Can this shit end already? I want a depression asap

can this shit end already? I want a depression asap

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These things take time, OP. Best not to obsess over the crash, rather what you'll do after

It's unknowable. That's the very issue we need to point out.

You already have one. We've been in a long depression since 2008.

Some day mate. Some day

Honestly the next recession will make or break the radical left for a long ass time. We are def better prepared that before 2008 but things are far from ideal for us. Hopefully the next crash will help us gain momentum instead of nothing really happening and then right wing populism comes in our stead. I think the rise of right wing populism we are experiencing right now will in the long term maybe have over all have good consequences for us. As the populists betray their promises and people realize that they cant bring an end to the alienation and societal decline, they will look to the left. But there is no guarantee that they will. We will have to be ready to agitate like hell when the next crisis will begin. And we also really need a better strategy than "spontaneous revolution out of nowhere" or "lol lets just manage capitalism indefinitely".

We're in a depression, rich fags doing better hasn't improved our situation. We need to EAO.

Nothing will break lefties except bullet and napalm. You absolute retards never learn, you always creep back.

As long as oppression and inequality reigns, there will always be people that oppose the ruling system.

It's genetic error you have. Humans learn, you don't.

Why do you want people to suffer only because you hope it furthers your insane proven to not work time and time again political agenda? Weren't you lefties supposed to be good guys?

There isn't much chance that you will end up being privileged cadre even if your shitty revolution somehow manages to happen. Statistically it's much more likely you end up being malnourished dude without opportunities like Venezuelans now.(no effort was made)

Ugh… i just want the world to shake up

Recession isn't the same as depression

That won't be the case, populists will move from one spook to another to distract people.

How would you differentiate between them?

Recession is when the state has no money, depression is when the public has no money

Then everyone but the bourgeoisie has been in a depression since the nineties.

depression is literally just a prolonged recession

Well, depression is when the bourgeois are short for money, can't make new investment, proletarians lose their jobs and the countries gpd decreases

Eat All Oats

Excell At Oral?

Oh no no no you are about to witness the power of POST AUTISTIC ECONOMICS

Recession is when a lot of people are out of the job. Depression is when the economists are out of the job.

like fucking clockwork