Millennials are having less sex than any generation in 60 years. Here’s why it matters

Did the sexual revolution fail? Marx envisioned a post-christian society would be one of free love, were men and women or whatever you like would interact with each other as humans rather than as sacraments or a transaction.

The more I read about the so called leftist movements of the 1960s the more I realize what a god damn farce the entire thing was.

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It's hard thinking about founding a family or partake in mindless fun when everything is going to shit. It reminds of that youtube documentary about a japanese guy who lives with his gf in like 4 square meters, their life is hell and they haven't had sex in ages because the circumstances of their lives are just utter shit but that's just one step above homelessness.

20% of the men are fucking 80% of the women, if you're a sub 8 male in looks or in wealth you won't come within a thousand feet of a vagina. The black pill is real.

If I could have afforded to get a place to live with my BF we would still be together, but I couldn't. I wish I could wipe out all the boomer scum who enslaved us.

I used to be 100+ kg and I started losing my hair very early (18 years old). As a fat balding guy, i really didn't even bother with dating entirely. I eventually lost 30 kg and if you're a highly educated person with a lot of knowledge about history, philosophy, art, etc. you WILL find plenty of women who are extremely wary of dating basic guys.

I don't know what's worse, the fact that you think that what girls want or that you're humble bragging on a mongolian knitting forum

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I think the second is worse. I mean I can get raging pol virgins (theres normal virgins too) sperging on imageboards. Nothing unusual. But why there is the people who try to feel superior by bragging. If you are anonymous no one will ever remember or give a shit about you. Its kind of dumb

How is that bragging exactly? Girls like people they enjoy spending time with, guys with good conversational skills, who know how to put people at ease and aren't crippled by self-doubt. If you think every single person who claims to have these is "humblebragging", on an anonymous imageboard (where there is no identity to even pin that "glory") really shows how insecure you are.

And? How many did you actually have sex with? You will talk to one for six months and maybe get a hug out of it. While the "basic guys" they rant against can take them home after buying them two or three drinks and plow them in one night.

Fish won't teach you how to catch more fish. Everything they claim about "basic guys" you can safely disregard.

Top tier thread so far

This is bullshit, I'm 5ft5, broke, Panjabi (Indian) ethnicity and a 7 in terms of looks with a rugby player build and I get 6s comfortably, 7s with some effort and a few rare 8s if I hold out long enough. I'd say I'm a 5 or 6 overall.

Money does go a long way, but to use that trite expression, money can't buy you everything and you need to offer women something else if you don't have it. Women don't want to date losers, and I wouldn't date or even fuck an ugly autistic woman either.

Another way to see it from my experience is that people want to escape the shitty monotony of their lives, and they don't want to take on your baggage either. You need to be able to charm them and make them forget about their worries so that they can feel happy to be alive.

Yeah yeah yeahhhhh. Move along, you're not exactly refuting anything i said. Most Punjabi diaspora have an arranged marriage set up for them anyway, so even if you didn't have any money you'd still be set.

This stupid meme needs to die already.
Show us some statistics with respectable sources or just shut the fuck up about this bullshit forever.

Why bother? No matter what stats I post people will never take seriously. Things are a forgone conclusion at this point, the dialogue at this point is simply separated between those who accept facts and those who are willfully blind.

Stop posting here.

Scandinavian women are some of the most liberated and easy to get going. I wonder just how much of an autistic loser someone has to be, to be an incel in fucking Sweden.

They're sexually easy for high tier males while everyone else never or only occasionally has sex. This pattern repeats itself throughout the world wherever women are liberated. 20% of the males fuck 80% of the women.

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Is it true that looks matter? Yeah of course. You can't just BEE URSELF but that's not the same as believing all this 'genetically inferior' nonsense. Everyone but a small fraction of men could be attractive to women if they worked on themselves and had a good personality. The so called atomic black pill is embodied by people like the supreme gentleman who are unfuckable based solely on their sociopathic, narcissistic delusional personalities. Is it easier for women? Yeah, it is, but what are you gonna do, just bitch about it? NAWALT anyway.

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Maybe then stop wallowing in self-complacency of being a low-tier male.

No I don't actually, I said I'm broke and if you're broke just don't bring it up if you want to get laid. I avoid talking about my shitty job and debts. And if you're only interested in a fuck, just feign ambition just say you're doing something temporary but you've got plans in mind. I can't afford gold diggers, I won't even consider that route.

I mentioned my ethnicity because it's a hindrance to getting laid as I tend to exclusively go for white women out of a preference ingrained from being brought up around white people. The point being that you can get around your perceived flaws and weaknesses so as long you are likeable for whatever reason.


I wouldn't say I'm especially narcissistic or have an especially toxic personality. Hordes of good looking men with abhorrent personalities have sex. It's all about physical looks. If you look good, your personality is good. If you look bad you have a bad personality. That's all it is. Talking about mystified, vague personalities is peak idealism.

Also Elliot isn't a good example anyway. He wasn't a true incel he just refused to settle for anything less than a pure 10/10 hbb. The average incel is nowhere near his level of delusion.

aaaah thank god porn was invented also please kys swedish socdem you are the cancer and your claims are false

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Maybe if millennial women weren't batshit insane and millenial men weren't beta cucks this wouldn't be a problem. As a gen-z'er, I can confirm that the people around me are fucking like rabbits, so this is just a millennial phenomenon.

Goddamn! Varg has been triggering the alt-right like crazy after his leftist video.

TRUE inceldom has never been tried
Hey Elliot what ya doing? inceldom
Hey dylan & eric what ya doing? inceldom
Hey Nikolas Cruz what ya doing? inceldom
Uh.. well fuck!

Sex is reactionary.

The Columbine kids had girlfriends and were total normies.
Nicholas Cruz had a gf tooo.

It's not, because, and let's be honest here, Elliot Rodgers was a pretty attractive kid, and not only that but he had money and a Beamer. What killed him was his insanity, crippling insecurity, and so on.

Do some people have an advantage? Yeah sure, everyone knows that, my contention is that for at least 80% of men, stuff they could change is what's stopping them from having success. I'm a total loser who lives in my mom's crib with horrible depression and even I was able to bang a chick not too long ago, it's not impossible. What's the point moaning about it and telling yourself it'll never happen?

Well I'm sorry but he's the most identifiable incel and without him nobody would even know what the term meant. Like says.

well whoop de fuckin do for you.

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Inceldom fails every time it's implemented. How many more millions of innocents does your delusional ideology need to kill before you realize that chadness is the way to go?

Complete strawman. I have never had sex nor do I ever want to. Sex seems pointless to me. I was just pointing out that my generation is full of Chads.

This seems to be a hot topic right now, so I decided to combine it with my love of videogames to shed some light on it. I've done this by creating a text adventure/visual novel called Millennial Dating Simulator. This post contains the pre-alpha version of a demo level of the game.

>Path A: Girl thinks you're ugly and calls the cops on you
>Path B: Girl likes you, but one day decides she doesn't and falsely accuses you of rape
>Path A: Security cameras show that you're innocent, but this reinforces your desire to never interact with women
>Path B: No cameras around, you're automatically guilty, life ruined
>Path A: Join the alt-right and start watching Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux
>Path B: Reject the alt-right because it's been infiltrated by feminists too and Jordan Peterson is a humongous fucktard
>Path C: (available as DLC for $19.99, preorder now and get a Hillary Clinton action figure)

Bonus Quest

I feel second-hand embarrassment on your behalf.

Someone on the mod team needs to be exiled to Siberia.

What an interesting and highly detailed perspective you've shared with us. Truly this was a valuable post and not a waste of bandwidth.


This isn't true. Think of the all the weird kids at your high school that never talk to girls. A lot more of them then there are "cool kids" that get laid, right? I'd wager that half of the men in my graduating class were able to get laid once during high school.

I agree with you that it's difficult to find a mate in today's day and age, but men aren't being systematically targeted with sexual assault accusations.

Go on and tell us about how #MeToo is based on actual incidents of sexual assault and not shit lying bitches made up because they wanted money and fame or had an axe to grind.

#MeToo is based on actual incidents of sexual assault.

People are realizing that 3DPD is shit. You'll be happier with a 2D waifu.

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I'm sure the Facebook newsfeed has a very stringent requirement of evidence.

What the hell is wrong with you guys holy fuck

pretty sure he explicitly said he didn't

some come pretty close

the upside to me too is that women are getting more forward, and really shouldn't have to explain why that's a good thing

Fucking finally. All these obnoxious whiners who bitch about how they can't get laid should be banned. It has nothing at all to do with politics.

Did the Great Awakening fail? History doesn't succeed or fail, it happens.

The reason millennials are having less sex, is because they have so much else to do. In the past, if the risk or fact of a romantic relationship leading to pregnancy didn't lead to marriage as a practical necessity, it was the need for housing. In the past, houses were smaller, families were larger, and to get out of the most often cramped and stressed familial home, you had to marry. Those married young people didn't have a whole lot to do, there was no internet, no mobile phones, no gaming consoles, no pornography, perhaps a TV with two channels, but that was it, so apart from going to the pub and a hobby like pigeon keeping or wood working, people had not much else to do with their free time other than having sex.

Lmao have these people even been outside?

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In the past there were a lot more celibates than now, a lot of people didn't have sex and marry because it was expensive to raise a family. This before the industrial revolution

they're source is one, study from tinder that measured only responses


does an innocent man hire ex-mossad agents to intimidate reporters, and any who might accuse him. cause thats what weinstein did

we must critically defend mossad agents from lady imperialism

Sex isn't that great. Stop obsessing about it and move on with your life.

Also why has everyone just assumed that I am some sex chad by that one post. I have no interest in women or sex, and when I have had an interest, I get rejected.

Looks like Zig Forums is descending into a moderator tyranny just like Zig Forums and normalfaggots here are okay with it because of "muh evul incels"

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This. The amount of hysterics on this board surrounding sex as a topic and particularly sex with women is disturbing.
If you're a twenty-something you don't know shit about live yet, don't worry so much. Also, stop getting your information from Zig Forums-tier infographics.

What the fuck happened to push the meek and relatively contained insecurity of channers in the aughts to the full blown mass hysteria we see in threads like these?

Looks like the mods are finally going down the Zig Forums road. Is it time for the next split?

I feel like I'm switching boards every two weeks now and it's getting tiring. I'll just wait until capitalism collapses and I'll see you guys then.

when did it become hot fashion to say people think something is "Evil" with an infantilized mispelling as an argument?

Just go to /r9k/ if you want to talk about pathetic incel shit.

To the contrary, poverty was an incentive to have children because children were an asset, an extra pair of hands to work on the farm, herd cattle or work in a workshop. Historical data on birth rates confirms this.

Where are you getting this from?

Do you have any argument for how this ISN'T moderator tyranny then? Or are you one of those people who solely just came here because muh tankies and that the BO was solely bad for his tendency and not the fact that he bans people all the time?

He was banned for obnoxious, obsessive posting about a single subject unrelated to the board as a whole, you're an idiot if you don't ban people like that regardless of what they're talking about.

Duck and cover.

Outed yourself as a Redditor. That said, shit got a lot worse between now and then. Though frankly it was always fucking shitty. Imageboard users should have gotten this angry more than a decade ago because the foundations for all these problems were already in place. The dating culture just isn't working for the majority of guys.

Only a normalfag would care about that dumb shit in the first place.

The very act of banning actually goes directly against communist principles since its enforcing private property

The REAL REDpill is Realizing that S.M.V is Real

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wtf I hate women now

Its not about Hating women
Its just the simple fact that once you hit your 30s as a women and 40s as a man your odds of getting laid / finding love / getting married etc begin to fall drastically

I have a very serious historiographical book about marriage, but in my native language sadly, maybe it exists in english but I'm not gonna search it if nobody is interested tell me and I'll try. It tells that in the past if you married yeah you made a shit load of children of course because it was labour with not much resources needed, but that anyway children and raising a family/going away from parent's home was expensive and I'm pretty sure at least from 1500s to the industrial revolution there were a lot more celibates, I'd dare say even more than like 10% of people, but I don't remember clearly the figures calculated in the book this was varied though, for example in east europe everyone married, while especially in southern europe people tried not to marry 1 to not split scarce family resources 2 to not put further pression on resources/land that were already with a lot of pressure on them because of the higher population. Sadly there is a great deal of disinformation about the topic of family in the past thanks to the DRUDISHUNUL family meme, it's mainly a lost cause to try and dispel all of it on imageboards.

top fucking kek, what retarded hag made this chart?

I'd assume it's about world at large, not the small subpopulation of mongolian cave painting imageboards users.

Get on my level, faggot.

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It's not even hard guys c'mon you literally can find someone out there who will want to fuck you, now please stop shitting up my cambodian nazbol telepathy network.

Just pay someone to fuck you if you really need to
No Moral Consumption under capitalism and all that

sexual market value on women is a linear downward graph

More like 25 according to that graph.

I can smell the anglo.


Hopfuly they don't ban you then.

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Wow nice ad hominem bro.

Why is it always normies who devote every waking hour of their lives to socializing and having sex claiming it's not that great? Don't kid yourself, the drive to have sex is literally all people concentrate on when their bare caloric and shelter requirements for survival, and sometimes even when they are not. Men need to have sex to be healthy and content, "just do without" is not only a bad joke but it always dispensed by pure gluttons of sex.

Well this is why we need socialism with God.

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It's more that we need to expel incels and hebes.

And seriously, have you ever been around 15yo girls? The only people who'd want anything to do with them in the modern world* are either teenagers themselves, or mistake their, admittedly appealing, escapist cartoons for reality.

*I guess it's possible you come from a literal patriarchal society where girls come housebroken and obedient like the slaves they are. But I assure you that's a significantly smaller fraction of the world than "anywhere except burgerland".


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No, we need to expel you.

Back to /r/socialism.

No, he's right. Fucking heebs have to go. They treat what they want to fuck like an identity.

What was this ban for? What rule did it violate?

Please say we're banning tripfags on sight now. Forced anonymous when?

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You're a 3DPD too

this is retarded. who cares.

you realize you are making a libertarian-right argument here, appeal to meritocracy?

Christian conservatives as usual, are very ignorant/unappreciative their young. Today's youth is relatively celibate. Listen to Baby boomers/ early Gen X tales of their youth, your jaw will drop. Many of these guys got laid in elementary school. Alot of these guys often whine about how hard it is to get lucky nowadays.

The later Gen X/Millennials are not as lucky. why?
1.Helicopter parenting. Kids are not allowed to step one toe off the front lawns.

2. Stranger danger. "Anyone you met at the supermarket five minutes ago could have AIDS."

3. (Third wave) Feminism. "Patriarchy is oppressing us women!"

4. Breakthroughs in science and technology. Green energy proposals, space commercialization (SpaceX),

5. Multimedia enthusiasm. Discovery Channel, Science Channel, TLC (1980s/1990s), YouTube, Netflix.

6. Recession.

7. Political enthusiasm. alt-right, SJWism, alt-left

People pay too much attention to the thots on social media and assume they're the norm when in reality they're just a vocal minority. Most people under 25 are five times more likely to win a scholarship than get a good lay. The guys who managed to get their cherry popped will get their peepee wet when midlife crisis comes.

Now, this celibacy is not strictly Millennials. Genration Z are also subject to this as well.

Finally! Someone who gets it. Many Gen X'ers say the 80s was boring because there was NOTHING TO DO. The kumbiya of the 70s was gone, but there was nothing to replace it with. AIDS scare was about, compulsory education was there, recession was there.

I always feel amused when the 90s kids talk about the 90s as the last decade of "pure childhood." It wasn't that great. They didn't have the freedom that the Boomers had, there as no multimedia to occupy their time like there was now, recession was in full swing, et.

My thoughts exactly. If you're in your mid-20s and still a virgin you are a unicorn. That wouldn't be the case with this rule , unless they are saying that the other 20 percent of women are screwing like 70 percent of the men with 10 percent maybe being virgins if we're being insanely generous.