Why am I like this?

You ever just post against Zig Forums out of spite for the autism filling up the board but you have alt right friends who never did or said shit to you?

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What? The boards are bants and idle chat. I am communist IRL, and I have stable relations with a nazi and with traditionalists without any issue (I can always goolag them later)

Hell they'd probably do fine in a labor camp, but sometimes I just wanna round up Zig Forumslacks and kill them with an army of augmented super soliders, and keep the other half I like, I'm just sick of going back there and seeing all the same bullshit every time

I even tried turning /bant/ against them, so far it's working out, but now they're pushing civil war with each other over frogs and anime

Sometimes but eh it's a waste of time.

I'm very friendly with traditionalist conservatives and I kinda come across that way in appearance and behavior (I hope). Also I'm gay and from the U.S. South. Trad conservatives are a lot of my family members, and they all know and have been supportive. Keep in mind this is a family that had a schism from their church recently because the preacher took the radical step of allowing a woman to address the congregation, which was haram (along with musical instruments, which are forbidden). My family is part of the schism that left because of that. These are Protestant restorationists of the unaffiliated Churches of Christ (very, very different from the UCC) and are extremely conservative, but racism is not tolerated in their congregations, which are mixed.

Photos from one of the churches my family is involved with. No family members pictured though and plz no doxx. One is from a late relative's recent funeral service where they displayed his paddles – used for corporal punishment in child-rearing. Yeah. I'd call them "strict but fair."

I've met a few Nazis in my life including one who was a personal friend of David Duke, but I could not imagine being friends with them. I find their ideology repugnant and evil, and often I find the people who get mixed up in Nazism to be filled with hatred in other areas of their life as well. A neighbor who lives near my parents, and is a long-time friend, became consumed with racism in the past few years (she's a white woman in her 60s) and I think it's partly a reaction to the neighborhood becoming more mixed, as it was once a mostly-white working-class neighborhood, and she took to screaming at a group of black children one day; just really unhinged and hateful stuff. One day I heard her go on an unhinged rant about why Asian people should all be killed.

My parents rarely talk to her or see her anymore because they don't want to be around her.

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Change to "was a long-time friend." Her racism destroyed her relationships with the people around her. I'm serious: it's a poison and cannot be tolerated.

What's the point being friends with aut reichers? You might as well be friends with a cobra, they're born liars and scumbags.

If it was a movement about settling for a huwhite homeland, and not a new not socialist dictatorship bent on genocidal destruction, a lot more people would be for it, unfortunately it's not about peaceful resolutions or saving a race, it's a cuck fantasy psyop trap made for social certainties in this world, that being reactionaries and unironic racists, they have no original or inspired identity, it's why you see those nazi larpers and race war now posts, their red pill meme is no different from the woke meme, they are psyop'd by the establishment because of the shortage of real nazis.

And you're right, I'm a native-euro mutt, they'd kill me if they had the chance, but I think it would be better if we just gave them what they wanted and leave them in peace instead of killing each other, we wouldn't have to deal with them anymore.

What they want is your country though. I don't strictly have an issue if they want to self-segregate like in that one US nazi village though, let them all deal meth to each other and eventually murder each other for fucking each other's wives.

If one of them becomes president we're all fucked for sure

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Got bad news for you user…

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I never got the Trump=Nazi meme?
I dont think Nazis were supposed to be sucking Israeli and APIAC cock, or be fine with their children all marrying Jews.

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I have better shit to do.
I wouldn't be friends with them, or any other far-right fag. They would turn me into the feds for being "antifa" if they found out I was a socialist.

Gorka has ties to the far-right, and at Breitbart Banon boosted their voices to channel aut-right support behind a neo-con. The issue isn't that Trump is a Nazi, it's that conservatives have always had a loose alliance with white nationalists and are willing to throw them a bone in exchange for support.

do you have actual alt right friends or are they magapedes? idk why some leftists think the alt right and alt lite are the same thing.

Yeah, neocons throw them a bone before boning them in the ass with it. That does not stop the Wyatt nationalists from coming back again and again for more, all while claiming that they are winning.

Because the only practical difference between them is that one group likes to say "nigger."

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Actual alt right

The alt lite/magapedes are civnat libertarians, the alt right proper are ultranationalist traditionalists. One is racist the other isn't. One believes individual rights, the other doesn't.

get fucked

The world itself is trash, but that doesn't mean it ain't a treasure to some men, some threads are subjective and some are just blantant political attacks with emotionally charged buzzwords, just thought I'd share my thoughts with a couple of random strangers about my over empathic and autistic psyche

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Bullshit. Most trumptards are just the very same extra-chromosome Republicans who have been screaming about God and 'Murrica since 1980. The Ron Paul fuckwits may support Trump, but they are nothing but the fringe, just like the nazis are. At the end of it all, they all do the same shit, support the same mainstream major party politicians, and aim to do nothing more than put their guy in office.

Don't waste my time, I'm far more concerned with the damage liberals are doing. A far bigger threat to everyone and everything.

You can have friends of different ideology but since they are from thr alt right you should try to manipulate them to our side

I have an alt-right friend but talking about politics with him is torture. He legit thinks that Im getting money from Soros in one way or another even though we both live in scandinavia. All he talks about are american republican talking points, about his own homecountry he doesnt know jackshit even though he claims to be nationalist. 80% of the time when he talks about politics my reaction is that gif of Vince Mcmahon falling from his chair in awe, because his dumbness/brainwash reaches new depth every time.

If one can be friends with people who believe in the justness of a god who will have you burn in hell forever or till judgement day, then why can't one be friends with someone who believes in the justness of your end being a gas chamber?

I've encountered a few of them on the internet like that, and I'll ask a specific question like "bro where in America do you live?" and they'll go "oh I live in Sweden." What the hell.

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I can taste the disgusting homecooked meals fron here. Was there potato salad? Green bean casserole?

I'm friends with plenty of conservatives but I mean these aren't the "would actually post a rant on the internet or debate irl about it" types of people

I've once had a contact with a submissive guy whose fetishes and fun levels corresponded with mine. I've thought I've hit the jackpot since the country where I live doesn't have many people with my preferences until we started talking about politics and he started reeing about the liberals and the left. Unsurprisingly he was in favour of forced conscription, both because "youth these days is pussified and would benefit from that" and because he'd like to be hazed, fucked and used as a literal bootlicker by everyone in the squadron.
It was mildly frustrating to be honest.

On T_D a lot of blatant racism and 'le Sassenachim knows XD' type shit has 500+ upvotes. The line between the 2 groups isn't that clear (anymore).

It is disturbing that the siren song of stupidity has such a broad appeal.

It makes more sense when you consider that Scandinavia and the Netherlands are in the top five globally in terms of English proficiency. With US cultural hegemony the problem becomes a Germanic one.