Why is this idea so prevalent that some jobs are worth less than a decent wage...

Why is this idea so prevalent that some jobs are worth less than a decent wage? Especially when those jobs are the backbone of multi-billion dollar companies. Even in a capitalist system, it seems to me that there are more positives than negatives for paying your employees more.

+healthier local economy
+less turnover, which means less time/money spent training/hiring
+happier, healthier employees
+higher employee loyalty
+more prospective employees
-short-term dent in already huge profits

Do classcucks and big smarty-pants CEOs not understand something as simple as cause-and-effect?

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literal slaves made enough to "afford" food and housing, probably worked less too


Because in America almost everyone has a petite bourgeoisie mindset. Just let it die and you won't have to deal with this shit.

Sadly, McCarthyism and decades of capitalist pro-"entrepreneurship" propaganda have been effective. None of these people are aware the system isn't meritocratic in the slightest. They just believe it HAS to be, because the system can't actually be that unfair right?

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famlam a better descriptor for the whole of America is lumpen bourgeoisie

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Even the 'tard in OP's pic seems dimly aware that without assistance from le ebil gubmint the employees in such "jobs" would starve to death.

From there it's hopefully only a short step to force other facts down their throat, like that most holders of such low-paying jobs are in fact in it career-long with children and other dependents, and that aside from government assistance they're also subsidizing their employer through a variety of other externalities like ruinous personal debt and ill health.

Moreso, this could raise the question of whether such "jobs" contribute anything to the economy minus externalities.

You don't understand Americans. They want those people to starve.

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"lumpen bourgeoisie” isn’t a thing, are you referring to the lumpenprol or the petit bourgeoisie.

Not that guy but lumpenbourgeoisie is used to describe the criminal bourgeoise (mafias, rent-seeking gangsters, human traffickers, etc.), compradors and administrators in third world countries, and so on.

because high wages might be good for the long term stability of a given society, but capitalism as an economic phenomenon doesn't care about that

Rejection of LTV, unexamined assumption that work creates money, and that a wage reflects your contribution.

Plus the fact that some jobs are not in fact worth much. Due to automatization and other technological improvements, humanity can thrive on much less work than workers can provide. But the fiction must be upheld to discipline proles, and as a result much of the jobs we do are unproductive (either unproductive outright, or in a makes-sense-for-a-capitalists, useless for society way).

"temporarily inconvenienced millionaires"

This, especially with regard to LTV, I must admit I never realised it on my own that for an employer to be paying you x amount, that you as an employee must be generating value greater than x whereby he keeps the difference.

You never get taught this in school with regards to Marx, the British curriculum just said that communism was when the state controlled everything. Even in an introductory economics textbook which I read out of curiosity, Marxian economics is mentioned in passing and in little vague detail.

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