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Went to a bookstore in Burgerland, my god it was rearted. The philosophy section was extremely small compared to the books on religion. And the philosophy part was either more spiritualism, self-help, and liberal hot takes on Marxism.The little leftist content there was by SocDems. There was no Marx, Lenin, Kropotkin, or Eagles. I though there would be some Bookchin because Bookchin is an America, but none of that either. My god We need more Bookstore co-ops.

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The Burgerman is incapable of thought hence his philosophy is always merely a conceptual justification of received burger wisdom. Similarly, every burger interpretation of some foreign philosophy is a burgerization of that philosophy.

Fuck off. I’m a Burger and I read philosophy all the time. There’s no major biological or sociological difference that separates Burgers from non-Burgers/ This is clearly the result of corporations attempting to destroy people’s philosophical self-eduaction.

1. I think that's the Amazon bookstore which only shelves the top sellers of each section.
2. Bookstores in general were destroyed by Amazon and the ones that do still exist only have what sells (I mean they always did this but its quite a bit more extreme now)
3. Used bookstores would be your best bet for that kind of stuff but if youre in any major city there are going to be specialty bookstores (that usually double as a cafe) so it's not as bad.

This was Barns & Nobles.

But I’m a Burger that dosn’t live in a big city. (This store was in a big city, but that’s because I was seeing family in the city and decided to go see the bookstore there to see what they have)

Outside of a niche place like an Anarchist bookstore you're going to only find shit.

Bookstores are shit, the best selection nowadays you'll find online. I order all sorts of obscure shit online that you'd never find in a general bookstore

photographing randoms in the barnes and noble is weird praxis

ebooks hurt my eyes

I'm with you on that. I can't read anything of a long length online. If I find anything long that interests me enough to spend a significant amount of time on it, I'll be printing it. I was saying I order most of my physical copies online nowadays

What online bookstore do you use. (Don’t say Amazon)


That's a good question tbh. I used to use Amazon a lot but I read all of these articles about workers pissing in bottles and their hellhole warehouses. I haven't ordered anything in a while though and need a new website

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I use thriftbooks sometimes. They often don't have what I want, but their shit is almost always cheap.

Same. Seriously though how cool would it be if leftist bookstores with obscure selections were a common thing. Much more fun than browsing those same books on the web. Unfortunately it probably wouldn't be too profitable to run such a store. Most of the leftist books I didn't buy online I got from random small scale book fairs organized by my local communist org or second hand book sales (I found a Kurt Gossweiler book that way which I guess is pretty rad)

I actually use EBay and I think I got one of their books from that site. I don't know how, it must be some affiliate.

I can really recommend second-hand bookstores, good ones usually have a nice variety of less common books.
Plus it's cheaper.

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Wait, what's wrong with that fifth one? Countries shouldn't be allowed to just bomb each other for no reason.

It pokes fun at the American's ignorance, since the US is the primary international perpetrator of war and war-like conflict.
Let me guess - you're American?

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It is probably not profitable to sell books by Marx, Engles, Lenin, and the like, because the people who read such books tend to pirate them instead of paying for them.

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I wish i had saved the ice cube one.

I refuse to believe I live in a country of people this dumb. Fuck

Well I'm italian and when I was in late high school I knew a guy who said that rome was "in naples". This is like saying washington is in los angeles. Ignorance is international, euros always try to scoff off americans but we are not that much better

Burgerland is that retarded, but if we're being honest so is yuropoor and leafland.

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this one?

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every bookstore I've seen has Zizek and the communist manifesto

they are surrounded by ayn-rand and new-age philosophy, but there are there

It's sad how they only sell the most meme-tier of Marx and Engel's work. I mean I like the manifesto but it's not a good introduction to Marx beyond talk of class-struggle and some polemics against the Utopians. More of a historical document

w e w
This could be a clever logo for a sabotage effort or something though.

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That second one is clearly an insult.

No these people are a small minority.

Honestly I wouldn't be too sure, it could be a burger who took the "portugal is 3rd world" meme from /int/ seriously


Americans suck

Half the problem is the government here

At least burgers still have bookstores
Here in AUS we don't even have that

Sure, true enough I guess. All countries and all people pretty much suck. But still you have to admit that the US has a special blend among 1st world countries.

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Oh, no doubt. If you don't support the troops in everything they do or stand for the anthem / pledge you'll get ridiculed or at least a weird look here. I remember when me and a friend refused to stand for the pledge (out of laziness and being a teen edgelord rather that politics, but still I was right I think now) in high school we'd get angry remarks from the teacher

Hey now, mullets are totally Canadian.

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This is Zig Forums tier


Bought in a Burgerland book store for less than $10.

Granted, it was a used bookstore that is really quite unusual and exceptional as far as things go, but we're still holding it down in some places. For a little while longer anyways.

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I went to a baseball game awhile ago (not a sportsball guy) and in addition to the anthem there was a separate part where the announcer asked everyone to stand again for God Bless America for THE TROOPS. I'll stand for the anthem but I didn't stand for that. Fuck that. You gotta draw the line somewhere and that kind of creeping militarism is too much.

Yes, thank you for the applause. I'm willing to take donations to my Patreon and/or Paypal account.

I know that feel way too much. RELIGON full of opium. Philosophy at best you can only find Nietzsche and it's a quote collection book, nothing really Nietzsche.

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americans really really suck

You're full of shit, I'm a burger and I went to a Barnes and Noble, same place you went to, and got Capital volume 1, The Manifesto, The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, and a Žižek book just by looking at the philosophy section for 1 minute.
There's too much religion bullshit though, Philosophy had 1 bookshelf, religion had like 16 bookshelves.
they had plenty of Nietzche in the philosophy section (I think all of his books), but it was mainly The Greeks and some garbage like pic related.

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pics or didnt happen. also that might be because you took all the good books away.

I would have used the word "uncut"

I went to my local library yesterday and saw some old books that was probably donated away of Marx, Smith, and Kant. I got Kant since I've read most of what was in the Marx Book.
All hope is not lost.

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found the american

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Are people ITT all burgers or have never been to a bookstore? The photos which user took are fucking pathetic, it is 'normal for a bookstore to have the classics, that includes works of Marx, Locke, Montesquieu, Aristoteles, Focault, etc. - any bookstore that has self-help books and pop-philosophy in the actual philosophy section is absolute trash and doesn't deserve the name.

Of course you have mainstream shit in a commercial bookstore chain, but every bookstore in Europe does sell the classics. If this is normal for burgerland than that's horrifying.

Must of entered after you took all the good books. The only thing worth reading I found was Leviathan.

Go back to >>>Zig Forums Memes=/=Evidence

Eh it depends, in supermarket or autogrill book section it's hard to find anything more worthwhile than some bestseller, while I agree that in bookstores it's normal to find at least 1 or 2 books from important authors, even if there is a lot more trash

OP here. This bookstore was exceptionally bad and the only thing remotely good there was Hobbs (which I bought) most bookstores here are similar but have a couple books by Marx or Zizek. This store had nothing though. Locke is common, but most leaders in the American War of Independence had his dick up there ass. As such many Americans learn about him, but not others philosophers in History class. This is my experience. Locke is the only enlightenment era philosopher I’ve seen sold in Burger bookstores. Also Locke’s work has nothing of value. There is a bit of the Greeks, but not much. No Montesquieu, no Focult, no Fourier, no DeBoard, obviously no Lenin. 85% “Philosophy Section” is self-help psuedo-philosphy and spiritualism, and 10% is liberals claiming Marx would’ve been a centrist if he was alive today.

Most posters are barely out of highschool, if that. You can tell, because campus bookstores carry just about anything.

Half of people don’t go to collage.

Back to plebbit

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You don't need to have been to college or university, or enjoyed any form of higher education, to know about campus bookstores. Accordingly, my sentiment was that people are too young to know about campus bookstores and can be accessed publicly, not that they study/have studied.

These memes are funny, but the problem is that your using them as a serious argument.

I don't think anyone is dude

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Burger here

I recommend Powell's City of Books, allegedly the world's biggest bookstore

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Kek that's the one

This is reverse nationalism
>>>Zig Forums
>>>Zig Forums


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Where was this bookstore? Like, city or state.

The reason I ask is that you're in a Barnes & Noble, a normie corporate chain, which is going to tailor their wares depending on the location. If you're in a right-wing, ultra-Christian area, that's what sells and that's what you're going to get.

The local used bookstore here (which is all-around better and cheaper anyways) has a decent helping of Marxist stuff including some of his collected works. Bought the Stalin book there. They have a collection of Austro-Marxist texts I haven't bought yet. All kinds of oddball stuff like that. There's a big religious section too, but it's like… a good religious section? Real theological stuff in there though I'm not religious. Note: I live near several big universities.

A Half-Price Books (used chain) in Austin where I used to live had a section dubbed Marxism/Anarchism. Mostly Chomsky though with the occasional Kropotkin, etc.

Once, at another Half-Price Books, I was rooting through the rare and antique section and came across a heaping load of insane Nazi books including a first-edition signed copy of SIEGE (yeah that one) and an original first-edition copy of Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey published under his pseudonym Ulick Varange going for more than $1,000. Some old Nazi must have croaked and his family sold off his collection I think. Anyways, that's how I first got acquainted with SIEGE, several years ago before it became a meme, and flipping through it, it was one of the most disgusting and grotesque shit books I have ever seen.

Also this.


Yeah we're fucking stupid .

Go to the Strand.

At least they have Camus.

Back in the early 2000s the older bookstores in America still had some nice stuff, ranging from fiction to detailed technical guides. The advent of the internet has killed this off. I really miss going into a musty old book store and digging around the old shelves.
Now bookstores have this sterilized look to them and are devoid of any intelligent content.

Wow that's a rare find m8. You better take care of this book, I doubt you could find a lot more.

this sucks, physical books are better.

Maybe they sold all the good books?

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Countries in a military alliance with eachother don't do war between eachother
More news at eight.