The Fourth Political Theory

All the political systems of the modern age have been the products of three distinct ideologies: the first, and oldest, is liberal democracy; the second is Marxism; and the third is fascism. The latter two have long since failed and passed out of the pages of history, and the first no longer operates as an ideology, but rather as something taken for granted. The world today finds itself on the brink of a post-political reality — one in which the values of liberalism are so deeply embedded that the average person is not aware that there is an ideology at work around him. As a result, liberalism is threatening to monopolise political discourse and drown the world in a universal sameness, destroying everything that makes the various cultures and peoples unique.

According to Alexander Dugin, what is needed to break through this morass is a fourth ideology — one that will sift through the debris of the first three to look for elements that might be useful, but that remains innovative and unique in itself. Dugin does not offer a point-by-point program for this new theory, but rather outlines the parameters within which it might develop and the issues which it must address. Dugin foresees that the Fourth Political Theory will use the tools and concepts of modernity against itself, to bring about a return of cultural diversity against commercialisation, as well as the traditional worldview of all the peoples of the world — albeit within an entirely new context. Written by a scholar who is actively influencing the direction of Russian geopolitical strategy today, The Fourth Political Theory is an introduction to an idea that may well shape the course of the world’s political future.

Fellow nationalists and populists, “left” and “right”, come together to discuss the fourth political theory at >>>/4pt/!

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You're actually retarded. Fascism will inevitably grow out of the reaction of liberal decay, and Marxist socialism out of the inevitable collapse of the capitalist system. All we must do is wait. Making up new ideology would just be stupid.


After modern imperialism developed, Lenin's analysis on where the class struggle would break out is more correct. In the modern age, it will break out in the weakest link in the chain of imperialism, and furthermore in the countries exploited by imperialism.

But that's actually natural and expected, liberal democracy is the most optimal system for capitalist society that isn't in the period of collapse since it allows for reduction of tensions thanks to the parliamentary illusions, think free electrons in a non-ionized field.
This happened decades ago.
Blame capitalism on that one. "Universal sameness" is a side effect of the development of productive forcesunder the market production undermining local systems in favour of more global ones. This process has undergoing since the XIX century, except back then it was nationalisms undermining localisms and now we have "globalism" undermining nationalisms. To put that in context: just think how easy it is to operate as an international company in Europe compared to 100 years ago.

Looting the supermarket of ideology only ever leave a person with a self-contradicting hodge-podge of nonsense. This is why every philosopher that declares the necessity for a compromise never actually offers any prescription for one; they just demand that other people make one.

It bothers me so much how critics of marxism haven't read any marxists after Marx, it's like creationists who haven't read any biology after Darwin and think refuting Darwin is enough to refute evolution.>>58171

shills gtfo

Darwin was pretty much right about everything tho

Where does Zig Forums stand on the political spectrum of the future?

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spoiler pls

This is why futurism is a fucking joke aside from the obvious.

this image is so stupid it makes my eyes bleed it's 250% ideology it doesn't even make sense

Spain during the Spanish Civil War

Well that success didn't last long, not many defectors from Franco to perfectly functioning industrial communism supported by Soviets on top of all that, wonder why, maybe it was shit after all.

Don't forget Cuba. Chile did until the Americans staged a coup. Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and others tried to but were similarly fucked over by America.

How come it's so easy for few CIA spooks to fuck up all countries where people are rejoicing freedom from capitalist oppression? Why didn't the great masses rise up in defense of clearly superior system they now had experienced taste of?

Because generals want to be dictators and have the soldiers to make that happen provided they get enough American arms and money.

Because the generals had soldiers and plenty of weapons and money from the United States.

Liberalism and capitalism are the same thing.

This is actually accurate. The current dialectic is the struggle between nationalism and globalism. The synthesis will be post nationalist unions (similar to the EU). We can see this dialectic developing since even self proclaimed "nationalists" like Richard Spencer are calling for post nationalist white ethno-states (i.e. pan Europeanism and pan Americanism). And no, I'm not a communist like most people here, just a Zig Forumsack dropping in but I thought your analysis was interesting.

Dugin is a meme in Russia and NazBols are extinct everywhere outside of NovoRossiya

What's to keep a "white ethnostate" of various groups from collapsing like the EU? How do you know that these groups will just get along based on some arbitrary standard of ethnic purity? A "post-nationalist union" doesn't sound like it changes anything at all. This is a completely utopian and idealist notion that blatantly disregards geopolitical and historical circumstances.

Communism itself is supra-national but not in the same way that globalized capitalism is supra-national. Communism is the finite end of the capitalist mode of production and can only occur after said system has run its course.

This kind of stupid shit is inescapable when you try to boil down political ideologies to a spectrum or two.

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Top armchair

outside of it. I'm not a retard. thats one of the most stupid "spectrum" I have seen.

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So it's useless. Got it.

Dugin is only good for trolling pro-American Zig Forumstards and other nazi filth. Otherwise he is pure fash.

So a hodgepodge of all modern ideologies? Isn't this so common today that we already live in Dugin's utopia?
What I find laughable about all these manifesto-writers is that they turn the status quo into a revolutionary project.