moralism and principles, which are frankly worthless in the face of Capitalism and historical development.

How is Muke not a communist though? Has the dude said anything suggesting he doesn't support the revolution?

His slimy temperament and how quickly he cucked on idpol after the contrapoints crowd started giving him attention is proof he's a lifestylist.

I support this. Whenever I see one of these lolcows starting their take with "the left needs to …" I want to physically remove them from this planet. Just call yourself a communist, even the word "socialist" has been tainted in many western countries as being a SocDem.

He's probably not going to as it would probably be "problematic" or he'd just "not care either way" because it doesn't abolish the value form in an instant or whatever.

Muke is the definition of a bootlicker. Just look how he literally worships Contra and hbomberguy but reacts with the uttermost arrogance to people with a lower amount of subscribers. I've watched his Overwatch stream with Claudia Brown for five minutes, and while the latter is a hardcore IdPol feminist (which makes sense since Muke has broken up contact with everyone who is an actual Marxist/socialist), it's still rude as fuck how he constantly interrupts her, talks about his own problems in the middle of her sentence, etc.

Muke shits on Cockshott (problematic TERF, etc.) in a single Tweet and deliberately answers stupid CuriousCat questions only to complain that the questions he gets are "stupid". He'd also constantly talks about how many subs he got.

I'm not surprised he's an actual virgin cause his e-celeb autism doesn't fly well at all with chicks.

That nigga is just an opportunist

Does that mean those opposed to Rojava aren't leftists as well?

That's a broad brush and how do we determine what is authentic and what isn't? What's the difference between RevLeft radio/Guillotine Podcast and Muke or Coffins shitty youtube videos? Assuming the former is authentic.
But just because they subscribe to it because of fashion or career doesn't preclude arriving to it on their own or genuinely believing in it. Perhaps this is naive of me, but I'd say that guys like Boots Riley or Immortal Technique are genuine despite using revolutionary imagery as part of their career arguably they would have had more commercial success if they didn't. I don't think Coffin or Muke are anywhere near their level, but I don't see why we shouldn't take their claims of being socialist at face value. I don't intend to work with them and would exclude them from any organization, but that's because they're useless and illiterate fuckwits, not because I don't think they're socialists.
I mean he could have just killed himself, probably would have spared a lot of humiliation.
Nigga the right is full of trannies, pedos, fags, and Zig Forums, they don't have high standards and you could find something way more embarrassing than kicking themselves in the balls.

The problem is you can't get a universal definition of leftism or even socialism, as can be evidenced itt by using socialism and leftism interchangeably. We should just call ourselves whatever suits our needs the best in the current moment and continue with the intent to abolish the present state of things.

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benis tbh

I think the elephant in the room re: The Leftist Youtuber Who Will it Be? question is that:
First of all, who wants to put themselves at risk? The Unabashed Truth is great and all, but sometimes coming out and saying it before the wrong audience can have negative consequences. I think it's pretty clear that the ラリルレロwill straight up kill any citizen that steps too out of line. The BLM activist in New Orleans who took down a confederate flag was surveilled by the private security company Palantir and shot by [unknown assailant] while riding his bike one day, total accident? It's at the point where legitimate resistance in speech dead in the water, cause if they can't get you in their courts, they just shoot you or ruin your life some other way.
Then you want me to put my face and voice out, telling you shit you should already know… The time of Youtube was 2012. Now it's all deleted, censored, hypersponsored streaming revenue, procedurally generated toddler mindfucks, adshit, botnetshit.
Read Noam Chomsky when he talks about corporate media, it really explains the quagmire we're in. If you don't play the censor's game, you're banned in ways you don't even know.
I'd love to communicate and network with other lefties of like mind, but with the present state of communications monitoring, it's almost impossible to expect perfect opsec e2e, there's no way to even broadcast publicly, even if you did, you'd have to talk over people's conditioned motives to be a cuck and rush to defend property, and practically everyone is fucking braindead anyway, they won't even leave facebook even though it's been biting their nose for a decade.
There's a lot of damage control to do because everyone is a moron and never read Capital, sure, but whos job was it to preach to the choir, again? Was anyone converted by watching Youtube? Or was it getting their life rocked by the contradictions inherent in capital?
I maintain that the time for brushing up on theory is over. You should have been done reading and ready to die in a bloodbath seizing the state apparatus on Jan 20th 2016.

also there's enough 'they're weak go lift weights' toxic masculinity everywhere else online

Lifting is something every human being should do. The idea that it's masculine is just another spook.