Stirnerposting is the left-wing equivalent of cuckposting

Stirnerposting is the left-wing equivalent of cuckposting.
Spamming memes and larping all day does not equate actual philosophy and thought, even if you hide behind a sophist.

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Stirnerposting used to be a joke (this is why the joke went from stirner taking people as his property to him disregarding private property) until actual stirnerites became more and more common and shat up the board.

Well spooked my property

People should stop being so fucking spooked then.

Got a problem with that, classcuck?

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Did I just ruffle a few sammies there? Are you guys here to shitpost or to actually discuss politics?

Yes, just as bad as people thinking they're crusaders and shit.

I don't Live Action Roleplay as anything though. Last protest I went to I wore nondescript generic clothes and I didn't hit anybody with a stick.
So, to recap I Live Action Roleplay like one of those peckerwoods who dress up in bucket helmets at protests because I sit home pretending to be smart and reading theory while simultaneously not reading theory? What is this, confuse-a-cat?

Sounds anything but confused to me.

At this point we should just make a spookbusting cyclical.

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Would you be so kind as to explain it then?

This. Without Stirner Marx would've been just another humanist moralist of the 19th century, forgotten by history.

Who's the philosopher in the second pic?




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Spooked faggots go to >>>Zig Forums

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simple as fucking that

They love Stirner and nihilism there.

Spinoza, whose ethics are built on absolutely neutral axioms. Shows a way of thinking lightyears ahead of stirnerites and probably the only hope for the left.

Says someone with no structural analysis.

Please feel free to make a thread on Spinoza and perhaps the autonomist movement (who were influenced heavily by his writings).

Sure thing. What questions should I try to answer specifically? I'm not sure a huge theoretical treatise on spinozism from the very basics down to contemporary use would be relevant.

lmao how fucking new are you

>the board under the despotic rule of a crazy tankie is "nihilisto-egoist anarchist"
Say 'what' again you theorylet.

Here are my questions:
- Geneology of ideas
- how Spinozism compares to Hegelianism
- why autonomists are so fond of him

How does it feel to be a pseudointellectual? Zig Forums has increasingly become breeding ground for nihilist faggotry since the end of 2015, the BO being a tard doesn't change this.

Sure thing, I'll work on it as soon as possible.

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shoot every spook in sight

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The ideological rule of the Zig Forums BO means whatever "egoists" still submit themselves to that hellhole are unread posers. What matter is what perspective is enforced and that is quasi-MLism.
Thank me

Except the aforementioned "egoists" who post on there themselves?


Hi, I'm still working on it, it should be ready later today, thanks for your patience, I did not forget about you.

This shit is dumb because, arguably, more recognition came to Stirner through associations with Nietzsche than Marx.

I'm not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't have read Stirner if it weren't for Stirner memes, but after reading him it is annoying to see the people that think his philosophy is just "dude everything's a spook."

I think you're right, Stirner is probably much more nuanced than most people here imply. Although if you really wanted to read a good debunking of actual spooks, you should read something like Nietzsche, Foucault or Bourdieu but I guess that's less meme-worthy.

It's done :

What? Taylor Swift made Kanye famous when he interrupted her, I'd never even fucking heard of him before that.
Besides that point, Marx never wrote anything of influence until after Einzige anyway, just following basic humanist stuff prior to that point, so isn't Stirner's destruction of the humanists responsible for Marx rising to fame?