How's your revolution coming along Zig Forums?

How's your revolution coming along Zig Forums?

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Ayo we move to newsite boyo.

Revolution after that.

How's your fight against DA JOOS going?

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54k and strong, boyo. Enough for an army.

Where are your vanguard and fodders?

My parents let me stay awake until midnight after some protests during meal time. At this rate I'll have fully-automated luxury NEETism in 20 years.

Membership (2016) :305,000
Membership (2017) :89,450,000
Communist Party of Cuba
Membership (2016) :670,000
Communist Party of Greece
349,255 votes
Workers' Party of Korea
Membership (1988) 3 million
Communist Party of Nepal
3,173,494 votes
United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Membership (2014) 7,632,606

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which communist party of Nepal tho? it has like 9

I guess socdems are communist nowadays.

The one in goverment not the ultra-maoist elite special revolutionary one, now with a special handcannon and maoist mobile

Well only two of them are in goverment so…
And are you implying Patrick Little is the new avatar of Shitler

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Nice falseflag

I'm trembling in fear imagining what type of fat freaks went out and voted for Patrick "the Jews are setting off my fire alarm" Little. The far right is so weak they can't even get more than 1% of the vote, get beat up every time they show their faces in public and are out-numbered 10 to 1 in counterprotests, if not even more so. Every single time one of you retards walks out into public and tries to get into office you without fail start yelling about the Holocaust, blaming Jews for everything under the sun, etc. It's pathetic and no wonder no one votes for you beside edgy teenagers. Try focusing on stuff people actually care about

I always enjoy watching people's reactions to this shitpost.
It's like a Rorschach test.
People project whoever they fear and hate on it.
In this case, an american right winger.

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Forgot video

Yeah, man, we are real scared of you. You are just the useful idiots of global elites.

I'd love to hear why you think that. I'm sure the global elite would love being overthrown by a socialist revolution!

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Because you are not overthrowing anyone, hon. You lack the skills, wealth and influence to do that.

All you do is beating down people who provide an alternative, or even infight among yourself, while the elites laugh.

We will get there eventually.

How is your [insert retarded utopian vision of capitalism] coming along?

The irony

but user don't you know the elites just LOVE being overthrown as long as they don't get unmasked as j.ews? It's obviously more important to focus on the ethnicity of the majority of them even if it doesn't make the tiniest difference when it comes to overthrowing them.

Singapore, dawg. And 50s Texas and 80s Japan.

They are more scared of being called jew than capitalist, really make me think.

[Citation needed]

So would Zig Forumsyps be okay with capitalism if it was only white capitalists exploiting white proles?


Jews in charge worry about jews, not anti-capitalism, because jews can go to any socialist country and be the boss man there.


We have a containment retard

Oh I forgot this is an echo chamber.


How did 50's texas and 80's japan work out for you in the end?

lol 1950s texas is a capitalist utopia? texas in the 1950s sucked ass. i'm a texan. dad grew up here in the 50s. grandfather was a mob attorney. the whole era was characterized by the worst drought in the state's history which devastated the primarily rural and agricultural economy. for most of the decade, most of the state was a federally-declared disaster zone kept afloat with government assistance. the 1970s would be more apt as a "golden age" because the oil boom.

it's like conservatives think "1950s" and "texas" as both = good. and combine the two without knowing anything about either. the state has also been overrun by carpetbagging right-wingers from other states who move here because texas = conservative and then become ammosexuals to the right of george lincoln rockwell. they're a plague and i hate them.

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Every time I see that anime character my dick gets hard, I that normal?

which one?
Nico? Yes.
Kirino? Extra yes.
Nagatoro-san? No, but we are brothers now.

Hello, fellow Nagatoro-admirer

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What's abnormal about finding the gypsy loli bully arousing?

Revolution is merely a spook. Focus on yourself and the furtherance of your own ego and more people will join you overtime.

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Preety good actually, we just need a spark.

well I did, send it back

u wot

Me and my interests > Spooky ideology

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I'd love to hear why the jewish elite would like to be killed in racewar? How would a race war benefit the "porkies"?


Most porkies are chinese you retard

And they bow to jews, you dog dick sucking troglodyte.

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most porkies are white. but that doesn't matter hang every capitalist in existence regardless of race. Empires and their Emperors must fall with the incredible power of the worker.
Their faces must be smashed with the hammers that were used to work for them.

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The majority of the world's billionaires are now in Asia (and presumably Asian).

I have my egoist reasons for revolution tho. What if I take pleasure in fighting along comarades, what if I like their smiles as a result of a sucessful revolution, of their independence from capital even further? What if my reasoning for fighting in revolutions is because I know the more I destroy from this "ideal world" of capital I know I'm influencing individuals to be themselves in the future, themselves untamed by spooks. I help unique individuals realize their personal power by fighting to liberate them.

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And who commands them? Who owns the banks that own their money? Banks>MOP

Why do you lie so much Zig Forums? why you're just like the caricature of the jew you make fun of?

Sources none. Lies plenty. It's an observable fact that most empires currently in existence are controlled by white capitalists.

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Anglos must die.

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What? Why in the world do you think I'm Zig Forums? Source right here in the ruling class's favorite journal, jackass:

Okay, perhaps it isn't "most" though. Asia at least has the plurality of world billionaires however.

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oh Zig Forumstard pls.

Are they currently the top 10? No. China became a capitalist empire nobody is denying that but USA is way more a threat to the world with its capitalism right the fuck now. Their billionare class is the literal cancer of the world right now, many of them are political families too like the waltons which should just be assesinated. The Eternal Anglo has always been an issue if you want to get racial like a moron, like Zig Forumstards do.

Can you stop, please? I'm not even whoever you've been arguing with previously. Just pointing out an underconsidered fact. China will be the next world center of capitalism unless Marxism experiences a serious revival there.

Jews, not white? How can you not tell by their faces? If you can tell a black guy isn't white then why not a jewish guy? Are you blind?

actually now that I see it more methodically the majority of the American ones in the list are not only white Christians or secular but also aligned republican. makes sense since even tho the democrats are REALLY fucking corporatist the Republicans have always been more. ;*

I personally want these 3 waltons in the list executed asap. For the better of the world, all of them must die all that list. It's so fucked up when last names repeat, the walton family is stupidly porky. Capitalism was a mistake.

LOL I'm at like 150 and like 75% of the list is white mofos, then chinese, then arabs, then jews, then randoms that have monopolies in their home countries. Jews are at 4th place in being big porkies at capitalism, they're actually losers by imperialist standards. They got in the band wagon of explointing workers too late tho so it's understandable. Anglos have been doing it since the slave society existed then it became feudalism then this shit. Slowly the worker has been gaining ground thankfully.

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Forget what I said about the Waltons they deserve to die but later the Koch are worse literally the main family pushing the middle-eastern war.
As you can see tho they're way too porky so they have family in-fighting for who gets to keep most of the gold. They're that greedy those inbreds. An assassination to one of the heads of the Koch family would bring them huge instability.

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If that benefits you then I don't see a problem with it. Just remember that your revolution needs to be a loose collective and not behind a single leader.

I should have worded this better, but I believe you confuse anarch with anarchist

So Jews are NOT in control of the banks

1)The 4 largest banks are in Asia and so are there chairman

2)Spics seem to control some of the richest banks

3)Deutsche Bank:No jews after Hitler

The largest British bank has nothing to do wit Jews so….


Maybe in the past Jews were financiers .

Now everyone is……

How's that spark coming along Zig Forums?

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I am not part of Zig Forums tho

they were never really big in finances either. anglos always dominated that market, capitalist jews were merely their idolaters.
Anglos started all this huge piece of shit called Capitalism basically. Too bad it's destined (like feudalism) to collapse & perish to revolution.

its actually going really well
rojava's economy is on the up and more communes are being organized in the eastern regions despite the issues in the west

How's T.D.O.R. coming along Zig Forums?

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