So what is there left for us to do to fight zionism?

So what is there left for us to do to fight zionism?

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How about you fight capitalism instead, you spooked liberal?

Sperg out more on the internet
Start screaming, crying, and waving your arms around IRL
Become an antisemite and join atomwaffen

Just do what you can in your org and participate in BDS. It drives me crazy too, but in the west there is painfully little we can do. It is worth recognizing that as a communist your primary effort should not be entirely focused on natlib movements. We've got a shit ton of work to do locally no matter where you live.

Wtf have you shitheads done to fight capitalism? I've spent 10+ years working in orgs across the spectrum starting with New SDS in my colleges days. Holy fuck, actually make a vaguely constructive post or fuck off.

Boomers leave, long hair isn’t revolutionary, nor is a peace sign.

I said New SDS you triple nigger. If you aren't aware of them you've gotta be massive newfag to leftism. They started in 2006 and were for a short duration the largest student leftist organization in the US.

I wonder ☘️(who☘️) could be behind these posts

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Zionism is capitalism.

Do you know what made them implode? Seriously I know of only one active chapter. They were honestly based as fuck with some of their campaigns though. WTF happened?
I know that at my alma mater, the faculty union couped newSDS and folded them into USAS, and org which is gutless by design

I've never taken part in any sort of org, I'm too scared of persecution.

Idk, unironically support hezbollah.

Maybe make a real thread

zionism is the highest stage of capitalism

I'd say moderators are but it comes pretty close honestly

Do what we are doing already. Oppose the USA. Noone else even supports Israel.

Sorry I'm slow responding. My impression was that the utter failure of the anti-war movement led to a loss of momentum and ultimately death. They were really fucking based for the short period they were alive.

Just join something like DSA if you're in the US and try to contain your autism. I say DSA mainly because you won't get the weird self-flagellation you hear people talking about going on in other groups and because they're a fairly diverse non-sectarian group.

that's the opposite of fighting zionism though. whenever there is an attack on the jewish diaspora the zionists cheer, since insecurity makes it more likely for the jews to move to Israel

And look at all the good you've done…

Is it possible for leftists and alt-righters to form an anti-Zionist coalition?

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Patrick Little and his ilk are literally mentally ill. You should see the video after he lost the election the other night and he was blaming his fire alarm going off on THE JEWS even. We don't need an anti-Jewish coalition (what they mean when they say Zionism) with idpol retards, we need an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist (thus including Zionism) coalition

Rightists always so close but yet so far.
The problem with lobbying isn't that it is foreign, the problem is that it is a way for corporations and rich people to buy politicians and see their own interests be attended in detriment of the interests of the people. It doesn't need to be foreign, lobbying in all forms should be outlawed but as always the righties completely miss the point and just see dah joos as the problem instead of the real problem that is the bourgeoisie.

The fact that they don't get everything right is beside the point. Defeating Zionism could theoretically be a first baby step goal for someone who is open to incremental change.

Definition of coalition: Temporary grouping of rival entities (such as different political parties) formed for a short-term and narrow aim (such as countering a common enemy). Unlike an alliance, a coalition does not usually involve meeting of minds and pooling of resources.

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All nations should be abolished, but Israel last

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Holy crap the Antigermans have returned!



This is like the key to to rightism.
Righties are okay with anything as long they're the ones in charge, they may hate isreal but they admire everything isreal does.

An alliance over one single issue will not be possible. We don't even tackle the same issue in the same terms.
Nazis want to kill jews while we want them to leave palestine and only kill the ones that won't quit their retarded religion.
We may have the same enemy but we can't even agree on what to to with it.

CIA go away, don’t come back any other day.

Hurr durr

Hurr durr

Anti-Imperialism gang everyone

…North Korea supports Palestine.

I know
It was more the comment that Zionism is somehow more capitalist then other colonial / Imperial projects
Which is some conspiracy / da hood shit


Let us critically support the State of Israel against American imperialism

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