Fav rightists

ITT: Post your favorite liberals, rightists and reactionaries. What writers, historical figures etc. do you find interesting despite them being rightist scum?
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Henry Wise Wood I guess, for his utopian dialectical philosophy

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Nicolás Gómez Dávila, a bit of a brainlet for sure but there's something about his aphorisms man, they are bite-sized takes perfect for the Twitter era.

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Would Ragnar Redbeard be considered a rightist? If so then he would be my favorite.

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Rachel Maddow.
I used to have a silly girlcrush on her.
Now she is just one of those warmongering corporate shitlibs.
Things looked so much better before COINTELPRO ruined OWS

Hobbs is pretty cool. He’s the least spooked of all right-wingers.

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and becomes a willful serf to the feudal lord.
That's what I imagined when I see the picture. Lel
I don't know. I guess the technical texts on programming is pretty good. The author of the art of computer programming. Can't remember the name off the top of my head.

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This. Hobbes made me a leftist honestly.

Does Francis E. Dec Esquire count as a rightist? If so, he is my favorite.

Remember, it is gangster U. S. Supreme Court written high holy law: "I'll give it to you to suck. Finish him!"

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If Francis counts, does Varg count, too?

colour me surprised

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The Falangists were cucks who allowed Franco to step over nearly all of their supposed principles, and did absolutely nothing as he ushered in a massive campaign of privatization and unregulated, unchecked Burger-style economic liberalization. I don't think they'd do much at all if faced with their backers pushing for neoliberalism.

Well since I am from the right I guess I can write something about the leftists that I admire?

Sorel , Gramsci and Adorno

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How about this guy?

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I can agree with that

I have heard some of his works around combining so much random stuff that ended up resulting in interesting works.

That and since I quite admire french culture and history I have to give it to him for translating various books.

Anatoly Karlin

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Yeah, he seems to have thrown all his literary influences together in his work. It's pretty intriguing but sometimes tiring to read at the same time. Maybe you'd like One Way Street, it's a collection of short texts and aphorisms that he wrote in a transition period from his more "romantic" to his marxist phase. It's interesting to see the romantic/symbolic influences still apparent, yet the marxist influences starting to be noticeable at the same time. A somewhat cryptic but still very good author.

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Everyone's favorite samurai LARPer.

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Technically I suppose. All Varg really talks about that could be considered right wing is when he talks about preserving white culture and how no one should race mix. Other than that, he's borderline lefty.

wtf I love Juche now?

Seriously though there's not really anything leftist about the dude. He holds some anprim viewpoints, but they have to do with him being a reactionary rather than a leftwinger. Then again varg also transcends conventional left/right dichotomies.

You could put a lot of his ideas as a kind of simulacrum of the left, with him being against capitalism, the nation state and such. But in general, this is true. Could Varg be the only true radical centrist?

He was just fucking awesome.

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Your taste is SHIT.

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Fucking retard

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

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Probably Napoleon.

Codreanu was trash. Arguably more to the right than Hitler.

Tankie soyboy

Manuel Hedilla was the leader of the Falangist party for a while and represented the left-wing of the party. After the war he criticised Franco and had some sort of relations with socialist groups. He also grew up on a catholic cooperative farm. I haven't read much about him but he sounded like an interesting person.

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Don't we all.

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In today's day and age it's fucking everywhere.
Less please.

This is a lowkey Zig Forums thread.

Once you get past the porky shit and relentless bloodlust, he was all right.

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That's kinda hard to do.

I'm pretty sure that mofo got the gains he got because he was so fucking short lol

Only intelligent right-wingers can be posted here.

blocks your path

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Macron is a far right monarchist that makes Le Pen look like a Jacobin.

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