Racist cyberbullies from the same forum created:

Racist cyberbullies from the same forum created:

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Holla forums? I thought it was all SA

oh this thread again

Goons are cancer, what else is new?

All the 4chan originalfags were goons.

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Literally Un-Ironically WHO the FUCK cares????

That was before the BitingBeaver backraid and the Romney bet created a new, more cancerous strain of SJW Tumblrina/goon hybrid.

Also, eternal reminder that even from day 1 of 4chan, our diaspora occurred due to pretentious anti-weeb pseudo-normalfaggotry. They hate us for our freedom, and secretly covet our powerlevel.

Anyone forced here because the goonerati have infiltrated all mod positions on every other online discussion venue.

grow the fuck up

Only after the goon clique mods monopolizing the entire rest of the "leftist" Internet for highschool-lunchroom-tier attentionwhoring grow up enough to step aside.


Honestly? This is just proof of how much impact an online board can have if trivial things like its mods, its environment, its rules, layout and divisions foster creativity and debate.

Internet boards can be really useful. Similar-minded people get together and refine their views, information is exchanged, content is created, new people join, with time they create their own sense of humor and their own style of communication. Their importance is reflected by the fact that any young leftist really getting an audience out there started in those boards.

I've thought about this
The best we can do is to denounce and confront irony culture on ideological grounds and make people aware of how dangerous it is, it always starts as a joke and becomes serious, that's quiet dangerous.
Also the average goon has more money than common sense which only adds to the fire.
Sage because goons scare me.

fuck off loser, the culture of the internet (especially fucking chans) has always been heavily ironic

There's a crucial distinction between the sarcasm that typified online culture from the pre-Internet BBS days, versus the irony of the Gen-X '90s proto-hipsters. The former is an sincerely humorous device to filter out stiff-necked losers, the latter is an insecure facade to camouflage actual beliefs against criticism to pretend you don't hold any opinions.

My concern is that things that start ironically later on become sincere, that's how nazis took over Zig Forums so by doing things ironically one is feeding the things one hates.

I have no idea what you are talking about, and I experienced both of those. The nineties internet was just a lawless Wild West where the worst things that you find on the Deep Web now were commonplace and in plain sight. It was fucking glorious.

Yes, goons are cancerous, but they did not create the liberal circlejerk nor did they give it direction, other than perhaps a few memes. They wouldn't be able to make any impact if the liberal mainstream wasn't a self-important festering pile of shit in the first place. Hell, the way they're going, they may be able to speed up their host's demise.

You got your terminology backwards. Irony is humorous by definition, sarcasm is not. The twitter assholes, in particular, are sarcastic rather than ironic (of course sarcasm can utilize irony and other forms of humor, but it's contempt, rather than humor, that makes it sarcasm). Softening the impact of your actual beliefs by coating it in irony-derived humor, on the other hand, is pretty much the exact opposite. It's usually called post-irony, new sincerity, etc.

I've come to believe that our ferocious shitposting (trolling, threats of violence, expletives, slurs, porn, anime, etc.) is crucial to the survival of any social group larger than a circle of ~5 friends. Every "normal" polite online forum (let alone meatspace org!) I've ever been involved in has been subverted by passive-aggressive social climber attrntionwhore conman parasites within a 3-year period or less. Only anonymity combined with ruthless trolling and zero moderation seems to keep big groups functional for years on end.

Define trolling.

Or maybe allow me to do that. This is an example of trolling:
- The phrase you're looking for is 中出しされるの喜び. Glad to be of help, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!
This is not:

Yeah, being at a mercy of asocial spammers with too much time on their hands is exactly what any community needs. Not.

As a general rule, any free speech oriented community tends to get overrun by the following:
- genuinely awful people who were driven off normalfag communities due to lack of internal constraints.
- genuinely awful people who can hide their shitty personalities in normalfag communities, but love to get loose.
I'm not saying that's what did 4chan in. Some boards, yes, but chans usually do have strict socially-enforced codes of conduct. I'm saying that's what did Twitter in.


Yes, though the best trolls are Poe's Law effortposters that retards are incapable of distinguishing from real posts.
I don't think I can recall "manual" spammers ever killing a forum. The only lethal spammers are literal bots, like the type that killed USENET, and which can only be countered by software, not fallible human mods.
Zig Forums is the only free speech community where this became a real problem IMHO, and even then it only reached apocalyptic levels (centrists/leftists ejected to Zig Forums, other rightists like lolberts/civnats/neopagans forced out) on Zig Forums due to overmoderation. Furthermore, I don't think "real retards believing they're in good company" was the biggest problem, so much as anons becoming cause-oriented in general. When was the last time you saw some e-crusader derided as a "carefag", rather than showered in sympathetic soapboxing?
Aside from its cancerous format intentionally designed to quotemine outrage porn soundbites out of context from celebrity namefags and deliver it into the hands of waiting moral panicker namefag hatemobs?

Overmoderation, mostly by goons.

How the fuck do Goons manage to be literally fucking everywhere? No matter where I go, whether it's a video game or an online forum there's something with YOGS or Goons directly in it
It feels like if I tried to map it all out I'd end up with one of those giant picture-covered posterboards with string and thumbtacks

My theory is that the characteristic cliquishness and pettiness of goons maps naturally to the parasitic structures inherent to both online hotpocketeers and offline HR/PR departments.

It's not just that. Why are they even in the little things, like fucking Minecraft and Space Station 13?

Yes, twitter has an intentionally harmful, outrage-facilitating format. But it was all about free speech as long as the right people were speaking. Then Zig Forums got wind of it, realized they fit right in, and took over. Then and only then the twitter goons decided they actually love moderation.

The point being, moderation or not, it was shithole through and through.


That overall is actually a bigger issue.
I have thought that we need some sort of internet civism to stop psychopaths from taking over communities but there is a long way to get there.

Rich assholes have literally nowhere else to spend their money to be rich assholes.

which we have seen itt with that dude who keeps saging and posting green text.

They never make coherent responses, just smug sarcastic remarks and other mockery to disguise their red herring bullshit. Unsurprisingly reminds me of Zig Forumsyps and tumblrshits.

Whats a goon?

Exactly, it's all the same ideological substance

SA users
Now lets leave this thread to die before they retaliate.