A happy international day of labour to you comrades! May capitalism finally get lynched this year! We share our thoughts and wishes for the left here! Also socialist glory image thread and /leftmusic/ thread!

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comrade it isn't international workers day anymore today is loyalty day

Um sorry to break it to you hon but people dont care about some Masculine Cis Male centrist Holiday based on the execution of some Cissies almost a hundred years ago

I found out that day existed in America literally today and nobody else gives a shit about it lmao.

Dafuq am I reading? Are you a samefigging Zig Forumsack?

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Trump proclaimed today as loyalty day a while back from what I remember.

no the other guy is some fag

Loyalty day has been a thing in the US since the second red scareā€¦
Eisenhower made it a National Recognized holiday

I never heard of it until Trump mentioned it probably cause im a brainlet and dont read american history

this tbh

mate please

Good job discriminating against non-francophones
English is the Non-Discriminatory lingu franca

it's in the both french and english

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I am a historian, and I had never heard of it before. The West Coast still calls it May Day or International Workers Day.

Habby Nadional Loyola Day gommies, renew your bledge of allegiance to Burger today

Cars set on fire as masked protesters rage in Paris on May 1 demo

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a live from paris

Why do people and news call it "labour day?" It's the workers day. It is not about celebrating work it's about the worker's struggle. I smell somethimg here.

based French comrades

May Day in Qamislo, Rojava organsied by the SYPG, the Marxist activist branch of the PYD.

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In my country they call it "first of may" or "Worker's international fight day"

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The early Seattle march is a letdown. There is barely a handful of actual reds there who are not all about rainbow diversity and "down with Trump" bullshit. I hope that the anarchists get some shit done tonight. They should watch out, though, because the fucking SWAT teams are already following the reformist marchers around. It looks like the regular cops are spread out two to a street corner in the city, and there is a couple dozen bike assholes waiting in the city center.

How do we stop the liberalization of SALT.

The wastes of space even have "Resist Trump" printed on their signs. You would not know them from Berniecrats but for the color red.


It's gonna happen this time r-right bros?
Pic related.

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What organization should I join for this then?
There wasn't shit at my small town in Maryland. I just saw lolberts driving around in pickup trucks.

There's the question right there. The only organizations out there seem to be either socdem reformists trying to get third-party politicians elected and raise high-bracket income taxes or intersectional feminist anarchists who only ever pay lip service to economic concerns when they do not involve transgendered women of color. As much as I despise IRL meetups of internet faggots, I would be amenable to the idea just to get some kind of informal organization going.

but anons, I did take part in Mayday activities, I'm just saying its performative politics and illusion-of-activity in many ways. marching and yelling demands of higher wages and lower working hours is unlikely to aid the cause of the demands in any way.
and if anything, performative politics is what defines the liberal conception of politics.

Several days old but the ones in the U.S. seem like they're turning into picnics-in-the-park type deals. Which is fine.

I ended up talking to some very Online dude (but it's okay because so am I) about Paul Cockshott cybercommunism for awhile.

Quoting myself.

I bet he posts here too. Show yourself.