Antifa death toll: 5 million

Antifa death toll: 5 million.

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He meant garbage cans.

Bad things the left created:
Fascism, antifascism, capitalism, anticapitalism, venom, antivenom

We truly are the masters of dialectics.

I don't want to nitpick but the antifa death toll is technically 5.48 million

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What even is this?

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Why are rightists so retarded?

Nazis are leftists
t Cuckservitives

The right created Liberalism, Monarchism, Gunpowder, flying laser sharks, the color blue, the color yellow. 55 million murdered for the color blue, 4000 million to the establishment of monarchism, Yellow 7 million, flying laser sharks 3 deaths. Crazy I know.

They like to say that democrats and liberals are left.

Republicans get off over the fact that Democrats were the party of slavery and so on back in the day and Republicans were the party of Lincoln, yet ignore that Republicans were the left wing party back then (relatively speaking) and the parties switched around in the 20th century, and the fact that the modern Republican party can't get over its love affair with the Confederacy. Basically the GOP fails so hard at appealing to non WASPs they have to use things that happened 150 years ago as a 'gotcha'.

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The democrats are the relatively left leaning party, but 100 years ago they were the right leaning party and had plenty of confederate sympathizers, so by chud logic this means that the left created the KKK.


Relative to the Republicans. Of course Margaret Thatcher is relatively left of the Republicans.

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Not really though. They agree with the republicans on pretty much everything except pointless idpol issues.

This should be an indicator of how far off the deep end you are.
You aren't "left leaning".
You're not "left".
You're not even "far left".
You've literally so far left that you've left the map, where people squiggle in drawings of sea dragons, and wonder what the fuck you're even doing.

I take it that map ends where capitalism does.

don't forget the color white, also I think the bourgeoisie was still a progressive force when they created blue so I'm not sure you can fairly attribute it to the right

Obviously not, but I wouldn't expect any more from someone who is unironically a marxcuck to understand anything beyond "muh… muh means of productions".

I think this is representing the situation poorly when you've got broad neoliberal and socdem factions fighting over economic issues within the party.

What exactly makes neoliberal corporate shills like the Democrats "left" according to you? This should be good for a giggle

I'll draw the map just for you. Blue is democrats, red is republicans, green is the overton window, purple is me. I'm not even that radical.

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Left wing means anti-capitalist. Anyone who wishes to preserve capitalism is right wing you stupid cuck.

These. Democrats are not our friends. When it comes to who owns the means of production, they may as well be fascists.

I think, ironically, a strong desire to be on "the right side of history"

IIRC a bunch of the SJW-types like Ant Boy who later became aut-rightists said that was basically what motivates their political views

I love it when rightists are so politically correct that the only way they can criticise the left is by accusing it of being the right. At that level of idealism, it becomes hard to distinguish from genuine mental illness.

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I'd tell you why you're wrong, but you sound even worse than "rightists".

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hey reddit

i wish

What did he mean by this?

Pure undiluted ideology

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is it supposed to be a joke?

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back to /pol with ya

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the emperor sure has some nice clothes, don't you think?

I don't know what's worse, being as dumb and ignorant as the person in OP's pic or the fact that his dumbness attracted attention enough for someone to take a screencap and post it here.

Republicans in the 19th century were a liberal party of the industrial states, anti-slavery but also pro-free markets and big business. Many republicans were only opposed to slavery because it went against liberal economic ideology and believed that under "free labor," former slaves would actually be even more productive than they were under slavery because of market incentives.

The parties never switched. The GOP has always been an interventionist neoliberal party. In reality the Democrats kicked out all of the Dixiecrats (conservative, pro-segregation, pro-tariffs) who either became Republicans and moderated their message or were forced out of politics all together.

That is only partially true. There was a wing of the party (of which Lincoln was a part) called the Free Labor Movement that had "free labor, free soil" as its motto. They were not quite socialists, but they came pretty damn close.

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The GOP platform has remained the same for 100 years. The Democratic platform was the one that shifted leftwards, relatively speaking.

I suppose the Sherman Antitrust Act, Teddy, and Taft never happened then.

the problem with antifa is they stop at fascists.


Those happened over a hundred years ago.

Are you kidding? Those idiots don't even know what fascism is.

Every day we stray further from Kropotkin