If you could get rid of a single piece of leftist theory that you think has tainted the left, which one would it be?

If you could get rid of a single piece of leftist theory that you think has tainted the left, which one would it be?

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Settler tbh

Oh god yes. Postcolonialism is utter cancer.

Braindead anti-imperialism. Just caught a ban from leftypol for saying that Iran, being a capitalist country, will necessarily develop imperialist tendencies (assuming they havent already). Apparently adhering to Lenin's theory of imperialism is actually defending imperialism. Really makes you think.

People who say “Imperialism is when American Government does stuff, the more stuff the American Goverment does, the more Imperalist it is.”

This to

It assumes all blacks are prols and all whites are Porkies. It bases class off of cultural voo-doo rather on relationship to the means of production.

That shit sucks too. Those dipshits are so focused on America that they miss the shit that Russia, China, and every other significant bourgeois state does.

I got banned for a month from leftypol for saying that the ussr was state capitalism and that Stalin was a fascist

lol I think you were replying to me

Yes I was whoops

Stalin is probably responsible for the deaths of more fascists than any other person in history.

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I think there's a case to be made that if we never had Marx's critique of capital, then capitalism would have collapsed by now due to capitalists' lack of understanding of what they were doing.


uneducated Tankie/Demsoc "socialism is when we have capitalism but welfare" politics that mostly comes from people who go too far in defending non-western countries from right wing propaganda.

this is a close second but related to my pick. I've argued with too many people who say that Chinese imperialism in Africa doesn't exist because they're actually helping those countries with their investment/development on the continent (which is literally the same argument western imperialists use)

Typical capitalist roader false consciousness statement OP.

Get out

Lenin's "right of nations to self-determination". Once a nation is governed by a socialist bloc, it should have zero autonomy, zero special rights, and certainly tolerance for secession. Internationalism means uniting and liquidating nations. Arbitrarily dividing a socialist bloc so as not to appear 'chauvinist' is the height of self-destructive idiocy. Nationalists should be persecuted, not appeased.

No other theory has brought more destruction to socialism than this one. The USSR and Yugoslavia are the best examples.

There's a lot of idealism on the left. As far as I can see, being a left idealist is worse than not being any kind of leftist.
The point is, systems and power do not believe in ideal spooks like race and gender. They can't afford it. They operate completely on a material basis. What systems and power do, however, is spread a belief in such ideal spooks (and the idea that they themselves believe in them), but that has a material function - to derail from the crucial stuff. This causes many lefties to waste their energy on the assumption that institutions just love to discriminate people based on random spooks, which not only is a waste, but since it's incompatible with reality, it makes them bend their logic into a pretzel and make the whole left look like irrational idiots. I mean, Jordan Peterson is popular; that if anything is evidence of the intellectual fun of our time.

Lol, forgot about De generacy getting Yezhov'd

No. It's outdated and retarded. His conceptions of "class" reflect someone who has no idea what a job is, and his dumbass memes has reduced the left into some hideous abomination that can only mutter "p-porky" and "dialectic materialist dialectic materialism". Marx is the worst thing to ever happen to the left.


outline your understanding of marxist theory for us if you would be so kind

Read a book.

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Vanguardism. I honestly don't understand how people who call themselves Marxists can possibly not see the most obvious of contradictions of creating a quasi-class to get rid of the class system.

That's Hitler.

That's such a more general problem than fucking idpol (of all things) that mentioning it in this context is like hitting someone in the face with a bat in the middle of a conversation and then continuing on without any further commentary.

Wait, so what do you think the left is really about?

Have you even read Settlers?

Marx is the only one who understood that historical change was created through contradictions in the material relations. He analysis of class in nothing short of perfection.

Leninism and what came next.

Never trigger the Tankcells

Don't you mean ''"always'"'?

Confirmed for having no idea what class is.

Retroactively? Bolshevism, no question. Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, the whole thing. If red fascism hadn't happened, or if some last chance like Kronstadt had dismantled it before it went full retard, the name of socialism wouldn't have been irrevocably marred. In modern times, the malign influence of tankies has been reduced to the form of inconsequential LARPers in the west, or widely mocked insincere appeals to leftism by the likes of China elsewhere, so the primary harm done is the sheer stigma on the rest of us.

Nowadays? Postmodernism in all its forms. Its seeping poison permeates everything wrong with the left (and much of the right) today, from more obvious forms like PC and critical theory, to subtler ones like its resurgence of relativism and romanticism.


Have you considered reading a book?

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Stop replying to bait

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dialectical materialism


Nothing. Marx teaches us that if a theory is valid, it will simply regrow itself. If a theory is invalid, it is absolutely irrelevant.


You deserved that ban

Get your ass a VPN server and you can trigger the not real communist ass tankcucks all day
Fuck all leftists except anarchists by the way

t. red liberal

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authoritarianism, political correctness, cultural marxism, all traces of ☘️marxism☘️, jewry, cucks who hate guns, everything except pure anarchy

Nice low Autism Level assumption, why can't I be an anarchist without being some red piece?

*piece of shit

Why would you want to go to Zig Forums? It's bad enough when the red socdems wander in here, but going to the source sounds like a waste of time. Just read instead.

Because liberalism is now not participating in bourgeois democracy and not supporting liberals currently opposed to the US, as opposed to the revisionist and crypto-trotskyist view that liberalism is support for property and bourgeois republics.

Because anyone who seriously says "fuck all leftists except anarchists" is almost guaranteed to be a no-book college anarchist who'll abandon socialism the moment they get a stable job - nevermind the fact that anarchists are perfectly willing to believe in liberal anti-communist propaganda, to the point where I have seen anarchists quoting the black book of communism. Of all the anarchists I know of, the ones actually doing things are always the ones with the best connection with other socialist tendencies, while the ones crying about how Stalin was a fascist and how every other socialist is shit are the ones who do the least.

To back up my last point, you only have to look at the SDF, which frequently cooperates with communists, and the Zapatistas. Meanwhile, where are all the anarchists talking about red fascists? At home.

The entire "reform vs. revolution" debate.

Naxalites > SDF tbh


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I would get rid of the bourgeois idea that the economy can be reformed and made non-capitalist, or that the economy is the foundation of the universe instead of being a historically limited political technology.

Liberalism and idpol are not leftist to begin with.