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Are all of the parties in the US as shit as the CPUSA? Are there any good ones that are just more obscure? If I have to I might have to try to set something up in my local area that isn't either pure LARPing or blatant revisionism

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No, they're all ineffective social clubs and heavily influenced by Marcy to boot.

Good ones: WWP and SEP
Bad ones: RCP,Socialist Alternative and Socialist Party USA
Ok ones: PSL, DSA and green party.

The OKs are area specific and can be good or bad depending on where they're located. NYC,where i live, DSA are just liberals and PSL are just sjw tankies that don't run anyone, or do anything besides protest whatever Trump does.

RCP is just a cult.

SEP are good but also don't run anyone and just seem to be a club.
WWP is good only because i don't know what they do other then hate PSL for splitting from them and doing tank stuff.

Greens are only good for letting you run on their ticket.

I suggest making your own little thing and just working with other groups if they want to help you.

That's what I was worried about. I don't want a social club, I want to push for actual change. Of course that is no easy task, but I at least want to make an effort. I'll have to read up on a lot more theory before I try to do anything IRL though.

This is seeming to be the way to go. Like the other user said, a lot just seem to be just social clubs, something I want to avoid. Thank you for the information, comrade. I'll look into those other groups nonetheless

most far-left parties are riddled with informants who'll either try entrap you or just get you to waste time on performative nonsense, this is especially true for the rcp

I'd be more surprised if someone told me there was a party outside of the two-party establishment that wasn't riddled with informants / COINTELPRO type stuff

Any org in the US especially is going to be full of feds, and if you start one the first person to join will probably be a fed. Be super fucking careful because they will do whatever they can to get you to do or say something they can arrest you for and use to further smear communism as a terroristic threat.

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How do we filter out the feds? Unfortunately they're inevitable but there has to be a way to find them and summarily exclude them from the group. I have a few ideologically-malleable buddies (i.e. not total anti-coms and willing to listen to arguments) I was thinking of getting in touch with to at least form a core group.

To add onto this, it's also important to not go pants-on-head tier retarded in hunting for feds like Zig Forums does. Adolf Hitler could rise from the grave and Zig Forums would call him a government agent

If what you're looking for is a traditional ML party, I'd recommend PCUSA.

There's also APL if you don't mind Bunkerists.

Say what you want about them, but DSA and SocAlt have best praxis though. American political consciousness is primarily in elections and reform movements. It's best to meet the working class where they are in the moment than live forever in the 20th century.

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It depends on what you're doing. If you're engaged in reformism then you're largely going to be acting publicly anyways, so if they show up they're going to be hearing updates on [insert boring petition drive here]. If you advertise events on Facebook then of course all that is going to be monitored. Important thing is to have trusted people in the core of it and to keep certain things like membership lists as private as you can. Note that anyone who signs up on Facebook is going to get scraped as well by feds and by right-wing wikis. If you have public meetings, have a tablet set up for sign-ins instead of a paper list that can be photographed or stolen.

In terms of detecting them and rooting them out (politely asking them to leave), think scientifically. This is where public orgs and networks of leftist groups working together can be useful. Even if you're not a public org I would interface and build trustworthy relationships with public orgs in your area, with different groups serving as "control" and "experimental" groups (you don't need to necessarily mention this) – because feds have limited resources and may use the same agent to infiltrate/spy on multiple groups, or use a public "newbie" group as cover and as a way of worming their way into more sensitive groups, since the big public orgs have a lot of new members and people regularly joining and leaving. If someone suspicious is poking around your more sensitive group and sets off your "cop alarm" (there are several tells) then you can cross-reference the mole with the public group and root out inconsistencies in their background and cover story.

Now, this tactic only works if the spy used the public group as a way of gaining entry into your Hoxhaist Bunker Party or Anarchist Pogo Party, but it can be effective.

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Very true – and that kind of paranoia damages them and makes them turn on each other.

A few more things. Cops, often being on the right politically, have difficulty understanding the left, and feds will even rely on right-wing blogs and fake news about the left as sources. Imagine a fake event purportedly attributed to "leftists" that is going around on these blogs. Now imagine the local fed task force reading that, taking it seriously, and then sending one of their goons to poke around in the left scene to find info on it, without realizing the whole thing was bullshit to begin with. That's a cop tell. I think the spread of fake news has really damaged their ability to gather reliable intelligence.

I also hate to say it, but leftists are not the fittest bunch of people in the world. Cops tend to look and carry themselves a certain way. I can't really explain it. It's not just dress (particularly shoes) or haircuts, but how they carry themselves. They will also try to recruit spies from criminal justice programs at universities and their associated fraternities through internship programs (!). Essentially, the future L.E. professionals of America getting their start by snooping on the local left and writing up reports to feed into fed databases. Hint: those programs and frats often post group photos of themselves.

Last bit of advice, and this is just me, but don't do stupid shit or break the law.

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Why is SAlt bad?

DSA isn't a party.

What’s wrong with SALT and SPUSA.

Don't take my socialist alternative opinion too seriously i only know them from Jason unruhe and talking with tanks and SEP trots.

But if anyone can tell me more about them please do.

I've heard a fair number of bad things about SAlt in regards to them being reformist and among the worst idpol groups. No clue how true this is. I don't know why anyone has an issue with SPUSA though. They're the largest socialist party in my state(assuming you don't count DSA) and I've known a few good people in the group. I think he was talking out of his ass.

The problem with both SPUSA and CPUSA is they were once major targets for CoIntelPro infiltration.

*don't do stupid shit and get caught

Not that we have any reason to believe CoIntelPro ever stopped.

APL seems pretty good, first time I saw an anti-revisionist party in America who’s website didn’t contain self hate guilt tripping. But I’m not a Tank.

Does the Institute of Social Ecology count as a party.

The best group in the US is Democratize the Enterprise. No bullshit; just straight up socialism.

PSL, WWP, FRSO, and SEP are flawless when it comes to the most important current issue in the world (anti imperialism).

I'd say only the SEP handles that well. They reject western imperialism while at the same time not falling into the trap of supporting Russian/Chinese imperialism like the Marcyite parties(PSL, WWP) do.

You call these socialist parties?
Some of them even have modern-looking websites, for crying out loud.

I want REAL parties, REAL badly-zeroxed newsletters, REAL personality cults. 15 members MAX.

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They're all trash.

they're all actual shit

the red scare deleted all good parties

just get a union and vote green for the minor reforms because At Least They're Not The Other Two

Sounding like the only thing to do is to make something new

Or… Push the Greens further into eco-socialism.

Or get a better strategy than fucking electoralism.

I don't think voting and running in elections should be disregarded all-together. It's still important (but shouldn't be our sole focus either)

SEP is ideologically consistent and are real communists, but from what I can see they focus more on journalism and a bit of labor organizing than anything else. On top of that they are tiny.

I think something new will eventually come from a split of DSA, but it will be several years before that time comes. It will probably take until the organization reaches the limits of reformist politics.

I have a goal in the next three to five years to start something in my state (Ohio). I figure it will be easiest to get involved locally and at state-level first. Not to mention my state's flag has potential for any group If I get want to LARP, it will be on the flag only, I love a good flag

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exactly, if you are sucsessful and your strategies actual deliver somewhat of a change, you could even absorb them. I have faith in you my man

man if you put that flag no one is going to vote you, only people like us but we are already like that so what we need to do is to sound apealing to the normalfag and make him want to vote people like us. if you put that stupid ass flag you will look like a larping tankie and change is not going to happen

Kek you're right. I just whipped it up five minutes before the post. In all honesty we don't even need a flag

most small to medium sized DSA chapters are amazing. the national organization itself is shit mainly because of the old guard. also there is going to be a split soon so dont get your hopes up for them

It's a good thing most Greens are activists too then.

Why's that?

Huh, interesting

There's another commie in Ohio? imagine my shock, here I thought all we had was corn and meth.

Stay away, it's essentially an ultra-sectarian, cultlike organization predicated on loyalty to its 30-year-plus leader, David North. Literally every single person or organization that doesn't hold the party's (meaning North's) line is a "petty-bourgeois pseudo-leftist" lost to the Frankfurt School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (yes it is the bogeyman and yes it is hilarious). Some of these positions include:

All unions have become corporatist agents of the ruling class and must be dissolved by forming "rank and file committees". This isn't horrible in itself, I'm all open to criticizing the AFL-CIA's bullshit, but the way it is carried out is entirely counterproductive - there is zero practical elaboration on how to form these "rank and file committees". Instead, all coverage is dedicated to attacking existing unions; siding with the worst of the right in implying that they do nothing but steal dues, and openly calling for workers to reject joining them, urging to vote "no" in NLRB elections and even opposing newly formed unions in the third world.

Their "anti-idpol" stance is another decent concept gone horribly wrong. It takes the form of standing by any multi-millionaire accused of rape in the #MeToo movement, be it Weinstein, Spacey or Cosby, and slandering their accusers as "petty bourgeois careerists with no interest in true social justice" that therefore cannot be believed.

Pic related, if you want to read more criticism of the SEP there's a boatload on Alex Steiner's site, David North's response can be found here: Predictably, he responds by attacking Steiner's "petty-bourgeois" class background. This is ironic, because David North's class background is bourgeois without qualifications. That's right, David North is a literal capitalist, the sole proprietor of a company worth an estimated $25 million dollars (Grand River Printing and Imaging). The company, incidentally I'm sure, is not unionized. Suddenly you realize how the party is able to pay dozens of full-time journalists for the WSWS website - they are all materially dependent on North, and thereby don't dare to challenge him in "unanimous" vote after "unanimous" vote.

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Based on what? I'm absolutely certain a split will eventually happen, but I donm't know about now. Do you mean the right-wing socdem/liberal part of DSA will leave or that those left of demsoc camp will leave?

Ohio is, or used to be an industrial area, so obviously there commies there.

I don't trust PSL due to their suspiciously long stint with idpol, but it seems as though they are gradually improving. They have improved all of their websites and their news source is no longer 90% "RESIST DRUMPF RESIST DRUMPF LGBT RESIST DRUMPF" and seems to have actual work dispute news. They also seem to have removed the retarded policy list that included forced reparations for slavery and nationalizing only large firms, but the fact that such a thing was even there to begin with is dodgy.

Wait nope, it's still there. Most of their policies are good, but reparations and an enormous reliance on "We'll ban mean words against minorities!" mentioned multiple times seems rather concerning.

what is your opinion of iww??

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I can't speak for them personally, but I've heard very mixed reports on them. I hear many chapters act closer to liberal social clubs and will not actually engage in work issues. Their prison strike, I believe, was a fundamentally good idea that was failed to be properly utilized.

American Party of Labor. Not a burger, but from what I've seen, they are based. Have growth potential if they are being more active online.

Checks out

Has been dead since like 1939 but ok.