Why are National Bolsheviks and Asserists banned for being reactionaries / defending nationalism but cancer like Market...

Why are National Bolsheviks and Asserists banned for being reactionaries / defending nationalism but cancer like Market Socialists and Titoists are allowed to spew to their garbage about muh free market, muh Economic Calculation Problem, muh ebil Stalin? Same goes for any market based ideology

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Asserists are pretty Titotist. Seriously Strassor if he took control would’ve kept the market intact, just nationalized a lot of shit. Srassor is a socdem. Nazbols are fine though.

the original nazbol party in russia would have done the same as stras.er, nationalize a lot let the market intact

couldn't even contain your spaghetti for one post. go someplace else if you want a nationalist hugbox where no one can speak ill of daddy Stalin

Stalin did a lot of bad stuff but I see no reason why you should be allowed to spout discredited anti-communist propaganda.

Yes, lets ignore the most successful socialist country ever. Yugoslavia was a great stepping stone on the path to full communism. Too bad Americans had to destroy it.

Yugoslavia was capitalist in every way and not even close to as successful as the USSR or east germany.

The real question is why are tankies allowed, they are the same reactionaries as the National Bolsheviks and Asserists.

We don't support markets or reactionary social policy.

People are banned for being something here? What is this, Zig Forums?

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Because this is a board for socialists, not far-right reactionaries.
back to /left*pol/ faggot also kys

So we should just let Zig Forumstards who call themselves socialists in?

read a book and grow up.
no one's falling for this shit on here

He did do some things wrong. Collectivization went too fast and he messed up the army before WWII and allowed to purge to go to far. But most of the stuff people spout is Robert Conquest coldwar CIA bullshit.


Stalin was a good soviet leader.
For all his mistakes, he made some good damn progress and made the USSR strong enough to stand against international capitalism.
Not that I'm sayin that his model should be replicated, but he shouldn't be cast of as "the murderous dictator".

Fixed it for you.

read Cockshott

Stalin WAS evil

t. Josif "gulag the gay" Stalin

He made mistakes and he carried the prejudice of his time period but he was overall a good leader and made Russia a much better place.


inb4 /lftpol/ split

Is this a new meme or a psy ops campaign by nazbols to try and get back into our communities?
I agree though half of all leftists including those two should be kicked off a cliff.

Forgot my tripcode,– I mean flag

He recriminalized homosexuality, not just forgot to abolish some old laws about it. He was reactionary.

Gays are fascists though.

If Zig Forums was the split where we left leftypol, then /lftpol/ can be the split when there isn't anyone lft.

brocialists are fascists

Um yes? Not doing so means your upholding private property you faggot

sagefags are fascists