I wanna become a Ancom or a Ansyn over the summer. What are some good books on them. Is Bakunin good?

I wanna become a Ancom or a Ansyn over the summer. What are some good books on them. Is Bakunin good?

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That shit's for nerds. All you need is understanding the dialectic process, the rest will come naturally.

Much of Bakunin's work is incomplete, but like him. Malatesta and Rudolph Rocker are probably closer to what you're looking for though.

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Is mutual aid good?

I recently tried to read Bakunin's God and State because I'm a massive fedora-tipper and it interested me. I've never read any Bakunin before that. The first chapter was highly readable and interesting but the second one almost put me to sleep when he rambled on about materialism / idealism. I'm not even a no books-fag. What's a better place to start with Bakunin? maybe I'm just a brainlet

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What makes you a fedora tipper? What traits do you need?

It's a reference to Zig Forums having had semi-successfully managed to make the fedora meme to be about atheism and atheists.

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It's not just Zig Forums though. The "skeptic" type of atheists that adores Richard Dawkins, quotes russell's teapot analogy etc. are generally massive fedora tippers. They're the same type of people who think they can debunk all of marxism by smugly referring to an austrian school Basick Economicks textbook.

Mutual Aid is a bit dated (lots of anthropology has happened since it was written) but the fundamentals are fine and it's good to understand the development of anarchy conceptually.

I was just self-deprecatingly calling myself an atheist

Which is the book with the voucher system? The one used in Revolutionary Catalonia and Aragon?

On image boards, those types are relatively rare, especially in comparison to the Zig Forumsyp cavemen desperately trying to fit every reactionary ideology, many of which by historical circumstance have a non-insignificant religious tint, on themselves, hence why I mentioned Zig Forums.

Not for someone who's just about to get into it, though, mate, obviously.

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Danm do I wish I understood these memes.


Towards a new socialism is a book about cybernetic planning with a labour voucher system.

Tbh, this is probably some ESL shit where OP wants to become familiar with the ideology over the summer and see if he's persuaded by what people have written. Or maybe he's actually that retarded

breddy gud

No where tbh, Bakunin's work is limited due to the writing style of his time not meshing well with modern readers and it being incomplete.

Alright, thanks for the info. Maybe I'll try some of his shorter works and see if they're worth my time and go from there


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pssst, read cockshott and you will

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Bakunin is very good and more people should read him. I recommend starting with these:

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Ah nvm, good job

Thank you, comrade!

Cockrot tankies fuck off.

What did he mean by this?

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Is anyone who isnt a Raging Anarchist a "Tankie" to you?

Yo you gotta pdf of god and state?

All MLs are rogue tankies.

I got mine from here:

Anybody have anything on Collectivism? I'm completely new here.

collectivism isn't really an ideology, it's more the fever dream of bircherites and ayn rand types

Thanks man

No problem, comrade. Happy reading

go back to /r/communism please.

So how does if work for you lads?

you make fun of other people who hold cemented beliefs out of a primal fear that prevents you from identifying yourself with any.

wtf is so hard to grasp about someone still in the process of forming a coherent political belief system and reading up to see what ideology fits them best, instead of urgently wanting to apply a specific label to themselves?

Shave your head
Quit your job

Exercise daily
Expropriate from stores

bread book is the way to go (the conquer of bread)

in politics you must be part of an ideology, because a lot of people must be organized under some at leas same-ish ideas to properly organize themselves, thats why we must identify ourselves under one ideology

And what determines which ideology fits them best?

Their ideology.

That's just a semantics game. There's a difference between "ideology" as in: marxism, ancom, ansyn, or "ideology" = tendencies in your way of seeing the world such as valuing the individual over the collective, thinking authority is inherently bad, etc.


Nah I had the same experience hes a god awful writer but was more famed as an organiser and wrote pretty good sound bites

Boy I love ripping off anarchist stickers in my area

Real life activism against Anarchokiddies feels good

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Are those pics from Berlin? I could see shit like that being put up in Berlin

Left wing in fighting will Get us nowhere.
But you can continue LARPer.

Checks out


At least they do something. Anarchists are only socialist group in Poland that do shit. Not like tanikies and other pseudo-marxists.

Ironic since Hoxhaites are probably the most utopian, LARPish and armchair-tier group out there, if you don't count the meme ideologies no one takes seriously like "nihilism". Even as a Marxist i'll associate with anarchists over hoxhaites anytime (they wouldn't want to cooperate with anyone that doesn't share their autistic dreams of cultural revolution through prohibiting beards anyway).

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Thanks user good to know we're better than bunkercucks, as an Anarchist I'm willing to work with non-autistic Marxists who realize the revolution isn't the rapture and want to do more than call anything they do like buzzwords while larping in their 10 man party.

The infighting seriously pisses me off. Like maybe it could be somewhat acceptable if the left was standing strong, but considering how marginalized both marxists and anarchists are I can't grasp why anyone would be retarded enough to think the foremost thing to be done is bringing down other leftists.

Yeah, it bothers me when I see capitalism squeezing the people harder yet most leftists are content to stay within their social club then work with other leftists, let alone the general population. I see more interest in arguing over historical conflict or conflicts on the otherside of the world than organizing within the actually existing proletariat, and the results have not been good. Arguing over whose experiments were better and who is secretly a counter-revolutionary is a waste of time when we march further to Socialism or Barbarism and there doesn't exist a sizeable force to fight for socialism.


We need to return to a principle of solidarity among workers and socialists. Not only do we accept each other on the basis of working towards some kind of socialist society we must also extend support to each other morally and materially as needed.

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Sadly it's easier said than done. But at least we're in agreement about this so there's that.

skip bread book please it was so fucking boring and basic.

Just read Max Stirner then Marx. Max gives you got reasons to be an anarchist inwardly (smartly when you know you can win) & Marx has good theory on why Capitalism is the way it is (shit).

Ego & It's Own + Das Kapital vol 1,2,3.

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no. in this board you read or you can fuck off this isn't Zig Forums. read fucking books.

I mean we don’t even have to work together let’s just no fight among our own and work fo common goal like striking together or shit we all agree on. I won’t lie I hate tankies (not marxists, they are pretty cool) but I know fighting them will get me nowhere. It’s better to support eachother than capitalist. The only exceptions are nazbols strraserists and other pseudo socialists.

How are you different from a right-wing reactionary?

You're literally ripping off leftist posters and then come to a leftist board to brag about it. Your fucking flag doesn't mean shit.

bad idea just real Sorel and go authoritarian