What do you think about him? Is he lowkey a full on communist?

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Nothing resembles a representative of the bourgeoisie more than a representative of the proletariat


Given the state of the left nowadays, I think he is a valuable asset for the socialist/communist cause.
I mean, imagine an England with Blair II as the head of Labour, right now. I think I would have lost the little left of respect I have for humanity, and consequences would never be the same.

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When questioned about why a communist joined the labour party he responded: "don't worry about it".
So, make of that what you will.

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He's barely even low key.

Thankfully the Tory press blew their wad on red baiting when they created 'Red Ed'. Now they're powerless against an actual Gommie. Maybe the universe has a way of all working out after all.

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He's merely a socdem in the traditional sense. Which is very extremist of him today.

Worker ownership isn't socdem though

Unconditional gibsmedat income and liberal IDPOL is SocDem though.


I think he's either a cypro-ML or Maoist, given his hatred of Trotskyism.

Corbyn did campaign to stop expulsions of Trot entryists though, so I doubt he hates Trots.

he's pretty cool

He's good

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fucking retard just like corbyn the Capitalist

Pfffttt…. Ultimately, unless he's willing to go full ML, he's going to either have to capitulate to capitalists and go succdem, or he'll be overthrown like they did in Chine. There's a 98% chance he will capitulate, the British bourgious are smart and won't let themselves be outfoxed. They know just the right concessions to make and when to make them to satisfy the working class. I admire Corbyn's tactcis of purging the blairites, but he isn't an ML or anarchists, and doesn't the fanaticism or strength to oversee a full blown revolution.

I think Corbyn and everyone else on the left is wise to their tricks

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But is Corbyn willing to take military action? This is the thing with Corbyn, he's trapped between radicalism and moderation. Diane Abbott and McDonnell are clearly hardcore communists, Diane following Maoism (dumb fanaticism in my opinion, Maoism won't work in the UK because we're already heavily industrialize and automated) and McDonnell being DemSoc/ML, hard to work out. But what is Corbyn going to *do* about this? Obviously he won't release his plans because he'd probably be arrested if he was planning something, but I find it highly unlikely he's revolutionary.

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Nobody is saying that Corbyn is some sort of revolutionary socialist, because he isn't. He is just the furtherest left Britain has ever gotten. At this point, it isn't even about socialist idealism; it's about surviving Tory Britain and Corbyn is really the only hope we have got.

(I'm not specifically talking about your post here) I find it weird that leftypol went insane over Bernie Sanders even though he is a rich bloke who is only slightly left of centre but Corbyn, a good and honest working class man like the rest of us, gets far more criticism just for not wanting to abolish capitalism as soon as he walks into number 10.

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It's superego. Zizek was right again.

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