All billionaires and climate change deniers should be rounded up and promptly executed...

All billionaires and climate change deniers should be rounded up and promptly executed. They are complicit in the ongoing omnicide, and as such, are worse than the Nazis.

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What's up with the linked video?

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Maybe I'll just move into the woods one day and be like Ted K minus bombs

You lack understanding of the inevitability of the dialectic process.

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I do need to read more stuff, I'm somewhat of a newfag. I just think that technology (speaking more of modern technology like computers, cars, nuclear weapons, etc) is a mixed bag. It's important not to glamorize life in earlier times though of course.

The only thing that can save us now is arcologies and shit. Can't put the genie back in the bottle.

You lack understanding of the inevitability of the dialectic process.

Where we’re going we don’t need a climate.

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Jokes aside technology isn’t good or bad, because good and bad don’t exist. What does exist is the dialectical process. Technological progress is inevidble because it is in people’s self interest.

The conditions of both the exploited and the ruling class get worse for a time after switching to a new mode of production. How do you explain that?

Technological progress is frequently halted or slowed because it's not in porky's interests. See: green energy.

Prove to me climate change caused by humans is real.

I don't think good and bad exist in the moral sense of the terms, but I do think things that are destructive to one's health are generally "bad" in my view (i.e. increasingly sedentary lifestyles, possible cellphone cancer-risk, etc).
Like another user said, the toothpaste is essentially out of the tube in regards to technology. I agree

I am a denier but am nowhere near being a billionaire.
Do I get half executed ?

Yes. You only get half a bullet in the back of your skull.

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Overwhelming support for climate change only proves the conspiracy, though. Now, if there weren't such support, then it'd mean that it's obviously a conspiracy, since all the real scientists reject it. In fact,
Fuck it, can't finish the sentence, just thinking about it melts my brain.

Climate change is NOT science. It is merely a cult. Like Heaven's Gate, and this board's first post proves it. These cultists cannot face the reality that Climate on Earth is constantly changing. Further this planet has gone through various phases including one multi-millions of years phase as an Ice ball. We have not enough evidence to know which climate is 'natural' to the planet.

Your ridiculous post shows you are an idiot. Of course there are good and bad. That is why when you do something you know to be wrong, you feel bad inside.

Show me empirical proof and not some fucking "Because I said so" shit that I get every single time I ask for proof.

That feeling is subjective.

He's just going to say that it isn't, why are you even replying to him? Report and move on.


ask a fucking scientist then

sure, why not. in the meantime ignore the dialecticsfags and pomos. also maybe watch Metropolis, A FIlm.

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every single fucking time


Good and Bad are subjective and only exist inside of someone’s head. There is no objective good or bad.

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idk if you've realised, but this isn't actually a science-themed board

Regardless of your moral nihilism, it's not in my self interest to be a fuckin robot just because it would hypothetically be possible one day.

I don't want to downgrade to windows or systemdicks though.

None of them have developed as quickly as they are currently; it's not like people are claiming the ice age never happened. Human activity is the only major change that could be contributing the Co2 needed to induce changes this rapidly. There's not as much "evidence" as people would like because there's very little funding for applicable research; and even less attention paid to anything that produces findings which make porky uncomfortable.

I think a big part in this is indeed anti-civ. You don't have to be AnPrim to be anti-civ. Civilization is perfectly fine… We need(ed) it, to live terrestrially. Most of what we do on Earth is terrestrial, yeah (duh), but we are evolving higher circuits through the use of psychedelics and yoga practices which clearly suit a species that evolves in higher orbits / weightless zones.
The problem is that we're kept artificially in cheque by one half of our own biology. The part of our minds which evolved domesticity WAS necessary to develop cities, industry, press… But we're so often sold this complete package of 'man' and what 'man' should be. It's utter garbage to think that this guilty, pathetic sack of neuroses is the final design. So much of evolution is just accident. Whatever works. So we have parts of us designed for sadomasochism which is an undeniable part of the way each of us makes up reality. We only see/experience 2D-3D space because of the way our nervous structures evolved, and the imprints we gained during childhood. If an adolescent doesn't get the right parenting (often the case), their actual perception is changed in the hard wiring, and it's an entire lifelong task to reprogram these misimprints, because they're jumping up and down and shitslinging, trying to control territory like primates, thinking that they're fully evolved homo sapiens because they also have language.
Anyway, the socially-terrestrially evolved behavior is there to accept one version of reality, usually that of the other mammals within the 3 miles where the mammal grew up. Mammals get really fucking upset and morally spooked when anything that doesn't fit their grandpappy's reality-tunnel enters in, and they're robotically programmed to silence it. We can bypass this however, and it sounds stupid and crazy, but something like Hitler's giant marches is known to reprogram people on this manner. It's our work to purify these activities and make them oriented towards nobler goals, such as getting off the fucking planet and keeping it as a nice nature park. The namyohorengekyo buddhists do the same sort of giant marches, that's one way these things can be purified and made to work.
So don't reject civilization and 'go back' … find ways to embrace the parts of civilization which is aligned with nature & the path that our DNA wants us to take. Lel is a window to your DNA, use him. Sorry for being gay and namefagging my stupid shit okay see ya in space.

The edgy god-complex brainlet's go-to "argument", modern knowledge on how the brain works doesn't change anything other than how faggots like you construct their shitty worldviews. Go back to twitter and youtube where you can keep up your faggot circlejerk and watch more popsci fucktardery.

Who needs science when you can have opinions! Right?

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*mumbles something about stirner and nietzsche while cleaning fedora*

Oh hi Zig Forumsintelpro.

How do we destroy the automobile industry?

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The evidence for AGW is follows the same form as the evidence that tobacco causes cancer. Correlation is a perfect match and one clearly follows the other. For them to match up like that could only be from a causal relationship or crazy coincidence, and we understand the mechanism of cause at a physical/chemical/biological level. "Ideally" in science you establish cause by a controlled experiment but that's not possible with the climate and not ethical with cancer.