What would a modern communist Japan look like?

what would a modern communist Japan look like?

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something to do with robots probably

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Well Japan has a history of worker militancy along with brutal worker exploitation (that also has resulted in workers that keep their heads down) so there is a large powder keg that would get set off in a revolution in Japan and would reverberate around the world at least as much as the Russian revolution did.

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Is socialism rising or falling in Japan? I know that neo-nationalism is rising.
Unlike South Korea, Japan is fully industrialized and arguable a 'mature' economy. What's unfortunate is unlike S.K., with it's anti-imperialist recent-history, Japan has a fascist recent-history.
Anyway I'd love some input from people who are more on-the-ball when it comes to northeast Asia.

Grorious nipp uprising

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No anime

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Seriously a Communist Japan would collapse instantly. 99.999% of Japanese Communists are pacifists who believe in complete military abolishment, and any Communist state would likely be invaded to restore the previous bourgeois regime if such a thing was possible. NATO and China would invade Japan to restore Capitalism. Japan would lose the war because the only people in Japan pro-rearmerent are right-wingers.

How do pacifist communists even exist?

Are they pacifists in the sense of anti-world war or pacifist in the sense of "violence is, like, immoael"

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do you seriously belive the pacificists would stay on power under the threat of western invasion?, no, they would get ousted, or worse case purged, actions follow material conditions, not ideology, not even communist ideology, to think otherwise would be idealistic, so i think they'd be fine if you ask me

Self guilt for actions committed by the Imperial Japenese Army during WW2.

Building up any army takes time. And creating militia units requires a high rate of gun ownership. Any forces a Communist Japan could build up would be severely outmatched by the Burger forces stationed in Japan alone, not to mention any additional invasion forces. Japan needs to remilitarize before revolution is possible.

a revolution precludes a takeover, if you think that after a revolution they wouldn't have guns, you are implying that a pacifist takeover without weapons is posible, that's you being idealistic again, in reality any "pacifist" government facing significant left opposition (like the one in a revolution) would abandon all pretenses, and decay into facism, and facists have no qualms about building up a stack of guns

*is begotten by, don't mind my english

Are you talking about supporters of the JCP?
The JCP is succdem as fuck, despite the party's name. They don't want to abolish the monarchy and claim to build "a socialist revolution inside capitalism" aka lots of welfare capitalism.
If you browse the sites their supporters hang out you see they're just your regular succdems. Shit just yesterday I saw one of them saying the TPP is good.

The actual communists (Kakumaru-ha, Chuukaku-ha, etc.) absolutely believe violence is necessary for a revolution. But yeah, compared to the JCP, they practically don't exist, partly because the Japanese police has them under their thumbs.

North Korea during the 90s

Funny thing, Shigesato Itoi was an out and out hardcore revolutionary Marxist (chuukaku-ha) in his youth.

Miyazaki also wrote in some article about how when we was young, his fellow students would singing nationalist songs or pop tunes while he would sing communist anthems. Im also 100% convinced he supports the JPC in elections.

not capitalist