How likely is it that Trump will force him to go full Deng-mode and give up his nukes?

How likely is it that Trump will force him to go full Deng-mode and give up his nukes?

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It's more likely he does it on his own than getting forced by Trump.

It's pretty clear by his recent actions including agreeing with this meeting that he is fucking tired and just wants to see all the sanctions lifted and see his country be part of the rest of world already.

That is not a bad wish, I really hope people on the forums won't get but hurt over it.


The deal will be very pro-DPRK, but framed in a way that it’s pro-America.

Shitty shitpost 0/10 would not post again

The whole point of the nukes was to give them up in exchange for diplomatic relations and recognition.

Implying they weren't to deter US aggression

The US demanded democratic concessions in order to establish diplomatic relations. In exchange for the disarming they won't.

Oh well if the US /says/ it's not going to regime change and bomb your country then it's legit.

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Bullshit America isn’t even Democratic. Here is a graph showing how likely a bill is to be passed based on the preference of ordinary people and economic elates. America is an oligarchy.

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"Capitalist democracy" is an oxymoron.

More like putting McDonalds and Wal-Marts in best korea, burgerland doesn't give a fuck about democracy.


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How? DPRK literally has no bargaining chips. People are trying to get North Korea and South Korea to unite again for their own goddamn good, not have to constantly deal with a crazy commie dictator trying to start another war.

Nukes are the bargaining chips. The goal is a U.S. troop withdrawal paving the way for a bi-national confederation with one country (and one foreign policy), with two political systems. From there, the DPRK will be able to reunify the peninsula under its terms as North Korea is governed under Marxist-Leninist lines through the Workers Party.

This has been the North Korean strategy since the 60s and was elaborated at length by Kim Il Sung to Todor Zhivkov, the communist leader of Bulgaria per the opening of the Eastern Bloc archives. In the future decades from now, it would not shock me to see a reunified Korea with a single party like China is now – and also aligned with China.

Jason will probably start promoting "socialism with Korean characteristics" if that happens

would be nice if this all was actually a plot to assassinate Trump

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I think I'm getting too old for 340D Mahjong.

Why would he? He didn't give up anything for now.

Meeting with SK and US politicans? It's fucking nothing.
Closed nuke test field? Well he completed all tests necessary to produce nukes. I'ts just a waste of resources. And he planned to anyway.
Surely Tronald Dump can paint it as victory or whatever.

If he wants to be friends with capitalists and gives up nukes for real it's Gadaffi fate for him. And if I understand that I'm pretty sure he does too. And they killed his brother too.

No, Jason has criticized Songun before and if NK becomes Keynesian like China, he'll have an autistic fit.

SK and China wouldn't allow direct interference.

And NK is an autocratic oligarchy. A democracy would be better for NKoreans, but of course the US demands it selectively, it would not demand it of autocratic allies.

I want to move to DPRK once international aid money begins flowing in

But he doesn't have any.

But the deal he just signed literally is "The U.S. guaranteeing protection of the Korean Peninsula", which means at least as many troops as we have there now.

Okay, now you're just being delusional. There is absolutely zero chance in hell that the South Koreans will agree to live under the hellish conditions that Norks have been trying to flee from since its foundation.

Thats no what NK wants
It wants one Country two Systems
Capitalism in the South
Juche in the north
With a Federal gov and a single foreign policy

They don't allow miscegenation, so no Korean waifu for you. Just a heads up

I really doubt North Korea is that stupid. It's more of a show to get rid of the sanctions, at least temporarily. The only countries that haven't been invaded yet are those that actually do have capacity for "weapons of mass destruction".

I am damn sure that he will defend NK to the death and won't accept it if it goes full Deng. But yeah that's pretty autistic too so I guess we are both right in a way.

No. The other way round. Gaddafi ended up getting removed by the cia and was thrown into a murderous mob of savages because he didn't give up. Just like Saddam.

If Kim cooperates and decides to become another underling of the US they will gladly accept him as their puppet dictator.

America is not a Democracy
t Burger

Don't do it Jason please…

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If Jason kills himself that's at least one good outcome from this.

I rather would see any other leftist YouTuber die since Jason is the only one of them that is actually funny.

SK is the US' bitch. They will do whatever the fuck the US tells them to.

Gaddafi did give up tho. Bill Clinton got him to compromise and demilitarize a bit. Know some history, faggot

Proof that Unruhe sucks is that Christcom likes him.

Am I the only one who unironically likes Unruhe?

We learn this in elementary school you fucking gullible retard

It’s from a video


true, but iran has influential detractors (israel and SA)

Not to mention that Iran exists in the powder-keg that is the middle east, which can't be compared to East Asia. The only real detractor of the DPRK is Japan, and they wouldn't give too much fucks as long as they denuclearize.

The DPRK is strategically important for three reasons though:
1.) humognous untapped rare earth minerals
2.) strategic position as it borders China and Russia
3.) ideological threat due to its traditionally socialist disposition

The latter might be a long-term threat. If Kim and his comrades are smart, they let in foreign capital in stricly limited special economic zones but modernize their planned economy at the same time, perserving socialism domestically. I don't see the DPRK opposed to socialist modernization, unlike Cuba, which seems to surrender more and more to capital, but the DPRK has many things that would allow an actually properous socialist nation if the sanctions were lifted: Soft skills (good education system, very disciplined hard working and learning young population, high IQ) and an industrial base (never got dismantled, just needs to be automated and fueled with oil).

how do you think Zig Forums would react if Kim agreed to US military bases in North Korea?

It was less about Iran itself and more about the fact that the US has a long history of fucking over countries they engage in deals with.

Cuba is run by socialist hardliners. Unlike the DPRK where they removed the word Communism form there constitution.

Zig Forums BO: DPRK are American Imperialists, we must support the South.

I do find it sickening how the liberal propaganda talk like normal relations with North Korea in itself is an absurd idea.

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How much more sociopathic can liberals get?

LMFAO "experts" in 2018

Cuba has made way more concessions to foreign capital than North Korea. They can basically operate businesses inside the country, there is unemployment, private businesses exist on a medium-scale, markets exist and recently they wanted to merge the exchage currency with the domestic currency, de facto ending monopoly over monetary policy.

DPRK is - sadly - the last remaining anti-revisionist socialist state on the planet.

Who do all top tier libshits look the exact same way? It's always this 30-34 year old hipster dude with a square pattern shirt, rectangular glasses, etc.

It's like I can look at these people and I already know what their political opinions are.

Anything Dotard Drumpf does is bad though, didn't you know?
I know this comparison gets made a lot but if Obama did this the liberals would be more than thrilled.

Cuba Allows Private Enterprise but its mostly familial business and Single worker Operations (Taxi's) Which makes it better imo

This is all true for North Korea as well.

These people are so fucking annoying, there making me consider voting Trump if this deal goes through.


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Hi folks.

I'm kinda new here—to Zig Forums that is.

I'm kind of surprised about how fast it's—seemingly—going.

A few of my points:

1. Trump is rewarding bad behaviour. Get rid of your nukes and you might wind up like Libya or Ukraine. Keep your nukes and you might get a friendly visit from the POTUS—Nixon or Trump.

2. Cuba had to adapt to the fall of its sponsor, the USSR; and being close to the US. North Korea had USSR until around when China started to help out. If the Soviets lost Cuba, American soldiers wouldn't be at their borders; if the Chinese lost NK, there's a decent chance American soldiers would. I also recently found out that NK shares a border with Russia, so again, more incentive to prop it up.

3. Cuba is smaller and at least had fewer people.

4. Likely culture plays a role. US is mostly white with significant black and Hispanic minorities. Cuba is blacker and Hispanic. The Koreas aren't.

5. I see a "Third Korea" emerging: a group of geodiscontiguous areas in North Korea and controlled by the NK regime, somewhat like China's SEZ (special economic zones), where Trump might just get his condos—maybe the odd golf course.

6. Trump and Un will continue the bromance. Un will enter the White House and Trump will go to Pyongyang. The US will withdraw forces and North Korea will give up more nukes and the like. There might be an official end of the war. It might be a factor in Trump possibly winning a second term. The dictatorship will continue—as Trump's America becomes more a dictatorship. When Iran explodes its first nuke, Trump will blame his Democrat successor.

Stuff I wrote elsewhere:

She did it for the Trump name. (She did it for Daddy)

"In early 2018, the bloom had fallen off the rose.

By early 2019, the situation was horrible.

It was one disaster after another. Xi had given a fuck-you to Daddy. "America might get great again, but from now on, it will be always second to the Middle Kingdom."

North Korea? It had set up a series of SEZs (special economic zones) "the third Korea" where people—i.e. foreigners—could invest, and many did. There were even hotels, casinos, horse and dog tracks, brothels—even video selfies of men getting blowjobs for Big Macs! North Asia's UAE.

This after they detonated their first megaton bomb and launched a warhead at a specific predicted coordinate in the Atlantic high seas and it got there and exploded: an estimated 5 kiltons."

Literotica forums:
Things will be slightly better when Trump visits NK (& Iran will test its first nuke)

"I think things will be slightly better when Trump visits North Korea—at least in regards to the Korean peninsula; but partially as a result, Iran—and maybe other countries—will test its first nuke within 10 years.

The precedent is being set:

Libya and Ukraine gave up their WMD: and one was overthrown and the other is being eaten alive by Trump's overlord.

North Korea was (perhaps still is) bellicose to the US, launches ICBMs, and detonates H-bombs, and they'll get a visit by the self-aggrandizer, and sucker for ego-stroking, Trump.

If Iran detonated a nuke, there's little the US could do: after all, the US couldn't successfully invade, much less occupy long term. Iran not Iraq: Iran is perhaps twice the size and population as Iraq, not as flat, and more homogeneous; and somewhat unlike Iraq, it's a real country—Persia.

Moreover, it's in cahoots with Putin.

I suppose once Iran detonates nukes, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and t*rkey will want them.

Japan will want nukes so it can stand up to China and North Korea—and they won't want to be sold out like South Korea was (somewhat at least) by Trump.

Nukes are a status symbol."

"DPRK is - sadly - the last remaining anti-revisionist socialist state on the planet."

Huh? Are you going to post that one can't believe the capitalist press, that NK is a workers' paradise—or close to it given the circumstances, and all of those in the slave labour camps deserve it?

Holy shit, you fucking liberal faggot, format your posts better
It's not a paradise, but it must be defended from imperialist encroachments


Didn't Ayn Rand say that just as America had a right to invade Nazi Germany, it also has a right to invade the Soviet Union or any other slave pen.

Slave plantations shouldn't be defended against encroachments.

"fucking liberal faggot"

That's something an alt-rightist would say.

Implying either the Soviet Union or the DPRK were "slave pens". Just because a country has labor camps doesn't make it an eeeevil country. I wouldn't expect any less from a radlib like you though. What other bourgeois myths do you believe?
You're quite evidently a liberal and a massive newfag.

"You're quite evidently a liberal and a massive newfag."

Again, it's so much like the alt-right.

America is often condemned for its industrial prison complex, and to a large extent rightly so; but there are differences.

For example, Americans can publicly burn American flags and mock Trump, but if a North Korean said "Un is 70% correct," he/she might wind up in a gulag.

Keep in mind that we know little of NK because dictatorships, such as commie dictatorships, don't like journalists coming in and reporting on their evils and atrocities.

You Stalinists are teaching me much here. I start off relatively polite and you immediately hurl alt-right abuse at me.

I suppose you are reinforcing my preconceived notions about you.


What's the essential difference(s) between Stalin and Un?

If the answer is little or none, then is to defend Un is to defend a Stalinist?

you're not wrong about tankie idiocy, but holy fuck learn how to chanpost

"shut the fuck up liberal" isn't a suggestion

Okay, what conventions here have I violated.

"shut the fuck up liberal"

1. Whatever, Red Nazi.
2. Why the quotes?
3. You lefties are so tolerant of diverging views.
4. I think it's up to the mods? Why don't you squeal on me, Molotov?
5. I am mot now, nor ever been, a redditor.


"not now"

reddit spacing, namefagging, generally just coming in here like you know everything and that we should all listen to your totally original analysis

I like spaces better than walls of text.

Others started the name-calling. Vulgarities and derogations generally don't add to arguments. Isn't "fag" homophobic?

I have some POVs. I try to back them up. People don't want to read them, they don't have to. I myself find most posts in Zig Forums boring: Jews, blacks (though they general use other words), liberals, leftists, whatever.

You can ignore me. I make it easy with a username DMBFFF. If you see the name, ignore the post. Others can do likewise. Maybe others might be interested. Because I'm not always posting in real time, so to speak, I could wait weeks for a response. After all, this isn't Twitter (another site I generally don't go to).

Oh fuck off, stop shitting up the board, you're full of hubris and all your posts are screaming "LOOK AT ME AND MY IMPORTANT OPINIONS," lurk more and learn how to fit in better and have a normal conversation or fuck off. If you can't handle some insults then double fuck off, chans aren't for you.


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Stopped reading

While this sentiment might not be universal, mono-lining makes text harder to read. The point of consecutive paragraphs is to denote a single text-part. A blank line in these cases marks the end of a single text-part. While you compensate with two blank lines after a text-part, it only adds to the distortion of formatting conventions and makes posts longer.
In any case, while you would be right to claim it is your prerogative, I'd like you to ask to format text without mono-lining on here for the benefit of others. If nothing else it will stop people from whining about it.

If you do not want to draw attention to your posts enter "sage" in the the email field (as I have for this post), instead of adopting a name. Sage was implemented as a means of replying to a thread without bumping it to the frontpage of a board, but nowadays it is also used to signify a post isn't relevant to the topic of the thread. Adopting a name or trip, on the other hand, is considered rude and narcissistic, and ideally should only done with very precise reasoning and only temporarily.

As endearing as this bit is, it won't reach very far on here or any board. Throwing pejoratives is the name of the game on chans. If you are lucky they come attached to an otherwise insightful post.

Assuming you haven't been turned off completely, I recommend you re-post your questions in , which is currently doubling as a questions thread. Likewise, I won't respond to your posts here, as I don't want to deal with the infantile shitflingers myself.
By the way, drop the appeal to authority reasoning. Especially when it concerns Ayn Rand, goodness' sake.

2018: Israel is our greatest ally
2019: North Korea is our greatest ally

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I am not even mad

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America is finally moving in the right direction

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There need to be an edit of the lines

I don't blame them, your reddit spacing is fucking sinful and you should be ashamed.

Fucking this, in addition to Dengist-style sweatshops in NK itself, the Juch monarchy literally rents out slaves overseas:

NK is Emirates-tier, comparing them to Cuba is an insult of the vilest sort.

Will Drumpf stops shit-talking North Korea?! He'll get us all killed.

Drumpf is shaking hands with Kim Jung Un? How can he be friendly with such a brutal, oppressive regime?!

What the fuck do they want? I don't understand.

They want ratings because their viewers don't like Trump.

By they I mean DA LIBRUL MEDIA, the average liberal usually dislikes everything about Trump out of sheer impulse. To be fair, I'm not a huge fan of Trump either, including his dealings with North Korea.

When the day comes they both go to the gulags.

The day will never come. Just revel in your so called victories while you toil away on minimum wage.

Kim is Lining himself up to go full dengist and eventually agree to a "Neutral Unification" (LMAO)
Maybe with some Luck the reforms will be limited to turning the DPRK into a Cuban model state

Sounds like you're projecting, little miss globalist. xD



The dialectic is in motion
Republican party = workers party
Critically support Donald Trump against clintonite imperialism

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