Corporate-Socialism, the only way to destroy the far right

I have a theory, as corporations could profit and help the rise of left wing politics.

As we know, the president of the United States of America and its government are right wing, even far right wing, even more obvious they have a disdain for global politics.

Surprisingly the institution that has done the most these past years for inclusiveness and rights, for immigration policies, for LGBTQIAP+ rights remains some important corporations.

Being a corporation doesn't mean all your existence must be purely all about capitalism, but also acting to provide and distribute wealth and a wage to the rest of the world, and weigh against a totalitarian government, exposing it on the media.

Social media are corporations yet they are fighting the far rights who yell "freedom of speech" while vomiting their bigoted, racist, islamophobic or antisemite, fascist speeches, but despite the right wing government acting in favor of an obsolete document that will defend their right to do this, and own a stockpile of weapons, the corporations can do this.

I predict the only way to survive populism and right wing governance, especially in European Union as things are going (Italy, Poland, Austria, Hungary being dominated by the far right) is through the idea that globalization, communication and corporations CAN and DOES have a positive influence.

Corporations can, and does fund social justice and social movements, and left-wing organizations across the world. Their influence is not usually negative as they are the gears driving social progress and innovation, networks of communications which is nothing less than a form of socialism.

Because by definition, without healthy, diverse people, corporations just can not exist, so just to be simple, if you cannot get rights from a government, it is legitimate that a corporation or a non-elected organization does it for the people. This ideal is really Marxist, but instead of seizing the means of production, the means of production are already determined to serve the people.

Excellent example about firearms, gun control in America, since the government doesn't act, it is important to note that Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Citi Group all had programs to ensure to stop the funding of firearms market. This is ethical and this is the right thing to do. The responsible thing to do, to ensure the society to persist, and this is efficient.

Corporations are people and people need corporations, the possibility to work together with less capitalism is here, and this is the future, letting corporations establish a form of governance without the issues of a non-equal capitalist system.

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In addition, I would like to point at who today are the enemies of corporations :
- Far right activists are adamantly denouncing the Monsanto/Bayer merging claiming science-backed GMO, despite reducing the costs of production and labor, making food more affordable.

-Far right activists are pushing anti-social network , inspire technophobia, and all kind of stuff about privacy and other paranoid conspiracy theories

-Far right is the enemy of globalization. IF communism failed in various countries, it's simply because the whole world isn't clearly following one single politics. The new world order will be socialist or will not be at all, through globalization and communication we can, and will help spreading the idea that socialism works, and help the most reclusive nations to join, I'm thinking of Japan and Russia, and the Arabic world.

- Georges Soros, a billionaire has been always depicted as evil, a conspirationist by the far right. But when you really examine the actions and success for equal rights and humanitarian campaigns the OpenBorders society has accomplished, or the Malaria vaccine campaigns from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, you have to understand one thing, is that not all corporations are evil but are an active game changer for global development.

In this new century, we will achieve global socialism and the end of nations for one, single united race working and living together in peace, without borders or hatred, in harmony.

liberals go to here:

Liberal idealism and just plain b8 in this post aside, corporations are themselves just bureaucracies that, when they have the financial capitalism and private ownership aspects removed completely, mixed with systems of accountability for managers and executives all the way up the chain, offer potential as a base for a technocratic form anti/post-capitalism. Though I would avoid using the term corporate socialism since that's historically been used by right-wingers to refer the more elitist, authoritarian strain of New Deal liberalism.

Let's not be afraid of this term, since this is what is being built, and the only open door to a complete socialism.

Bureaucracy and management, technocracy isn't really a problem, we do live in a connected society, there's no more tons of paperwork, if we give the society the flexibility it needs to perform.
This isn't bait, I really know we will achieve this goal, without starving or being deprived from all the best corporations can offer : technology, food, lifestyle, modernity and comfort for all.

At the era of industrialization and automated manufacturing, communication and IT this is the only future I can think of, and robotics, omnipresent on assembly chains since the 1980's only amplified this. It is a reality today, and this is pure socialism, encouraging and motivating for progress and diversity rather than trying to destroy what exist.

My whole point is that corporations can no longer be evil or violent against people, the not-so-democrat governments are. Times have changed and we must choose a side. Again, this is totally compatible with Marx, or rather Trotsky's theories.

Nice bait a mix of ancapism and liberalism .
Lets see what you did wrong
Firs you say that trump is in anyway different than other retards in america
Number two what is going on with all those letter
Gee i dont know by educating people or even doing our own populism
Btw this europian govs are not far-right just corupt idiots supported by uneducated peasents
While i agree some corporations are liberal and this is good,there is no reason for a corporation to support the left ,because we are a lot more scary to them that nazis
Now we know you are 14 year old poltard

Gtfo liberal
Btw Right and Left are based on economics only, not social/traditionalist tendencies

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Socialism is like, when people are gay lmao

Corporate-socialism is an oxymoron. The two concepts are fundamentally mutually exclusive. Public ownership of the means of production precludes private ownership of the means of production.

This isn't a bad idea. I like how corporations can actually support left wing ideals and work better socialized.
We need materialism, technology is what drives progress.
I also don't think globalization is negative, like you said open market and internet helps people discovering other cultures, so yes it's got potential.

But you've missed the entire point about why people join the far-right.

Capitalism creates unsustainable conditions and allows vast amounts of wealth to be trapped in asset speculation or other areas, siphoning money out of the real economy and causing stagnation. People then maintain themselves by going into debt, which is even more unsustainable. Then things reach a crisis point as both money and credit dry up. Then the government and political leaders (usually socdems) tell the people that austerity and debt depayment is the only option. Which of course is impossible. So people begin joining far-right movements to find an alternative.

Corporations can't solve any of this because individually their behavior is part of the problem. A political solution is the only solution.

When you are so communist, you support gay jews.

This post comes from the chaos dimension of pure bait.

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Let me engage my autism for a few minutes here.

Lemme put on my robe and wizard hat.
Captain Obvious.
That's called PR from the corporation's perspective and capture of subversive elements from a left perspective.
It literally does mean exactly that. Corporations are responsible for nothing more or less than maximizing the value of their stock and their shareholders' dividendies.
This is only going to happen so far as the return in advertising (or regulatory capture) is more than the investment.
1. If you're not in favor of the proles owning stockpiles of weapons you are de facto a right winger, full stop.
2. Social media also censors radleft speech. As garbage as left twitter is, you can see when people post controversial shit and get their accounts locked. Censorship isn't a matter of fighting the right, just curating an environment where your own ideology (liberalism) can flourish.
Internationalism and co-ops might actually be decent, but you are arguing for giving all power to the people who already have most of it and cause this shitty system. Easing the boot off your face is not "having a positive influence."

Define "left-wing." Corporations are also lobbying for harsher drug laws that put niggers behind bars doing slave labor to (among other things) manufacture military hardware so that murrica can go terrorize poor brown people and constantly reproduce an enemy to justify the huge military and play 3D chess with the petrodollar.
Bullshit. Corporations exist in homogenous cultures, and shit like asbestos or leaded gasoline only becomes a problem because of lawsuits and public response.
This is the kind of thing they would do in a bid to buy loyalty so they can take power for themselves and exploit people further later. Everything is an investment to a corporation.
The MoP are a tool. The corporation is the agent here, and structurally they have to be concerned with only profit and dividends, the rest being a means to that end. The market ensures this because the ones who maximize their profits the best will outcompete the others.
That is extremely bad.
Responsibility and efficiency have nothing to do with it. It's an investment in goodwill from the substantial spooked liberal population.
( X ) Doubt
( X ) Doubt
Corporations need the government in order for property law to make sense. Without the government you have feudalism. What you're suggesting is neo-feudalism with fascist rhetoric.

Reducing the cost of labor means paying workers less you fucking retard. "Right wingers believe this so it's bad" is not an argument. GMO isn't a problem because of muh frankenfood but because it allows companies like Monsanto to own information and genetic code of crops, and to make a patent claim if anybody is found to be using a strain of theirs, even if it became an invasive species and outbred the other strains, becoming the only option left.
Social networks as they exist today are primarily spyware that exist to extract your labor as market research and to have you build a profile on yourself for law enforcement in case they ever arrest you or decide to treat you as a potential terrorist.
Communism failed because the attempts were flawed and it was not communism's time.
Global techno-fascism isn't communism at all. You don't even understand what any of these words mean.
Dipshit billionaires playing god with poor people isn't positive social change. The poor parts of the world got that way because their wealth has been and is being extracted. Bill Gates has enough money to end world hunger but he doesn't do that because he doesn't care enough. How many people starve around the world while he sits on his mountain of cash and investments?
If we do that, it will be because the people have risen up and destroyed corporate and state power, not because corporations took control of everything.

Who cares about this idpol shit? Corporations are our enemies.


I think the forced diversity mandate is destroying large corporations. Which is fine by me.

You're a disappointment for all sane european socialists, you filthy namefagging liberal.
Read a fucking book.
(Or look up yanis varoufakis' criticisms of the EU)

it works only if you radicalize the workers working for these corporations there is no other way.

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Even if it's about trolling, I like OP's idea. I'm leftist and I know some radical measures can be necessary, if this system can work I will support it.

No, capitalism is the enemy. Corporatism and socialism can coexist, ensuring to keep all the positive aspects of globalization and the current state, the right hates the mainstream media because these are corporations that exposes it.
We can work with this.

No, they can not. A corporation is private absentee ownership of the means of production. Socialism is collective ownership and control of the means of production. They are mutually exclusive. If you have a corporation you cannot have socialism. If you have socialism you cannot have a corporation.

not that i agree but corporatism doesn't have to mean corporations

Corporatism means a merger between corporations and the state. Corporations have to exist in the first place.

Wouldn't your centrist propaganda be more effective without bizarre ideas? To be honest, I'm almost entirely sure your post is a parody of the liberals and centrists' passion for coopting everything, but I don't find much use in it being posted here in this bubble.

Are you retarded?

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Liberals get the bullet

Reactionary Socialism>Progressive Capitalism I will dies on this hill. 99% of the time it is true.

Reactionary "Socialism" always ends up collaborating with reactionary porkies and kills off socialists. If you're dying on a hill it's because they shot you there.

That is the anarchist revolution in one sentence right there.

Indeed, getting shot by supposed socialists collaborating with the bourgeoisie is the fate that befell anarchists.


fuck off you dyslexic libshit.

"We didn't get defeated in an entirely predictable manner because we picked a fight we couldn't win with absolutely everyone. We were betrayed by our supposed friends!" –the cry of every proud loser in history.

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You would have to believe that a corporation with enough power would overthrow the government and hand over all its profits to the people and encourage other corporations that rely on it to do so too. I mean it would never fucking happen but it's a cool sci fi story I guess.


This is fucking hilarious, but I don't think I'll be doing so anytime soon.