New site?

In the Zig Forums whine thread we were discussing the possibility of creating a whole new leftist imageboard outside of Zig Forums, so that we aren't dependent on the Zig Forums admins anymore. It was brought up that we could prevent it from dying out like bunkerchan by making it more accessible and fixing features quickly if the userbase doesn't like them. Thoughts?

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there's a "roadmap" idea here: >>>/netcom/493
there's some other discussions on the board, i think in the assembly thread.

I like the idea of having a non-idpozzed alternative to RevLeft/DailyKos/Democratic Underground/etc. for reaching out to normalfags away from the spoopy aura of trolly memes radiated by imageboards, but our presence here serves many purposes.

The fact Zig Forums prior to BO's spergout was rocketing on course to knock nu/pol/ off its throne on an imageboard the size of Zig Forums would've been an incredible coup, and a perfect strategic position from which to reverse the entire decade of DarkShikari's Law unironic stormniggery accross all of user culture including or better yet destroying 4chan. The fact 8/pol/ required global intervention to keep the Nazi torture chamber from imploding under overmoderation is testament to how vulnerable they are.

Once we kill Zig Forums and reconsolidate our strength, Zig Forums is as good as won.

This shit is so fucking autistic, good lord

I suggest we consolidate our efforts on a single target, lest we have 20 different proxies and all of dubious quality. Bunkerchan seems to be prime for this and Space seems alright, even if a bit dim.

Neat! Surprised I haven't seen this before, thanks for sharing.

The damage has been done. It'll take years to recuperate from this, if ever. And that can only happen after either Zig Forums or Zig Forums dies.

Ooo boy can't wait for it. Another splitter website, probably with red background and yellow font, and with a thousand different boards for each tendency despite only having a membership of 30 or 40 people. Now the Left will fucking win

This is stupid another, this time more retarded ,split is a waste of time leftpol is good i see no rason for a new site
Anyway if something happen to the midle east leftypol whould be nuked so..
And MOST people here post on both boards so it is way better having both on the same site

Well, I was recently surprised to find Redmarx is somehow still alive. Maybe some people might be interested in that kind of vbulletin style forum. Personally I'm too attached to imageboards. At best I can hang out in the /leftyweebpol/ discord, but that isn't quite the same and discord violates your privacy(literally datamines EVERYTHING). I'd be thrilled if someone is aware of a good IRC channel. I've looked into starting my own imageboard several times over the years, but I haven't found any decent software for it and I HATE webdev so working on my own fork is out of the question.

I appreciate your memeing, but the OP clearly wants to make a new site minus that retardation.

Mein Gott, that design

lmfao why is every socialist community so autistic

FWIW is was an autistic original poster on the forum back in 2012(?) that made fun of that kind of shit.

Why not just find a way to coup BO and merge this board back in

Even if that was possible most high quality posters already abandoned the board.

It'd be easier to entice them back then to try building a new site from scratch

Its no use fixing up shit if there are only 3 posters on your whole website.

guys i'm still here

I've never liked this idea of "hey lets go split with a new website man". You idiots really underestimate the conversion potential of being on this website.

I'm all for a new site but we have to understand that it will be very small for a long while until 8ch closes down, we have to keep it as a back up and not as a target for a migration.
Now how that site should be is beyond me

Fuck Space_

Can't you read, the purpose is a new site for everybody, not just 3 people

Zig Forumsack here, I almost feel pity for you fuckers, 8/pol/ now go back and colonize cuckchan while you can't even remove tranny BO.

Well idk how the Zig Forums BO and mods would feel about this but if we can convince them we could actually shut Zig Forums down, I suppose people would quickly migrate to the new site then.

Meh, the few people we "convert" often come from outside Zig Forums from what i've seen. The Zig Forumstards, lolberts etc. from the other boards mostly come to raid and shitpost. People would still be able to go to the new site (if we'd manage to make it big it wouldn't stay unknown) like they decided to go to Zig Forums at some point.

i dont think he is trans

Calm down dude there is no way the average leftpol poster didnt come from leftypol or posts there so no nobody will come to the new site Leftpol is great now and will be the main board after leftypol gets nuked.

Reasons to leave Zig Forums:
1. Site owner (Jim Watkins) lied about datamining and collecting user info. Zig Forums saves every single post, IP, etc.
2. Site owner is a trumptard and a zionist.
3. Index of the site ensures that only top boards have visibility and acquire new users UNLESS someone manages to redirect traffic from another site. All successful new boards simply brought their userbase from offsite. The site as a whole is slowly losing users.
4. Leftpol is not growing, its shrinking. We used to have an average of 250 to 300 users, its now regularly going back to 160 or 170.
5. Most of the leftist community on Zig Forums has already left the site.

The real question is why anyone would want to STAY on this site if we had a good alternative?

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That's against 8ch's rules plus the users will be more reluctant to move if we force them to do so.

Yes please leave

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Also take all the reddit trash you brought in with you.

Image boards are BASED dude
Also leftpol whatever you say is still a board for people to go when they get banned it will grow with BO s madness
The creation of another site will lead to another DEAD site so …..
(btw why arent there a leftist board on 4chan)

What exactly do you think this screencap proves?

8ch is my home and I'm not going anywhere. I frankly love how many jimmies it rustles every time user wakes up in the morning and remembers he shares his site with hardcore Leftists.

I came from >>>Zig Forums as a classical Libertarian who likes Thomas Paine.

daily reminder internet wars accomplish nothing

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We should go back to selling newspapers tbh.

Good luck getting everybody to move to your new site, you cant even get people to move to this board.

It's a 135mb zip file containing logs from Zig Forums over a period of years. It basically proves that the site admins were full of shit when they claimed they didn't conduct datamining or collect userdata. There was an entire thread discussing it on endchan but it appears to have been deleted now. Go to the /sudo/ board and read the thread about Sunshine. The site admins admitted to storing user data but claimed it was at the behest of law enforcement.

Most of leftypol's userbase already abandoned Zig Forums…

he's probably right about tor though (not the "terrorists and CP" part, but the fact that it doesn't do shit to protect you from government surveillance, quite the contrary, it could raise suspicions)

nice eyerape design, I'm not going to a new site and this same thread is posted every week


What site could we go to or who will make the site? How do we prevent someone autistic like Zig Forums BO from being in charge and fucking everything up on a whim?

I think Zig Forums is a dead end given it's decline in number and is controlled by hostile power, but I can't think of anything that would provide the Zig Forums, let alone old-school Zig Forums, expereince nor do I know of anyone willing to make and maintain a site.

Hopefully if there is a consensus that we want a new site some anons with the necessary skills will make it
maybe multiple admins with equal power who can democratically vote one of them out if autistic behavior starts to appear
Not so pessimistic comrade, if we manage to make the userbase large enough i don't see why it couldn't be at least as qualitative and comfy as Zig Forums.
Bunkerchan and getchan were made by someone, so even if those failed it's clear that there exist people who want to commit some effort to it.

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oh excuse me every month or so, totally different because that makes it not something nobody wants but some stupid faggot keeps shilling for despite being told repeatedly why it isn't a good idea


I could make and maintain a site provided that someone paid me to do it and also paid all the expenses with hosting and bandwidth.

the fundamental thing is for the community to have democratic control of the platform.
1. site should be FOSS
2. admin/mod actions should be transparent at all levels
3. site rules / features should be decided democratically
4. mods subject to immediate recall by community if they fuck things up

can you provide a simple breakdown and estimate of those costs?

Any political thing with lots of Americans and British involved is fucked. You can't change my view. If there is going to be some voting procedure, the power of votes from IPs in continental Europe and Asia should be weighted to be 2/3 of the total. Most people in the world live in that region, so don't call that undemocratic.

Because Zig Forums, as a whole, is owned by parties openly hostile to the left and you will always be at their mercy.

There needs to be a leftist site that isn't a cynical theoryless nihilist weird-twitter proxy for once.



Revleft is/was pretty decent in that regard. I'm not sure whether this is compatible with anonimity though, on anonymous imageboards you'll always have to settle with a load of low tier bait and bullcrap inbetween the effort posts.

What caused it to die so quick? I remember in around 2013 it was quite active but now it's effectively dead compared to before.

and yet they haven't done anything in four years and two administrations you melodramatic wank

Years of purging leftcoms, anyone that questioned the excessive language policing, and those who pointed out deb is a dumbshit liberal. It also didn't help that leftists were posting more on sites like facebook and twitter.

give us a price estimate comr8.

Honestly we should just put Jim Profit in charge of the site because we all know he wouldn't ban anyone or delete any posts under any circumstances because he hates moderators.

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grow the fuck up, it's common sense that when you're in hostile territory you should always be prepared for bad things to happen, even if they haven't happened yet, the fact that you freaked out about it with that kindergarten tier rationale makes you sound like a self important tool desperate to hang onto your side of the argument for the sheer sake of arguing

Go away Over A Dozen Cocks Up Tranny Dickhole. Just because they hurt your feefees by bumping the board to the last group isn't reason enough to jump to another *chan.

I'm the new board owner now because I said so.

lets all love lain

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There is no place to run

I say we just take over some other reasonably trafficked chans Politics board. Some of them are Left friendly already

I just realized that the BO is either a secret right winger or has been covertly replaced by an admin

I think we've seen ample evidence in our time here that Zig Forums converts are the very tankies that still post on Zig Forums

Hiro literally collaborated with the Japanese right wing in the past.

Half of them, the rest of the newtanks are reddit imports. Neither is good for a communist board.

All mods are pedos, it comes with the territory

It's lead by demcents. It will not lead anywhere desirable.

If the Leninists keep making imageboards in their own image I guess there will be no choice for libertarian communists to create their own chan.
The netcom chan project is dead end for the most of us.

get with the age, gents

We should relocate to I2P.

What are your thoughts on board organization?

GNU Social?
If people are dedicated enough, it shouldn't be hard to learn.

isn't it full of lolberts?
Plus it's a twitter clone, we need a site for discussion and not just memeposting.

Why not getchan or bunker? It's not like imageboard aesthetics really matter.

Some instances allow character limit adjustment.

Nice FUD. Lainchan is fucking based and everyone on Zig Forums should cross-post there.

Something about mixing in NNTPchan server-code and infinity code as well as providing a clearnet, an .onion and an .i2p address. Making Javascript not necessary and countering spam through non-Google captcha posts and reports. There are already crypto-anarchist/communist projects on the other side of various darknets and I think establishing a truly decentralized leftchan as I've described above would be a great way at bridging our online cracks. We're up against a variety of threats such as global surveillance / alphabet-soup sabotage and state-capitalist cooptation of 'left unity' spaces. A software basis of NNTPchan and some fresher infinity-type code would allow the flourishing of whatever boards that are desirable within the proper context of socialism (which Zig Forums clearly isn't, with it's super-majority of neo-nazis that saturate most other boards in turn), which would make us far more resilient to mod abuse as well as guaranteeing a space for for smaller currents without being drowned by Zig Forums splinter boards, like they are here.

That's not the issue, the issue with such sites is that they're based on creator-follower dynamics when we need is user-user discussion.

That's what I been told, it's not my fault if it's real or not
The drama between those sites is probably none of our bussines

That sounds interesting, can it easily be done by anons here? And what does shit like Sesta-Fosta mean for them assuming we keep them visible enough to draw in more normie comrades?

Isnt the Zig Forums owner a Zionist so…

True, but that doesn't preclude user to user, as can be seen with these imageboards.

If leftists can't even organize a forum online, what is to be said about real life?

What, you mean like the 90 other sites we have but don't use? Its not going to work.

Because the mods are immature le free speech epic troll morons who think Zig Forums is ultimately a joke. Of course, they abide by the "free speech" beliefs, because Nazis are allowed to run riot throughout the whole site, but if you mention Stalin on /his/ you'll banned because "not history lol". Meanwhile, on /tv/ they're having a thread about Hitler unmolested.

t. doesn't understand tor
Connections to hidden services are encrypted end to end and there are no exit nodes involved
Cleartext is never transmitted and it wouldn't matter if a node was sniffing packets because all they would get was encrypted data.

Bad lay-out and moderation: "wtf, we need to stop this"
"Uh… well shit"

Well if this isn't going to become another
over to and build socialism in one website

go to wherever the action is
you found 4chan, despite rules 1 and 2 ;☘️)
you found 7chan
you found 99chan
you found 8ch despite .pl and everything
you'll wind up going wherever the good discussion is going on

Is it just me btw or is Bunkerchan (as far as it isn't dead) really socially conservative compared to both here and Zig Forums?


No, it's true. It's not 'ironic' tankie, it's actually tankie. In other words not a replacement for Zig Forums but arguably a replacement for Zig Forums.

this, it's why Body Odour and Howard_Scott wanted us to migrate there


So basically we have to get a domain of our own that doesn't discriminate against libertarian socialists.
Should we make a diagram for progress or where do we start?

Make a list of desired features or suggestions you'd like to see.

The most important thing is ensuring that the upkeep of the board is accountable to the users and doesn't hinge on the stewards not losing their shit and banning people for disagreeing with them. Other than that similar to Zig Forums is ok, but we should keep the boards limited so it doesn't end up with 50 different boards each with a post every other hour. We could advertise on libcom or other friendly places to get more people or help.

I have no idea why or how, but tankies manage to draw in the most cancerous strains of idpol, like terfs/socially conservative fags and queer non-binary PoC who think opposition to red socdem is white chauvinism. Regardless of how they manage to pull it off, we should leave them behind.

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Step it up, alphabet soup.

First step: we should compile some neccessities for the new site right here ITT.
Will come back with some suggestions shortly.

fuck off tbh, cancer like you is why we needed a seperate board in the first place

Post whatever suggestions you'd like to see. I am about 95% sure to have some initial funding for this within the next 3 months, and we could have a functional site by the end of the year.

Figure out how to make the moderation system democratic or at least answerable to the community. That's the main thing.


I don't really know the specifics of the /netcom/ system, but could something along those lines work?