Just wanted to say that I love all of you guys (even the sectarians). ITT: Good feels thread. No bullying allowed

Just wanted to say that I love all of you guys (even the sectarians). ITT: Good feels thread. No bullying allowed

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Alunya makes my dick feel good.

Would Alunya join the Red or the Black army in 1918 Ukraine?

Lefty unity is a foolish dream that even Marx and Engels recognized as something to avoid.

left unity is a futile endeavor, but I'm still not going to be a dick to people except maybe naziposter or silly tanks.

I hate maybe 30% of you, the rest I'm cool with.

Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. Someday, we will make the dream real.

I got a hot deal for you!

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Jeez can't you guys get along on an anonymous imageboard at least?

Left unity maybe but how much of a stretch is "don't fuck with each other"?

Class unity, not left unity. libcom.org/blog/“-real-enemy”-why-we-should-reject-left-unity-concept-17022013

There is no reason to. Who gave a fuck about leftist unity, and why would he?

The only unity possible is everyone submitting to the winner.

This isn't real life mang. You're not fighting for a revolution on here. Why is there any reason to be a toxic faggot all the time?

It's a board about politics or what? Want to be safe from """toxic""" masculinity and stuff and feel butterflies, frenship, no contrarianism or struggles? >>>/mlp/ or something.

More like there's ways to have productive discourse, and then there's meaningless non-sensical shit flinging. I find the latter to be more common on here.


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Zig Forums (and even Zig Forums) are good people. You guys are a shining light in the abyss that is the modern left.


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love u too user

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I love you too OP.

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She probably would have been an armchairite

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I love you too comrade! Let's smash the porkies together!

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But on the Red side nonetheless. She looks like a girl that would be interested in lifestylist Bolshevism, if nothing else, with its' avantgarde, aplomb and romanticism, and simply being able to be some intellectual, and not just a peasant raider/peasant looter/peasant leader.

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Lol don't delude yourself, tankie. Alunya has always been and will always be an anarcho-syndicalist.

Fucking hell, that's an incredibly ugly mouth. I understand that she's supposed to be a cat, but Jesus fucking Christ.

Revolutionary Catalonia has always been the base area of PCE, with anarchiddies doing anarchiddie things in a background. As embodiment of it, Alunya is a comrade and a staunch ally of Russian communists!

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Expand. Would've liked to see your post in the OC thread, by the way, but I imagine you missed it.

This would be my reading as well.

Alunya was supposed to be non sectarian (albeit visually inspired by CNT/FAI)

point being she loves us all

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That's just bants.

However, she could not stay neutral if inserted in conflict, like Russian civil war, and would be forced to do either this or that

Alunya has always been anarchist just like the majority of users.


The subs to that webm are wrong in a couple places.


I only visit image boards to bully nerds and publicly congratulate myself for not being a nerd.

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Yes, this, but unironically.

It's cryptofash tankie, he's been shitting up a lot of threads recently.

Is he an actual crypto, or are you just saying that because he's a tankie?


There's one another who is a crypto, that tankcuck is a socdem.