Redpill me on Hezbollah. A short summary of their history and ideology (from a leftist perspective) would be great. Should communists support them?

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AFAIK there's nothing leftist about them

To quote Marx:

Muslim reactionaries, only supported by other reactionaries like "anti-imperialists".

literally what is this guy's problem

I've never seen someone who gets so mindlessly angry when confronted with an opposing opinion

"The Internet Is Serious Business" taken to its logical conclusion with some help of delusion and unwarranted self-importance. I mean, Zig Forums was special since it was one of those rare spots where you didn't have to control your language because muh racism/homophobia/etc, but Che seems to have started believing it had some kind of incredible potential because some people on twitter started saying idpol and besides Wolff mentioned us.

marx is a sneaky scheming jew

t bakunin

Reactionary religious fags.
No, communists should look to their own communities and work on building movements there instead of spending inordinate amounts of time defending anti-US liberals or reactionaries in places they have never been on niche forums.

He thinks imageboard posts contribute to US foreign policy.

Why on earth does anyone believe Muslims will ever have anything remotely like "class consciousness"?
All they care about is killing non-Muslims, the wrong kind of Muslims, and themselves. They don't, nor will ever give a flying fuck about class warfare, or revolution.

Nice idpol there faggot. Yeah let's just let the Zionists slaughter Palestinian Christians and Muslims just because some of them are reactionary.

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They are Nazbol and that can only be a good thing

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Yeah it sucks, I am probably one of the biggest unironic Hezbollah respecters on either board but I like to have a bit fun with these sort of discussions, the thing is you don't just get banned from deviating from certain positions but being a hardline anti imperialist in a wrong or "politically incorrect" way will actually get you banned way faster. This is sort of why I subscribe to Jim Profit's theory on moderators and while I strongly dislike a lot of the sionista apologists who have flocked to this board I'd never actually ban them.

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Outside of the Kurds Hezbollah are probably the faction most worthy of support from the left.
But that says more about how reactionary the rest of the middle east is than it says about Hezbollah.

You think Palestinians will ever become class conscious, beyond "committing acts of terrorism against Israel", for reasons that have nothing to do with the bourgeois?

Because religion doesn't change relationship to the MoP.

We're on an image board, it's not like Israel checks here to see if we dislike their targets before they start bombing.

Of course they can become class conscious. Anyone can become class conscious. You just need to reach out to them. Hell there are already communists and anarchists in Palestine, but they're being screwed over by the Israeli government and Hamas.

"Terrorism" isn't wrong when it is done in self-defense. Every man, woman, and child in Israel is participating in the genocide of Palestinians. They deserve no mercy.

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They aren't industrialized. At this point, their "means of production" is foreign aid, which they benefit from, but play no part in.

Source? For a country who's closest industry is "flying incendiary kites over national borders", I'm pretty skeptical of your claim.

Of course Israel is genociding them.
"Terrorism" is wrong (better phrased, "a losing strategy") when you're up against a force you have absolutely no chance of winning against. All terrorist attacks do is make it seem like a war, which Palestine "just happens to be losing", rather than a flat out ethnic cleansing + land grab by Israel.

Kill yourself. Israel is going to kill them all unless they are stopped by force. This isn't something that can be resolved non-violently. Most Israelis want the Palestinian christians and muslims fucking dead.

A quarter of Lebanon works in industry, in the 21st century not all proletarians are factory workers, and some of the 1 billion or so Muslims live in the 1st world. Thus we can assume Muslims will achieve class consciousness.

You first.
Yes, that's pretty obvious, you fucking moron.
Now who exactly is "the force" that's going to stop them?
Radical Islamists flying kites?
No, if they don't want to be wiped off the face of the earth by Israel, they need to practice nonviolent resistance, with a strong media presence to show the international community the atrocities being committed against them.
Or, y'know, they could keep being violent, and losing, repeatedly. It doesn't really matter to me. At their core, their a bunch of reactionaries anyway, just as much as Israelis.

what, the claim that there are some people who live in Palestine that identify as communists or the claim that these communists are being suppressed by the government?

But they will be anyways. This isn't the like the Jim Crow South in the US. It's more like Nazi Germany. They want the Palestinians gone. The Israelis and the American porkies who support them will not accept anything less than the removal of every Palestinian from their filthy little ethnostate.

Yeah, I would start with that one. I have trouble believing that I would care about "who owns the means of production" in my country, when the next country over is blowing up my family and stealing my land.

Oh, you mean the same Nazi Germany that most of the civilized world came together to fight against due to the attrocities it was committing?
That's exactly my point. They either gain international support, due to showing what Israel is doing to them to the rest of the world, or all the Palestinians die, regardless of whatever pathetic violent resistance they muster up (which, in the history books, will only be used to justify Israel's genocidal expansion.)

the communist movement in Palestine goes back to when colonization first started dude. Of course there are still going to be communists in Palestine. There was a recent interview i found that was done with a Palestinian anarchist by an anarchist website but I can't find it for the life of me.

Nevermind, I found my own source:
I'm surprised, the place also has something like a 98% literacy rate. I thought it would be somewhere closer to around 20%, which I was thinking, "how did you even read Marx in the first place?"

Lmao the war started because germany started invading left and right nobody gave a shit about atrocities, it was all propaganda AFTER they defeated them to make the war seem good vs bad (not that nazis were good guys, but the allies would have carried out the war anyway). If you think "nonviolent resistance" ever worked in ethnic cleansing I beg you to consider the extermination of armenians 1815, of the herero people 1904-1907, of rohingya people, of bosniacs during balkan wars (when the UN forces literally stepped aside even if they were there and got a medal too after the conflics) or basically every massacre not carried out by axis forces during WWII. This rethoric of condemnation of palestinian ""violence"" is truly shameful, they are people deprived of basic needs closed in a ghetto completely controlled by a state that want them dead, and even if thorough the years there was substantial media report about them basically all the big nations completely support israel, or at least will never support palestine because they are muslims. Telling them to accept defeat and to make nonviolent resistance is very easy while sitting comfortably in one's home, far from bullets and discrimination and starving, but I don't think any person sound in their mind would think that these are the last death spasm of a people that was sacrificed to USA interests, which are the most strong interests in the world and palestinians have no more the illusion that some Big Other will come save them since USA are prone to do everything to make israel more and more violent, centralized and authoritarian

Like I said; cool for them.
Palestinians can "fight", and they won't even get a footnote in history.
I'm simply stating what the only opportunity left to them is, unless you're literally such a fucking dumbass that you unironically believe that they have the slightest chance in hell of winning a war, guerilla or otherwise, against the combined might of Israel, the United States backing them, and an apathetic world that sees "violence on both sides."

The fact is that they have more chances in deperate resistance than in doing absolutely nothing. This is literally "if you kill your enemy, they win"-tier. Le peaceful #resist meme has never done anything because it's exaclty what the genocidal power wants, they want the population to succumb to their power. Also without a serious resistance there can't be a serious movement for international support because it will get easily disrupted by the armed genocidal force.