Balkan wars 2018:Part 1

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So negotiations have started (with the help of are good friend NATO i am pretty sure) between Greece and FYROM for the whole naming dispute.
TL’DR: You educate us on your opinions on the subject
FYROM:This country seems spooked the whole ancestors of alexander the great is weird to me.Unleast they have a titoist party's_Left_Forces

Greece:Muh ancestors, muh culture,muh heritage like the slavic makedonians .This is a big deal in greece our fucking trots split over this(not only about this) and the media with the rigtniggers bich all day about it.

So leftpol the former internationals were challenged by this now its our time to give our opinions…..

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I hope Macedonia wins the dispute simply because I hate Tsipras so fucking much.

They're changing the name of FYR Macedonia into some weird name that I forgot. I have some Macedobian friends who told me about it.

Macedonia is a joke of a country. I implore anyone who disagrees to visit Skopje and see their grandiose-scale retardation and corruption. Statue in OP's third pic related. The whole Alexander wankery would be retarded coming from Greeks, but from a bunch of South Slavs living in the northern part of historical Macedonia? It beggars belief.
No wonder, I think Macedonia is still not as rich as it was during the better Yugoslav years.
literally irrelevant, which is why its very fitting trots would split over it. All the official suggestions for a new name seemed very strange, but literally anything will do, this is one of the more absurd international conflicts.

Greece has loose the name since the 1900 when people decided they feel more macedonians than greeks or bulgarians.

There many names in the table mostly geographical(north macedonia etc) ….

This is true in many rural balkan regions(especialy were minoritys live )
It proves that most "nationalist" politician dont give a shit about the people
Balkans dude

I hope Macedonia wins simply because greeks are sperging out over that irrelevant naming discussion way too much.

Been to Skopje last year, it's legendary, the omnipresent LARPing just with the intention of pissing the greeks off is hilarious

Hope Macadonia wins. People can call there country whatever they want.

XD bro

This is so fucking stupid. Nothing but nationalist spookiness fostering hatred among people over a dumb name. Just a barrier against working class solidarity across borders. This is a fight in which nobody will win and the workers loose.

"Macedonia" is retarded and I don't understand why they won't just call their country something simple and clear like Northern Macedonia. Seriously, what's the big fucking deal?

rofl their flag looks like the flag of Imperial Japan now. Intentional?


Tbh only the most spooked greeks really care about the name and culture
The main problem is the constitution :
Article 49

The Republic cares for the status and rights of those persons belonging to the Macedonian
people in neighbouring countries, as well as Macedonian expatriates, assists their cultural
development and promotes links with them.

Greece denice the existance of any minority
from a neighboring country(were did they go) in fear of foreign irredentist.
Also some retards on the other side think that there millions of slavs in greek macedonia that just dont know it.(funny thing many greek rightards bealieve the same thing about t*rkeys greeks)

I like the name 'Vardar Republic'. It's the name of the FYROM's largest river which symbolises the country more than pretending you are the descendants of Alexander the Great.

t. FYROM'ese

This is basically a Non issue
Only We Wuz Alexander fags on the FYROM side and buttblasted greeks give a shit

The bigger issue that Macedonia is facing is the brewing Albanian / Muslim / Kosovo 2.0 In the Making in the countries west ( I could go into talking about how the NATO backed post Yugo gov has caused this and in someways is still allowing it to Spread

We must Annex ourselves to and form a Federal Socialist Republic of Bulgaria and Makedonija with our Bulgar Brothers ASAP

Because the name of the biggest ethnic group in that country is Macedonians.

It’s mostly just the Greeks throughing a hissy fit over someone having a name they don’t like.

I guess we'll just start calling America Europe because it's full of Europeans.

Most white Americans don’t call themselves European, or if they do it’s secondary to the “American Identity.”

Happy to see the issue from the other side
Tbh i bealieve an indepedent and weak macedonian state is better for greek geopolitics(capitalist state i mean )
We do not really want a large albania and or bulgaria but are "patriots" are retarded so….
The name is a problem only for greek macedonians that didnt had a great history and live is land taken during the balkan wars .
Greek culture is different from place to place and old greece(the south) antagonizes with the new balkan war territories of macedonia and thrace
Libertarians hope that macedonia becomes a puppet to greece so they support just giving the name while leftist are divided .
T.greek user

Why does this country even exist? Just partition it between Bulgaria and Albania along language lines and be done with this shit already


Say what you want but Balkan will fortunately never be part of the global village. The only thing that will ultimately be globalized is "balkanization" itself.

Western "geopolitical" managers like you will never domesticate the Balkans, we're too hothead for you to handle. We'll answer all your attempts with more fragmentation.
Northern Macedonia, huh

Vardar Republic would have been a cool name, maybe I'll steal it for a game or some shit
but the river itself - at least as it runs through Skopje in the summer - can be pretty pathetic, more like a little muddy stream

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