What's the deal with Kosovo? Can I have a leftist take on the situation?

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They LOVE Bill Clinton

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I hate serbia they are a filthy nationalist state but they got ass raped by america here, like dayton assraped bosnia. Also it's the kosovian albanians that if they werent unable because if (correcto me if I'm wrong I'm basing my assumptions on a 2015 book) UN troops are there they would immediately genocide serbs in kosovo

The reason why Nationalism spiked in Kosovo was because Slobadan used a color revolution tier series of rallies that were claimed to be about fighting corruption when in reality it was basically just an excuse for Serbian Pan-Nationalists to take over the regional governments of areas of Yugoslavia
This succeeded in Kosovo Montenegro and Vojvodina
Similar rallies / movements occurred in Bosnia Croatia and Slovenia (Not FYROM Because almost no one identified as Serb there) that failed that failed and ultimately led to Serbia sending them tons of fucking weapons from the Yugoslav army which triggered the Bosnian Slovenian and Croatian civil wars

The only reason why Serbs bitch so much about Muh NATO helping Bosnia Croatia Kosovo etc is because their attempt at creating their Greater Deutschland tier LARP State failed and they ended up getting BTFO By half the planet

What I was saying is that serbs didn't genocide kosovians and do you even realize vojvodina and kosovo weren't republics of yugoslavia? That's the part where this shit becomes stupid, every other state was a yugo state, and yugo constitution firmly declared the right to secede, Kosovo was just a part of the serbian region it was not a state of yugoslavia it's like if fucking cornwall declared secession from england just because.
Serb genocide of BOSNIANS is 120% real and the serbian state is responsible, but kosovo was a complete sham led by organized crime who completely destroyed a region

umm what?



They werent called "Republics" in the constitution yes but they existed for the same general Purpose as the Federal Republics systems did

A province is an administrative subdivision of a national territory that is whole. Yugoslavia was a federation of republics, that were considered different states from each other, a region is just a part of a state it doesn't "serve the same purpose", it's a completely different thing. Even italy has "autonomous regions" to make my state as an example, but they are not separate national entities it's a fundamental difference

its amazing seeing communists talk about international law and internal law like they mean anything and arent imperialist tools


The KLA were a fascistic NATO proxy.

Kill yourself imperialist cheerleader


Ayo, hold up.


Being a racist organization funded by NATO is fascist

Kosovar Serbs can still legally live in Kosovo and have full Rights as Citizens

Because the law says they can then it must be so. In America the laws state everyone has equal rights so that must be the case.

Begging the largest global imperialist oppressor to rule over and exploit your region is the furthest thing from national liberation that I can conceive of.

It went from being a Region to being a independent state
It went from a 0 on the Liberation index to a 0.5

I bet you don't even know what the six stars represent… hint it's about a "greater" country, now guess what it is. Also why is national liberation good? It is just sectarian bullshit that creates war over the stupid concept of nationality which is completely opposite to communism.


Nationalism=/=anti imperialism, if you seriosly believe kosovo was subject to hurrr serbian imperialism you have 0 understanding of balkan ethnic composition and of imperialism itself

Wow, you’re really spooked

It doesn't work like this you edgy fag. The existance of international law serves the purpose of not having generalized conflicts. I am of course against "nations" as all senseful communist and it's obvious nations are not prevented by anything in their immediate actions to violate international law, but for example in this case USA recognizing kosovo is basically a "yeah make it generalized we don't give a fuck" message. A rule may be a spook but you still have to face the consequences of what you do. Same as kosovo nationalists by violating international law they basically said "we do not give a shit of what this conflicts becomes or about peace".

When does America face any consequences? It doesn’t.

I think that since the URSS fell the fact that america still shits everywhere has made them look very bad in the eye of the public opinion of a lot of countries. Before it had the ideological striggle to at least justify what it did but since then relationships of variois countries with america have become more and more controversial and there are large parts of the public opinion in various countries who reject america totally. This imho does matter because in the end imho america is bound to reap what they sowed, when the moment comes when america starts to lose its complete military dominance I don't say there will be war but sure a lot of other countries are gonna give 0 fucks towards america in regard of international law. Of course this is gonna show how international regulations have always been a formality and held up by the superpowers who could but it can't be any other way in a nationalistic system where countries are indipendent bodies that think of their own interest only, at least in the ideology of nationalism

Those countries can’t invade or coup or whatever America like America did them. America geographically is OP. Surrounded by nations that are to small to attack it. And filled with large amounts of mineral reserves, navigable rivers, natural harbors and airible land. There’s a reason why America is a superpower.

The second half of the video is liberal ideology, but the first half is good as it explains why America’s geography is so advantageous.

The stars represent the different ethnic groups of Kosovo, including Serbs.

Wrong it's the six albanian nations

No they dont
They represent Kosovo's constituent Ethnic groups


The article says "some suspect" but it's actually the shared interpretation of albanian nationalists in kosovo. The "ethnic" interpretation is just an interpretation of comfort by the powers which recognized kosovian nationalist government to not seem bad. I would like to share you source about this one but it's in my native language and has paywall, maybe you are not interested.

He asked for proof; not your opinion.
If you have the article then copy and paste into a google drive doc for us to in turn use an online translation, provided it isn't an opinion piece.
Also Muhamer Ibrahimi, the designer of the flag, said in an interview that "while the white star[s] above the [Kosovo] map represent the communities living in Kosovo. There are larger and smaller communities, but they are all equal in the new state of Kosovo".

rightful Serb clay