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Iran is the Big Hetero! they are a stinky nation state and are islamists who back nation statist islamists to create or maintain nation states and capitalism. what a stinky nation state.

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Nice try, FBI.

t. demcon gang

This but unironicaly.
t American Leftist

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Let us critically support the United States against Iranian imperialism

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t. ML gang

Nice FSA opinion piece. The PJAK is designated terrorist group by the US and the US provides intelligence to t*rkey to help destroy the group.
Now fuck off Zig Forums

just a reminder that the NazBols (the Other Russia) supported the SDF against Russian/Turkish imperialism in Afrin. They have protested Putin for his cooperation with AKP Fascism. NazBol is DemCon Gang. (by the way I just found out I am banned from leftypol because they are stinky stinky nation statists. dont be like leftypol)

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t. Chad

Trying to manipulate the US into bombing your other enemies is common sense desu, even the Soviets did it.

That's how you join DemCon Gang, heval

Most MIT shills have never read an Wikipedia article

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Anyone remember that NazBol on leftypol who tried to get into Rojava but was denied after revealing to the YPGI that he once threw battery acid at someone? Imagine if actually made it there.

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Hey, its me again. Daily DemCon Guy. Just throwing it out there that Magnus Hirschfeld is DemCon gang. Read The Homosexuality of Men and Women. Magnus is banned from Zig Forums

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These are gold, keep them coming Daily DemCon.

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There have been a few nazbols that have been involved with Rojava

It's understandable, really. When guys have pic related, you would be crazy not to ask them to deploy them against your enemy's tanks.

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Nice meme, are you about to post that story about some random Iraqi guy naming his restaurant after Trump as "proof" that Kurds are US puppets?

"Trump Fish" or some shit like that lol. Yeah some guy in Erbil named his restaurant after him and I remember tankies went wild posting the link everywhere

May the 4th be with you and the brave defenders of the DFNS and the true liberatory force of Syria. With Comrade Dooku on our side there is no way we can lose against Assad and his dumb nation statism.

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That's really interesting but I wouldn't call Taaki a National Bolshevik but he does have syncretic beliefs that incorporates Dugin's ideas on liberalism.

okay hewal

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There is also one in Kobane

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Say what you will about the name of his shop but the food he makes looks really tasty.

Do people still believe this? There are minority councils, quotas on representation according to population size, and one of the two co-chairs is an Assyrian. Even within the YPG there are Arabs in command roles. The entire Manbij Military Council is Arab dominated and so is the Der ez Zor Military Council. Hell the MMC isn't even in the federal system
t. DemCon Gang

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Who cares, it’s just one guy.

happy birthday angry beard man

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Here's a picture of Marx's grave when a YPG Shehid, Mehmet Aksoy, was buried near him.

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apparently NAM is DEMCON GANG? what a fucking world we live in.

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It shows that they have basically no political consciousness other than a desire for autonomy. It's not socialism.

One random guy doesn’t represent a territory of over four million.

Lmao kill yourself so you can finally meet "God".


Don't be such a useful idiot. That's how they want you to react. NAM is subversion.

Yair Golan is DEMCON


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I think we can both oppose imperialist aggression against Iran and still recognize it as a theocratic, bourgeois state who will ultimately turn imperialist itself given the chance because that's the natural progression of capitalism.

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Always do the opposite of what Zig Forums says.

more socialist than baathism

best hope for iran is relegating the clerics and the revolutionary guard to a ceremonial role like the queen

These "gang" are pretty fucking lame dudes. Is this really the best OC we can produce?

Unfortunately tankies are too retarded to recognise the goodwill of reformist politicians within Iranian politics to be able to reconcile the idea that Iran is not justified in being a theocratic shithole.

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Come back DemCon user