Fuck the cop tread

Post your anti-cop memes or vids of cops being dicks to people.

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high quality thread

Fuck your idealism, lib

Everyone with principled theoretical objections to the current model of policing and suggestions for superior alternatives, as opposed to just assblasted stoners & LARPers, say ayyy.

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Found the brainlet

Cops are the foot-soldiers of the current order and capitalist society. Fuck off

Fuck you

And fuck you to nerd

Got anything better to fix the system or how a better one could work?

This is a anti cop meme thread take your le epig debate somewhere else.

Is christcom poster officially the worst poster on the board?

Whats wrong with this thread?

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the same people who are the police now would be the police after any "revolution"

Fuck off to the containment thread. We fix the police by abolishing them. They serve no useful function to the people. They are not even required by law to provide help. Their job is to stop the "bad guys" who range from dark-skinned people to unionists.

Then it wouldn't be a revolution. Certainly not a socialist one.

that meme is Zig Forums tier shitty

I'll bet you think you can abolish taxes and death, too.

Why? Socialist police would exist to enforce socialist law. Why would a reactionary join?

have you ever been the victim of a serious crime

In seriousness, we should abolish humans before we abolish death. Humans who grow old get rigid in their beliefs and fuck things up for younger generations.

Police don't enforce the law. You're thinking of courts, which are a completely different and much older institution.
Cops do not stop crime.

What could go wrong with leaving one of the most reactionary institutions in America besides the military remain in its current form?

Courts without police mean nothing. Learn basic political theory.

not saying the police are anywhere near perfect, but can't imagine a society where there isn't some form of law enforcement

Fuck cops, justice is better served by community organizing.

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Hell yeah brother.

Look at all the crypto reactionaries and false flaggers and just plain triggered pollacks in here.

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apart from private property and stuff like drug criminalization, most laws are fairly reasonable

Like getting murdered by a cop?

Cops are good under socialism NOT capitalism

Go back to your facebook blog about libertarianism.

you just sent my fucking sides into orbit

thanks crypto-reactionary

C'mon lets go with the anti cop memes

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Anarco-Nazbol Gang is part of Anti-Cop Gang.

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crime is not inherently revolutionary, and the average criminal is probably a worse person than the average cop

Communists shouldnt give a shit about how 'good' of a person someone is. Cops are a tool of the bourgeoisie to violently uphold their power and that makes every one of them our bitter enemy.

abolishing the police as they currently exist doesn't mean we have to live in chaos; we just have to reorient our relationship to social discipline in a way that redirects the flow of psychopaths away from law enforcement.

cops are like whit army soldiers like yeah some of them probably never done bad in their life and are actually well meaning life but they are on the opposite side of history and there should be no mercy for them

The people used to handle getting the accused into court and would actually bother trying to stop crimes because they didn't want to see their neighbors getting hurt.

Cops don't enforce laws. They just try to catch/shoot "bad guys." That job can go to people who have a stake in a community instead of some outsider assigned and given special authority.
Manarchist doesn't mean what you think it means. The justice system has problems with sexism (although most of the negative impact is on harsher treatment of men), but failure to prevent harm to citizens is something that happens to all genders. Just because it was a woman in this case doesn't mean it was sexism you dopey fucker.

You are fuckin stupid son.

Most laws are squirrely technical bullshit. Stuff like "don't rape" makes up a tiny minority of the legal literature. The broader point here though is that for the most part people understand what kind of behavior is destructive and don't need laws to tell them, and most "crimes" (from a legal perspective) are the result of capitalism-induced poverty (including crimes by mentally sick people who don't get the help they need because they're poor). The vast majority of destructive behavior in society is class warfare by the rich targeting the poor, but this is not considered a crime by these standards.

200% spooked

We should have mercy for the ones who surrender. Very important distinction that can reduce casualties on both sides.

because catching drunk drivers is fundamental to capitalism

fuck off nerd, you can call it what you like but it's still the police

as a rudimentary and unaccountable police force

sounds like you're just creating local militias without any checks to make sure they're not going around killing blacks or gays or whatever

welcome to the real world

maybe so, doesn't mean we just have to let innocent people suffer because the person hurting them is also a victim of something

you know what the fuck I mean


The checks against attacking people based on identity is that everyone is a "militia" i.e. someone with a gun and the power to arrest people who are a threat.

I posted a NYT article to show that even liberals are aware of the problem, but of course they're going to pick an example that idiots will construe to be sexism. It happens to people who are victims of murder attempts, neglecting to protect them or provide medical attention (or call an ambulance).

Cops don't stop criminals from hurting people. They can only respond after the fact. This is a basic element of how cops operate. It's literally disallowed to take preventive measures.

You mean [floating signifier].

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unfortunately yes

sounds fucking dangerous

by removing criminals from where they might harm more people, and anyway you're full of shit if you say that the cops don't at least pretend to be doing crime prevention

larp it up bitch, all this crime is good shit is far worse for the left than the gender stuff

it's materiel condtions mate.
In my country, they're treated like shit, they have low wages and get abused by the bourgeoisie family like cleaning there houses and other weird stuff.
So to make a living by accept bribe and false arrestation like using fake radar etc we called them "the cop behind the Palm tree/Roundpoint" or they just go support there local crime syndicate mostly drugs or other products like sand yep sand trafficking .
When they go to protest usually with other unions they get beating by the auxliary.
They also get overwork a lot and so most of them are depressed and later either loose there mind or kill themself.
At least when they use there gun they don't kill you.
but still even tho there proles they are still a toy that the bourgeoisie has complet control over it.

Due process, forensic investigation and a prison system (rehabilitative or not) requires a large, intricate justice system that small communities themselves simply cannot provide. Lynchings aren't a racist unicum particular to America or capitalism, they're a baseline whose absence is the deviation.

Revolution, communism, any radically new system will sound 'dangerous' to stupid liberals.

Which country might that be?



Fug de bolice



Let's kill the cops tonight

White people are the cops of the world. Keep that in mind,bud.

What a dumb coward.
"Tough on crime" is a dangerous capitalist meme that normies are becoming wise to after so many people have been through the system. The problem isn't "crime is good" but that police don't stop crime, that crime isn't muh individual choice, but is a social problem arising from social conditions.

Forensic investigation is woo. The rest badly needs justification.
That doesn't mean they're the best we can do.

This logic reminds me of that quote

Unironically yes.

Socialism is when you work for 30 hours a week for 20 dollarslaborbux an hour and comrade cop throws you in jail for violating property rights of the Wal-Marx co-op. Anything else is utopian and probably crypto-fascist as well.

I dislike how americentric this conversation turned out

This but unironically

How retarded are you? There have been several race wars in ancient history. Assyrians vs Nubians. Egyptians vs Nubians; Egypt banned Nubians from Egypt except from the marketplace. Greeks vs Jews, Romans and Greeks vs Jews. Several Roman emperors banned Jews from entering Rome.

Forensics have cleared tons of people of crimes they didn't commit, and helped track down murderers that would have gone free otherwise.

Racism (now) gets its power from capitalism which is what allows such a warped distribution of resources and powers. Ethnic violence historically has gotten its power from resources and powers distributed toward certain parties who would direct ethnic violence. It's not a fundamentally different situation, just a different system enabling disproportionate shares of power.

Forensic methods have been investigated and found to be pretty much useless at generating meaningful results. "The system has taken it seriously and taking it seriously has affected how the system works" is not a validation of the method's accuracy.


I'd rather deal with cops than violent criminals. The fact that you soft boys think you think the opposite tells a lot about you. You live in ridiculously gentrified and well-policed areas, and there's virtually no physical threat towards you so you rebel against the people keeping you safe. You're like a coddled basement dweller shouting at your mom.

Professional criminals only care about the accumulation of capital while police have fragile egos. You tell the Mafia off and at best they will rough you up. You tell a cop off and they will unload the magazine into you (where the Mafia will mostly only escalate to lethal force if threaten their capital or ability to enjoy their capital). Also news flash the pigs are their mercenaries that they bribe to look after their capital interest on top of that of the state, where they literally drive up to police chiefs homes with trunks full of cash for their loyalty.


Very few violent criminals are with 'the mafia'. And you're gonna need to either source or take back your crazy claims.

I'd like to see you prove this theorem.

Organized crime are lumped bourgeoisie, they don't want unwanted heat in nations with strong law enforcement. To organized crime violence is just a means to a end where they just want to be capitalists outside the laws of the bourgeois state. Mean while police just wants people to lick their jack boots thus why they murder civilizations just for not calling them sir.

Now, while this is already funny, it's not quite inconceivable yet that a red lib wouldn't say this.