Define the concept possession

Define the concept possession

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What happens when the receiver has control of the ball with either one knee or two feet touching the field in-bounds.

When a demon is in control of you instead of God's eternal love

When a suspect has a Schedule 1 controlled substance either on his person or his property without a valid prescription.

Why do i feel like you're asking this question because you think communists are coming for your toothbrush?

When what's yours is mine.

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To have monopoly over the use of an object by virtue of personal defense, or collective social or legal enforcement.

Bullshit. How are the referees supposed to determine that on the field?

1. That which I use
2. That which I have
3. That which I will use later
Take your pick, or some kind of combination of them.

That definition does not need determining by referees.
Better to ask what the collective social or legal enforcement is supposed to look like ideally. Because with that definition, property also becomes a type of posession.

It's a (metaphysical) social relation that is embedded into an object via a material contract, usually written but sometimes verbal. This contract seems to give a piece of land or an object a certain quality to which we cannot point, yet we are aware when something is not 'ours' but 'belongs' to someone else. This contract, on its own is worthless, what makes it effective is the State apparatus that exists to protect it, with people to interpret the 'laws' and people to 'enforce' the laws, through violence if necessary. Therefore possession is inherently violent, too.

Good start but now can you describe the offside rule?

That's property you knob
read proudhon's "what is property"

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Oppression is the way a higher, privileged class forces their will or desires against other classes, by all or various means. Gender, Sexual orientation, race, class, status, disability or anything.
Oppression exist and is a reality that must be fought.

I just misread the OP's post but these both terms are analog.

1. Possession is a form of Oppression,

This is an opression solely justified by the capitalist concept of private property. Capitalism is a biased, obsolete concept that must be abolished.

By possessing something, someone will deprive someone else who need it by having it. It might be a good, service, a resource.

The concept of private property is obsolete, selfish, morally and economically wrong. It supports a system based on inequality and false belief of superiority for ownership of commodities and other goods, which can and will be used to subvert others.

2. The concept of private property is plain wrong.

Private property at the era of industrialization is erroneous. Anyone who owns land is sealing their property from the eventuality of being profitable or exploited for necessity. No one should be allowed to possess large amounts of land that could be used for food production and feed the population.

Private property and real estate prevents the necessity to give a home for the homeless or anything necessary for the whole population

3. Ownership of natural resources and geopolitics, the necessity for a socialist, new world order.

Various countries have minerals, natural resources, energy resources that should be profiteable to the rest of the world.

Abstract - a country that declares such resources necessary for advancement and progress of others being restricted, and this country rejects all trade agreements, increasing the export prices, I suppose if the necessity exists it is fair to push obligations to such a country to allow foreign corporations to exploit its resources which are a necessity to others, for the same reason the concept of nation is being obsolete.
The rules of the market should be able to remedy this.


Marijuana is schedule 1 even though there is medical uses for it.

Offsides occurs when a player who does not control the puck is inside the other team's defensive zone before the puck crosses the blue line.

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Was talking about football but fair enough.

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

German law, and I believe this applies to many other countries as well, distinguishes between possession (Besitz) and ownership (Eigentum) in the following way: Possession means to be physically in control of something and ownership means that something belongs to you according to law. Possession logically and historically precedes ownership, e. g. a monkey can possess a stone without monkeys necessarily having rights. There is no need for possession and ownership to coincide. A thief possesses a thing without owning it, and absentee landlord can own land while living on another continent.

It's common for anarchists to say they are against a society that respects absentee landlords or they make a more general statement that they are against property ownership and only recognizing possession. But the devil is in the details. If I leave the house for half an hour should I lose all rights over deciding what's happening with all the stuff in it?

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the legal, irrevocable right to exclusive use of an amount of scarce resources.

should say "particular set of" rather than "amount of" so as not to imply that property is necessarily fungible

There is no such thing as an irrevocable right.

You possess property. You can't have property without possession, and you can't have possession without property.

I can possess something without it being my property. I can have property in something without possessing it. Read the thread or pick up a dictionary.

No shit, loads of schedule 1 drugs have medical uses. It's all a sham. That was my point.

this or robbing rich people

If you mean property then these are the types:
-Private property; anything you can buy, from land to a sock.
-Personal property; all that you regularly use or that you use not so often, including your house, car and many commodities.
-Collective property; all that is democratically owned by a community, for example a factory under democratic ownership of the workers.

If you mean literal possession then it's personal property, so commodities owned by an individual who uses them and are almost essential/essential to him