What caused it to ultimately fail?

What caused it to ultimately fail?

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moot being a faggot

Owner alienation from their community and eventual meltdown causing clampdown on discussion.

Being proprietary.
Becoming a spot of commercial interest.
Being normiefied.
Stormfront Zig Forums manipulation
Too many reasons to list really.

Ironic shitposting became unironic shitposting.

Chanology, gaymer gay, and Zig Forums killed it.

the internal contradictions of internet communities at large, and the structure of the imageboard form itself.

Moot's shit reaction to GG was what killed it.

Same thing that ruined everything else. American normalfags got hold of it.

Current generation massive amounts of alienation and faggotry in the form of /r9k/ losers and Zig Forums low Autism Level retards.
No online community could survive such concentrated radioactive cancer inducing shit.

Moot was bourgeois all along.

It was dead years before that happened.





I don't think 4chan failed in any meaningful way.

Now, of course moot was incompetent, mods lazy and powertripping, various activist causes were bringing in masses of people who shouldn't otherwise be on the site. But guess what, the format turns out to be unusually resilient to all this. Visit any regular board and you'll see people happily discussing whatever its topic is. For me, this counts as a success.

Project Chanology
Gamer Gate
Moot leaving
2016 US Presidential Election

All the hackers on steroids got v&, and the pathetic newfags who were left over could not successfully raid a pantry.

Seriously I remember 4chan for a brief period of time being solely associated with this shit by 12 year olds

Nigger please. Back in that day the admins themselves were underage. It was the older guys who spammed Second Life, blocked in Habbo, goaded Jessie Slaughter into showing the roast beef sandwich between her legs, dumped CP on smaller chans, got Oprah to say "over nine-thousand penises raping children," forced internet companies to invest in a shitton of security hardware, and dropped dox. We know that it was the older guys because of who got arrested when LulzSec was broken up. The kids just memed and charged their lazors.

We had so much fun pretending to ve Nazis, we didn't notice that we were infiltrated by actual Nazis.
Look what happened to /b/. It used to be the internet hate machine. Now it's just a racist porn dump.

Swarmfront is real. At least they are losing control to the Magapedos. But it's just one shit replacing the other.

terminal c a n c e r

The BIG blows to it were:
- Project Chanology which fucked up /b/ so bad
- Zig Forums : /new/ Zig Forums Zig Forums in that order now I know why Moot deleted it all those times
- Gamergate
- Moot got fed up / bored with his own website & threw it away
- Most good users of the website grew the fuck up like Moot got fed up & went other places

It was hard to realize it back then but 4chan stopped being cool long ago, at least I was fantasized, drugged so much that I couldn't see it. They're not badasses either, "anonymous" as cringy as it sounds it's worthless & boring now. Lulzsec still exists & I respect them but meh even they stopped caring. 4chan just became uninteresting, stupid, whiny. There is nobody with talent that provides content there anymore either… There was Zone but the mofo left a long time ago too. It's all dead…

Moot was the most enlightened user of all that website but newfags could never appreciate him.

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just ask moot what killed it. he's been there since the start he knows everything about that now shit website that used to make awesome content.

to put it in contrast older anons were more like piratebay & less like /stormfront/.

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Moot was a stupid /b/tard who would bring his stupid /b/tard bullshit every single time he stopped by /v/ and the place would be impossible to discuss anything for about a week.

I'm talking about the twitch raids where kids would go on random streams and spam "le toucan" and other shit on streamers who were obviously going along with it, all of which happened in the middle of the decade. I'm not talking about what happened last decade.

nah. he really cared, he just lost interest & he was just a weaboo kid that stole the code from the futaba channel 2ch whatever. He did well.
and who cares about /v/ stop being a manchild.

Attracting the types who hung out in its IIRC channel, circlejerking all day, sucking moot's dick, all for the pathetic feeling of power it gives them to be in that incrowd and to be made a mod. Any group of people on the internet do well at something will attract people that aren't attracted to what those people say and do, but to the popularity they have gained. That and moot being a cuck who happily allowed psychopathic cretins to dox and stalk dumb camwhores while shutting down half of 4chan because leaks on the vile acts of an ugly cunt in his new york social circle went too far for him.

A site supposedly made up of stupid nazi's who blame the jews for their failure while simultaneously being psychological manipulators that would give Edward Bernays a run for his money. Interesting.

Right-wing normalshits flooded in through Zig Forums because of media articles about the evil racists of 4chan. Janitors killed /sp/, mods not caring anymore and low-effort posting killed /s/, and competition from the boorus made the other porn boards obsolete because people only used them for imagedumps anyway.

A lot of the site's still good though, it's just stuff like /v/ and /tv/ with normalfag appeal that have gone to hell. There's nothing wrong with /a/, /m/, /vp/, or /tg/, and /r9k/ was bad from the start.


Oh, that! I missed a lot of that. 4chan was really shitty then, so I largely only visited smaller chans.

/sp/ was so much fun before the country flags.

Stormfront manipulation
I'm happy my old home board /mu/ is one of the least infected wiyth Zig Forumsyps.

Zig Forums cancer are fortunately too brainlet for the art boards most of the time

It's run by a literal dataminer now.

/tg/ has been shit since they cracked down on elf porn in 2010.

the year of bazinga and dumb phone poster

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The userbase

I don't wanna be an asshole but hotwheels might not be very far from that either… Isn't he a libertarian? muh "free-market"?

Hotwheels doesn't run anything anymore. Yes, he is a particularly obnoxious libertarian. He is also a big eugenics supporter which is understandable given his disease.

/a/ has been degrading because of crossboarders and hotpockets for a long time.
More or less the same with /vr/

Yeah, I dropped /a/ back in 2014 because of Zig Forums and /v/ crossboarders. I can only imagine how bad it has gotten in 4 years.

The internet sucks so hard these days for quite a lot of reasons and it's something I'm rather interested in. The internet has become highly centralized, people's attitudes online have become increasingly cynical and withdrawn (I wouldn't doubt shit like "cringe culture" among probably a lot of other things are responsible), professionals and corporate interests have taken over users creativity, etc. The few sites I even go on nowadays aren't even that good either.

It's weird, but as an oldfag early tumblr sounds like paradise compared to the modern internet. Now days I have a handful of dead irc channels and few privacy invading discord servers worth browsing. I wish some privacy oriented alternatives took off. Instead of looking back on the good old days we should make a thread sharing good and newer communities. While I wouldn't consider Zig Forums particularly good I think it is slow enough to not do too much harm with spreading some smaller options for hobby discussions.

I agree with you 100%

As if there were any new good community in current year internet.
Zig Forums was internet's last breath but now it's gone.

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You could say Chanology was what started it, but 2016 was the biggest damage I've ever seen done to the place.
I think sites like 4chan could only properly exist in the early 2000s, the same era of Flash animation and early Youtube. There is no way old 4chan could ever coexist alongside what the Internet is now. Its old culture is never coming back. The only reason it survived is because its userbase whored themselves out to any and all social media platforms and popular sites. It wouldn't surprise me if 10 years from now, 4chan is a fully-integrated social network and you see its logo alongside Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit buttons on different sites, basically a "share this on 4chan" thing. It's not even that unrealistic given the current Internet as well as the fact that Hiroshima is a dataminer and is mostly concerned with profit.
If Moot really cared he would have axed the site when he left.

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Reminder to network with other anti-4chan free software chans like lainchan for a proper left-tech/sci/lit synthesis whenever someone gets off their ass and makes a non Fourteen Eyes geographically located leftchan NNTPchan server-code.


Only because of the surveillance state. Old halfchan needed its CP, doxing, and other illegal activities in order to keep everyone who takes such things seriously out. Post any of that shit there now, and they will go full soccer mom.


I am pretty sure that they all got sold out and v&.

That shit's dead, bro. And the remainers got conned with Telegram. Also the Admin seem to be a redlib petit bourg.

moot allowing vastly different standards in mod strictness on different boards tbh. This meant that people would shit up other boards by not adapting their behavior
Especially /a/nons. God I hate them. Theyd stick out on /m/ like sore thumbs

Youre retarded. moot reacted to it the same way as every other dumbfuck political movement, he shut it down. The real problem was that GG started while moot was on vacation. It was the other mods that allowed that shit because they were Zig Forumstards themselves. This meant that by the time moot was active again the GG movement had picked up too much steam to be nipped in the bud
Literally all the GG bullshit can be blamed on a couple incompetent mods whose names we will never know

They were literally the only large board that wasn't complete shit when I quit 4chan. Of course a small slow board like /m/ would have better post quality.

Maybe if you have really really bad taste in chinese cartoons

What made the internet the way it is today? It changed so quickly.

I watch more than just mech shit.

Project Chanology and ToRtanic.

Nice try revisionist. GG literally exists because moot and his clown entourage were censoring discussion.

Talk about a non-event.

Ooh boy. That sounds like paradise. Having a mod. People shitting a board by "not adapting their behavior".

/jp/ had other boards constantly spamming it, with encouragement from mods and moot, and when the last useful janitor gave up and quit, he would not be replaced for almost three years. We were just left out in the cold wilderness, warding off wolves with sticks. Nobody survived.

ToRtanic was what spawned the culture of all-pervading negativity and outrage, and constant baiting for "LE EPIC HAPPENINGS". It's responsible for /v/ going from discussing videogames to trolling forums, twitters and developer blogs in search of stuff to whip themselves into a frenzy about. This eventually culminated in GG and 4chan becoming that internet place where you go to to get angry at SJWs. I wouldn't dismiss it so easily.

That's technically true, but without context vastly overblows moot's importance. The problem was not what happened on a taiwanese flipbook discussion board. The problem was that for some reason it was happening everywhere else.

They actually discussed video games at one point? I thought that it was always just an exercise in sophistry.

Mods taking out threads and being toxic.

I did. They don't.


The only thing that actually managed to completely kill it was Zig Forumss completely uncontrolled growth and spillage into other boards

4chan's gone downhill but it's still better than anywhere else on the web. Including here, at least for my interests, though we all know /v/ has shit taste in animu.

Who cares