/marx/ debate

Ongoing debate:
- Is North Korea socialist?
- Was there an exploiting class in the USSR?
- Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - cynical geopolitics or necessary to defend socialism in the USSR?

There's a mini debate going on in a thread on /marx/ that is touching on various themes related to Marxism and socialist politics.

It begins here:


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I want my old Hoxhaist Ismail back.

Lenin got the Soviet Union out of the imperialist war. It is only logical Stalin would try to avoid one.

lol, no

Obviously, yes. When you leave surplus value creator and surplus value appropriator intact, that's what you get.

Cynical geopolitics.

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Tommy "Ismail" Mret is a retard that goes dumber by the day, no wonder he's a tankie.

is that Body Odour?

No, Ismail isn't as retarded as Body Odor yet.

He's just into Marxism and Marxist analysis. I respect his patience and willingness to address and answer literally every question.

Where the fuck did the nomenklatura in the USSR appropriate surplus value? Just because they enjoyed more luxurious things doesn't mean that something like "surplus value" existed. Gosplan used in-kind indicators for their planning.

Care to explain?

I guess trying not be invaded by genocidal Nazis is "cynical".

Even if you disagree with him he's very well read on history. I've yet to see him being BTFOed on /marx/ despite people keep walking in their with their "gotcha!" bullshit and then just stop responding.

Probably because Body Odour deletes and bans posts that could BTFO him. Being king of a hugbox doesn't impress me particularly.

You're such a fucking faggot, if you look at /marx/ Ismail never deletes posts, he leaves up literal Zig Forums shitposts because he's running the board with absolute unlimited freeze peach.

You clearly haven't even looked at it, yet you blame others for being in a hugbox, which is funny, considering you apparantely are part of one.

Free and open discussion and debate is always good, but those are perhaps the least useful or important questions to discuss in the context of a forward-thinking communist movement.

Post examples, also I somehow doubt that commitment to frozen fruit would necessarily apply to topics like Rojava, climate change scepticism, Russian or Chinese Imperialism, the things Stalin and Mao did wrong, or pretty much anything not pro-ML or Tankie if Zig Forums (which was supposed to be a more loosely-run place than /marx/, which was billed as being for serious political reading and discussion, which in practice meant more moderation.




>>>/marx/7670 (me btw)

Ismail regularly criticises Stalin and Mao himself. Just read through the USSR questions thread for a while and you'll see for yourself. Here's one example.

/marx/ is run more loosely with absolute free speech, moreso than both old Zig Forums and Zig Forums together. I also don't need to post pictures because just yesterday a Zig Forums troll posted there and got a thorough response from Ismail and the thread is still up.

A thread about Rojava exists as well. I've also never heard from a /marx/ poster that there should be tougher moderation, etc. Ismail only once said in a discussion with Zig Forums BO that he'd only start to ban people when there is a raid. You can post things on /marx/ for which you would get banned on Zig Forums. It's funny how people imagine /marx/ to be evil hyper-tankie shithole when they've clearly never set a foot in there.

It's not 'tankie' in the "banish those who do not prostrate themselves upon the altar of anti-imperialism", instead it's 'tankie' in that 90% of its traffic is just history posts about dead socialist states and the USSR.

We have to learn from history, you philistine.

Then go post something with a future outlook. It's not like the left is fizzing with ideas about what is to be done. At least Marxist-Leninists have a formula, whereas a whole lot of the Leftcom types often just resignate.

Why aren't we having this debate here?


I don't care if you allow certain random posts to act as jobbers for arguments you "win" by deleting the responses you don't have an answer for to make the initial posts look like driveby arguments. It's still a hugbox that Miss Piggy was caught trying to turn Zig Forums into, and if I wanted that I'd go back to Zig Forums.

What? This has never happened on /marx/, literally the only posts that the BO has deleted were nazis spamming. Why do you make shit up?

go away ismail

Again, it has already been proven ITT that you (or your ideological companian if it wasn't you) are a dishonest, smearing and backstabbing shitlord.

Ismail isn't a Hoxhaist since some time now. He literally leaves Zig Forums spamming alone but apparently this isn't enough for the average Zig Forums goon.

I'm the one who was arguing with Ismail in the OP. I haven't seen him delete responses on /marx/ and as far as I know he hasn't deleted any of mine.

I don't agree with him on many things but he responds to arguments with arguments rather than censorship, which I respect.

It happened on Zig Forums often enough, and it's flatly denied there too, so I'm suspicious of that. And I don't feel like lurking for months to get a feel for a board that shat up a board I liked. I have better shit to do with my time, like the fishing minigame in FF.

hi Miss Piggy, I don't think the US is the worst thing ever and you can't stop me from saying so here, or convince me to waste time on your hugbox.

If you were able to prove that, all you'd prove is that those comments were allowed on that possibly-staged thread. I don't trust anything Miss Piggy was shilling that hard to not fuck with my posts. So I'm not gonna boost your IP count, sorry.

Ismail isn't Miss Piggy and /marx/ is too slow for anything to get deleted and unlike Zig Forums the hugbox wasn't unilaterally imposed but grew out of the slow traffic and low population of the board itself. I don't particularly like /marx/ or MLs but it's disingenuous to conflate the board with Zig Forums.

back to reddit, tankie scum

Dialectical exchange.

Boyo, there isn't an evil tankie conspiracy out to destroy your beloved board. You seriously believe a board with 20 users at best is supposed to have "ruined" Zig Forums with its 1000 IPs?

stop talking shit about things you don't have a clue about.
you don't have to agree with Ismael at all but you should at least respect his autistic dedication and efforts.

There's like 10 people who post on /marx/. They couldn't shit up anything even if they wanted to.

Critical support for the United States against /marx/ist imperialism.

Take your meds you fuckin schizo.

You're either just trolling or seriously delusional

Miss Piggy can't delete this here. Also reminder she went dark when the burger gov't did.

They can if they're Miss Piggy and can ban people en masse for disagreeing with xir.
haha yeah here it's a funny joke, on Zig Forums you get b& for it. I think I'll stay here thanks.

Rojava isn't the superdevil and neither is Burgerland and you can't ban me for saying that here, Miss Piggy. Take your estrogen meds.

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You haven't made any arguments, you just claimed random shit about /marx/ that got thoroughly refuted and you responded with a Zig Forums meme about that Pornhub tranny being BO (which has nothing to do with /marx/ anyway).

I think you are the one who needs to take his medicine since you clearly are not thinking straight.

I have never met an ML or a Tankie that wasnt an edgy contrarian wikipedia keyboard warrior. Especially on this site

So you admit they were not a classless society
Honestly just catch some terminal disease my dude

VERY bad take

- Is North Korea socialist?
- Was there an exploiting class in the USSR?
- Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - cynical geopolitics or necessary to defend socialism in the USSR?

It removed communism from its constitution, its ideology is juche, which is closer to japanese fascism than to socialism

Shut the fuck up illiterate

Shit the fuck up Myers, your book is bad and has barely any primary sources and is based on pop psychology
They removed it because they can't attain it anytime soon.

that I backed up with evidence, and that is common knowledge here since it's the fucking reason this board exists.
no it didn't and this isn't your hugbox so you don't get to determine that, Miss Piggy
…except Zig Forums and Zig Forums have both used that meme ironically for years, blaming Body Odour's random spergouts and bannu sprees on their hormone treatments. Pretty sure that's common knowledge 'round these parts.
right, because you say it doesn't even though Body Odour's PMs indicate otherwise
I think reading that was the equivalent of looking at an unironic fake trollface posted by a low-energy r/the_cuckold squeaker

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fuck off with your unhelpful tumblrina advice and take your estrogen meds, Miss Piggy

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Shut the fuck up Miss Piggy.

Saying that drinking champagne constitutes an economic class is radlib shit. Incorrect shit like that needs to be called out

yeah and you're helping a ton because you're posting the correct info and not just saying 'no ur rong reed a book' like some cretin from tumblr :^)

I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why the DPRK isn't socialist.

You've derailed this conversation by talking about your boogeyman.
That's not at all true. After Zig Forums crashed, and Zig Forums was restored last, Zig Forums came up with this meme saying that this porn tranny is BO. It has never been confirmed.

Have you read the thread he created on /marx/? It wasn't met with much enthusiasm.

Then give your definition of class.

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marksocs are the the inbred retarded cousins of tankiddies


I'm still waiting for you to fuck off

Look buddy if your mantra isnt fuck the rich then you aren't my fucking comrade. I dont really give a fuck what the theory or Marx himself said.

Thats some of the lightest criticism ive ever fucking seen
Like come the fuck on dude you are fooling no one

trips of truth

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Good, I don't want children as my comrades. Throwing tantrums at 'the rich' is idealistic and naive. The bourg works in their self-interest, and so do we. Nothing more, nothing less.

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