I love how the 'red pill' is being liberalized

Like, its now some to the point where we have tumblr feminists taking the 'red pill.' I swear, any day now there is going to be a buzzfeed article that's like "being a red pill feminist."

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Its just more evidence that the "True Right" isnt counter-culture at all and is just another Brand of Liberal ideology for shoppers in the supermarket of ideas to pick up

Instead of Getting """RedPilled"""
Get REDpilled and NazBol

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If only they would take the red pill.

Feminists and nazis act similarly? Who woulda thunk it?

The rising of the women means the rising of the race.

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I'm not sure if that would be hysterically funny or cancerous.

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It was never a conservative thing in the first place. It just means seeing the world for what it really is, instead of the illusion you're meant to see.

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Honestly the thought of the 1980s era sex-neg feminazi/baptist fundie "left"/right PC "ominous alliance" being revived by millennials is more terrifying than an aut-right/ISIS alliance reviving the old neocon/Mujahadeen one.

I thought >>>Zig Forums was the shitposting board.
Requesting mods add Spurdo flag then, I guess I was wrong.

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Most of the effects of that alliance are still legally binding and still being felt culturally. You can't revive something that never died to begin with.


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This is good and hilarious and we should enable them.



Thank god this person didn't go socialist.

But that was what the Matrix film itself did originally, it was a comical glorification of the system larping as resistance. Red pill is an opium for the people that makes them believe there is still some Authentic Reality that makes today's world meaningful. But the system has absorbed everything and there is no outside. The red pill world that Neo wakes into is just another simulation of the system to keep him engaged - the same way all these ridiculous red pill internet bubbles only produce more clicks and data for the system.

There never was an outside, the system is causality, it does not absorb, it is prerequisite.

hopefully that means they will take the Brown Pill soon

What's the source of all these porked memes? They're all by the same artist.

Take the blackpill you fucking spooks

There was a meme about Alunya getting fucked by porky years(?) ago and Zig Forums thought it was funny, eventually some autist started making them where Alunya was a pornstar and porky was like the Blacked.com dude. Sadly he first posted some of them during around the same time we had a thread about escort unionization but the autist never posted them in that thread.

This. The Marxist blackpill is the future and Jim Profit is a prophet: hooktube.com/channel/UC6izU_61Rra5vCqlyQDI2_A

It feels like a desperate attempt by people to try and look less visually cringey to all the norms out there. Every time people upload an 'I used to be a SJW' video or 'taking the red pill' it just makes them look pathetic.


feminism debunked

uh oh

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fam thats cool af

Does she have a dick?

Blaire White fan . Yikes.

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she seems to have made this ironically

can we get some artfags to pick up this design? this is honestly gold

I'm assuming she's an Irish communist.

didn't make that connection but I guess, I was just thinking based ginger


This is some cringy shit

Why can't the left meme?

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so this is what peak centrism looks like

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""antifa"" is not a subculture you dumb shit

No, but the smashie anarkiddy culture (i.e.: black bloc) that follows it around everywhere it happens certainly is.


Doesn't matter. Plenty of men would fight for the women's side. Just like all wars, the people who want one aren't going to fight.

Lol no. Marriage and gender relations are at an all time low.
The last few wars were fought by volunteers, (read mercenaries) and they ain't gonna fight for any woman, they're going to be the ones putting them in concentration camps lol.
I'm going to have a ball looking at the faces of women when TSHTF in complete disbelief that the gender they've been shitting on since the 60's isn't around or able to rescue them.

I see the anarcho feminist flag is about. It's going to be fun watching the country turn fash because leftoids are so spooked by feminism.

You are just embarrassing yourself, please stop.

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Lol, I guess you think the poll tax and reading testing were only hand out to penis havers.

Just as long as they don't have to be drafted. :^)

Men really can't stand any kind of criticism can they? They get a little backlash for a few decades and are ready to throw everything out the window ,while women have been dealing with their shit for centuries. Hilarious.

You don't know how hard it is to get rejected by the girl you didn't even bother to talk to.

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Your lives are finite. Don't waste more of them on this dumb idpol bullshit. Capitalism is the bad guy, not some group of people who are different from you.

I need to lash out sometimes. You're not really wrong though.

Why is he wearing a trash bag?

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Damn for an ideological sect that can lay claim Stirner and by extension empiricism how can you all be so spooked by feminism. You seriously believe because those in power have penises everyone with one is in on it lmao.

*being infantile

I have no idea, maybe he was trying to make a superhero costume or some shit.

You have to go back.

You posted a picture of willful cuckold guy, which criticize anti male family courts you fuck up.
But since you brought it up, yeah ignoring and exacerbating inceldom is violence since the entire capitalist superstructure and base presumes a nuclear family and your alienation is amped 1000x fold without a partner. This is violence plan and simply, a sort of walking solitary confinement for lack of a better term. But please keep snearing at men that cry about this problem, I'm so sure it won't make the fascist fundamentalism more appealing to them. You ego is much more important.
Its hypocritical if you claim to be against the state, you know you 4 billion per year in child support is paid, 87 percent of which is by men.
Lol, nah you're just a red painted liberal that wants to maintain mle disposability and justify it with Zig Forums tier patriarchy theory. Literally replace men with Jews and its the same thing.

*male disposability

Really made me think

The redpill is pretty much a meme and just needs to die.

Nice people (and especially people who like to think of themselves as nice) are easily taken in by ideologies that calculatedly take advantage of people's good intentions. Of course, a lot of feminism has its basis in some form of idealization/fetishization of womanhood, and a sort of woman-worship on a lot of people's part.

It's mean and "punching down" against abnormal/divergent people but violence? Is making fun of cat ladies also violence? There is gendered violence that men face, e.g. disproportionate incarceration and the expectation (vs women's opportunity/option) of wage labor.

bruh pls don't use that liberal language. The proletariat are being exploited. Child support and alimony push men to work harder at their wage jobs to generate more profit for porky. The obvious alternative, socialized childcare, would involve taxes that distributed resources from the upper class downward, so Porky can't have that. "The powers that be make people have a bad time" shouldn't be good enough for a socialist. That's the problem with willful cuckolds and red pillers is they blame things on gynocentrism or what have you (idealism) and don't look deeper to the material component. MRAs tend to be a bit better about this, but in my experience tend to think gender politics are about shifting "soft power" culturally rather than manipulating people to play into existing power structures that produce and reproduce life in capitalism.

Greenpill was a better meme anyways.

Very much agreed. Even when attempting subtly deprogram liberals while hiding your powerlevel, you have to keep in mind how inherently braindead their terminology is.
It's true MRA issues are primarily class issues, just as what feminists grappled with were back in the day. But it's also true that a current fixation with feminazi SJW ideology and short-term material benefits has turned a certain group of poor liberals and women into unwitting class collaborationists whenever MRA issues are raised openly.

I'm going to use it, just because liberals use it doesn't make it liberal.
Lol no, that'd just material incentivize single motherhood even more. Something like 25% of Norwegian men don't have their own bio children but sure as shit 100% of them pay taxes.
MRAs aren't class conscious by any stretch of the imagination but this is just a strawman, they focus on plenty of material things.
And they say Marxists are smug
Hahaha you underestimation of women's intelligence is so bad there's no way its not real. Women know exactly what they are doing when they advocate for laws that subjugate men, vote for wars and maintain privileges. They're literally a different class. They can vote without being required to die the draft, that alone puts them at a tremendous advantage compared to men.

Our ideology and accompanying terminology is the product of careful development, the same can't be said of "humanities" academics responsible for coming up with ideas like metaphorical violence and oppressions
I choose not to believe that double-digit percentages of the population, even under a system that incentivizes it, are conscious sociopaths.
Pic related

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Plenty of places have conscription still, and in the US you do have to sign up for selective service to register as a voter if you're male. That's a pretty concrete thing you can point to that will get some people really fucking mad if you do.

He's talking a load of bullshit but you don't have to be a sociopath to look out for your interests. Double digit percentages of white people were fine with dicking over black people for centuries (and to this day), not because of sociopathy but false consciousness. Women are pretty ready to throw men under the bus (as are men) because of ideology regarding men as soldiers, i.e. expendable lives. Just how broadly that sentiment applies varies greatly by an individual's ideology.

Nearly everywhere with a draft now provides the option of non-military public service, even for those who don't go through the rigamarole of proving conscientious objector status.

I think the willingness of most women to take advantage of slimy systems like biased divorce/custody courts, quotas, harassment/rape laws, etc., is simply because it's seemingly such a no brainer to take advantage of it on an individual level. At the level of society in general, it's simply the fact that a state of dead silence exists around the issue, with absolutely anyone who dares to raise any of those issues for debate (let alone openly decry them) dogpiled and slandered with "muh soggy knees" by the SJWs that liberals are still coming to grips with the sheer insanity of.

You're talking about Conscientious Objectors, two things about that, if you think they won't throw your ass in jail if too many people try to weasel out of it then you really need to ask your CO to resign you to a different project, your a terrible infiltrator.
Two, they're still making you work for free, that's slavery homie, so yeah still a pretty big ass fucking by the state that women don't have to endure.
Did I mention women can vote without signing up for the draft?
So your admitimg and even begrudgingly admiring that women are fucking over men with state power, you're just trying to justify it with the fact that its easy LMAO, its hilarious how anarchists can go right from idealism to real politic without missing a beat, as long as the person getting screwed over has a penis.

Pick related, its the "white feather girls" from WWI. They were women that handed out white feathers to young men to brand them as cowards for not fighting in WWI. The mob hesteria grew so bad they were handing them out to injured vets, they had to give wounded vets a special pin to show they had already fought.
Many reports of this shaming lead to males killing themselves. If that's not sociopathic I don't know what is. Sorry but I've never even come close to driving someone to suicide and I grew up pretty poor.
If you don't think during a war, with pretty much every woman addicted to social media the mobbing wouldn't be 1000 times worse, then your ideology is just going to spend another 20 years in the woods because you couldnt see basic fucking social dynamics.

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No, I'm specifically not. An example of what I'm referring to is the Siviilipalvelus in Finland, which has no special requirements.
I'm of the general opinion some sort of mandatory national service, ideally using or teaching in-demand civilian skills, would actually be a good thing. Something along the lines of the US's Americorps or Peace Corps. Granted, a lot of countries with such services do the exact opposite, abusing civilian service conscripts as disposable bodies for degrading unskilled labor, like Russia's ACS.
Yes, this is certainly unfair.
No, I'm just saying it's not immediately obvious, to an apolitical person, that buying into such a Faustian bargain is truly so evil. Many of them might not even realize these laws are so severely slanted in their "favor".
Much as is the case with today's SJWs, that was the work of a tiny, hard core of dedicated sociopathic attentionwhores, buoyed on a cushion of blithe normalfags blinded from reality by ideology ("patriotism" then, "social progress" now).

Dude please shut up, you seriously want people to believe that the US would follow Finland if they reinstated the draft.
Look at Vietnam, THAT's what will happen of there's a war with Iran or China, not fucking Finland.
Why do you even bother having an anrcho syndicalist flag I'd you want the state to force people to work for "in demand" skills, whatever the fuck that means. Not even MLs are this dumb, they straight out have quotas, which is at least something concrete.
So you admit your idea has been done and lead to more abuse. I'm not even an anarchist, but even I could have told you that would happen.
Nice flippant response, nobody gives a fuck if its unfair. It shows women's relationship to the capitalist base and the state is completely different to that of men's.
As a result they weild that state power against men to oppress them to maintain a comparative advantage against male proles they view as competition.
Never said it was evil, only that it results in material oppression of prole men and nor prole women. Something feminists like you try to hide to preserve male disposability to man imperialist wars and the police state
The order of the white feather operated in several countries of the British Empire and their activity prompted a significant counter response from the state. That's not an organization I'd call "tiny".
It's funny how when female hierarchies oppress men its just "sociopathic" outliers, the rest of women kind are still angels. But when male lead hierarchies do it its evidence of the patriarchy.
How much you wanna bet at least half of those "normalfags" were women.

nonetheless, you can get some people very angery if you point out the fact that men have this requirement on-paper that women do not

Now this is getting into the weeds of how gender ideology operates. People are prone to take advantage of means that support their interests in any case, but especially so in a scenario where they believe they are at a systemic disadvantage. Women believing they are unilaterally and unidirectionally oppressed by men creates justification for policy and behavior that hurts men (whether or not it helps women). Since this belief is not based on something empirical (which could be re-checked periodically to verify the status of oppression), the justification exists in perpetuity. Perhaps the most fundamental layer of the ideology is the subject/object dichotomy. Feminists often point out the objectification of women (i.e. reduction of a woman to a thing without the power of a person to act) and seek to empower women by allowing women to have subjectivity. (The interplay here is actually vastly more complex and involves implicit power and unequal valuation of people, but I'm trying to stay on point.)

They miss, however, that men are subjectified, similarly reduced to a pure will. It's especially bizarre when radical/marxist feminists miss this since subjectification/individualism is such a major component of capitalist (m'bootstraps) ideology. So in the purest "Platonic ideal" form, the ideology would have men as having all power and freedom and women having none. The solution of granting women further power (while leaving intact the subjectification of men) allows continual "progress" of empowering women, but as long as women retain some aspect of an object (and in reality, people are part subject and part object according to context), they will never "equal" men. Nor do they want to. Being subjectified is just as problematic as being objectified. You are considered responsible for everything. Responsibility is a burden in any amount, but to be considered fully responsible for your actions and the actions of less-responsible people around you is clearly not advantageous. This is a major flaw of feminist ideology generally, but it's also a necessary one.

The subjectification of men goes unquestioned. If that (perceived) power of the subject genuinely was taken away from men (in part) and shared equally with women, while the same was done the other way with object, that would make women and men equal (ideologically) and each masters of their own fate. That's a scary proposition for a lot of people, being culpable for your actions rather than being allowed to blame a larger force. Similarly, the ambiguity of whether you are responsible or not (if you are part subject and object) provokes anxiety if there isn't some gender-based big Other to resolve culpability into a couple of neat boxes for you. This is a problem for feminist men as well who get the simple resolution that they are responsible and do not have to resolve themselves what their role really is. And as long as men remain fully subjects, while women never quite get there (and who would want to!) there remains "progress to be made" and feminism lives on.

I know about the white feathers. Shaming people in that sort of way is just a part of maintaining the existing hierarchy (specifically in this case of working-class men being beneath the ruling class, and working-class women being demanded to collaborate with the ruling class to enforce that hierarchy under threat of the enemy conquering us if you don't make our boys go fight).
Sociopathy is a matter of motivation, not action. Most people are not especially compassionate, but that doesn't make them sociopaths. Most people are neither good nor bad, but conformist. They go along with the system they're in because that's what's pragmatic for individual survival (usually). We think of modern society as more compassionate but that's more to do with liberal "tolerant" ideology and people's desire to conform than it does with some actual change in how people think (although that is a component of it). I don't disagree at all that women perpetuate this system on an individual level. My disagreement is your analysis that this behavior stems from personal flaws endemic in women, which is baseless and sexist. Men also perpetuate this sexist system because they think they need to keep women in their place. That's not a myth; it's just over-exaggerated because that's the only side of systemic sexism most people are willing to see as a result of the subject/object dichotomy I go into here

Oh bullshit, they knew they're wasn't any existential threat to Britain, which is why they weren't trying to get women and themsleves to fight also. They were fully conscious blood theist colonizers, and they wanted men to die for them.
So if I get people murdered over and over again for my personal profit its not sociopathic as long as I didn't mean to LMAO.
Nice strawman, I'm talking about people who's actions directly or via proxy get people killed, not people that are simply indifferent.
I'll tell you a story, I lived in Germany for several years and got to know many German nationals, they all put up the same bullshit excuse, they didn't know about the Holocaust, had no fucking idea!
But you let them talk long enough and sure as shit you come away with the impression that they in fact did! Even the ones that were children at the time. Most historians are now starting to say the same thing.
Apologists like you always say proles didn't know because you can't make a good argument that they exhausted all the actions they could have taken. See the Iraq War for a modern equivalent.
More strawman, I never put these spooked moral labels like "flawed, crazy, evil" on women.
Women got it better with the state and will incite violence against men to keep that privilege
I really couldn't care less that in their heart of hearts they're really angles and they they deeply love men but they just had to keep themselves alive somehow ;_;
Oh the men that got killed, meh collateral damage lol.
This is just a spook feminist perpetuate, how the fuck is being cannon fodder AND the victim of more incarceration AND violence by other proles keeping women in their place LMAO!!!!!!
Oh wow they get to sell their labor, oh wait women can do that to AND opt out of it by having a baby and going on welfare.
It is a myth, more men are victims of rape when prison rape is accounted for. But since the majority of the perpetrators of that rape were men too, the men getting their anuses torn by prison rape really need to blame themselves because they prompted a sexist system…..somehow lol

I appreciate (and endorse!) your dissatisfaction with the system, but your analysis is too simplistic and us-vs-them. Sociopathy is a diagnosis of personality, not a judgment of behavior. I agree with you that the behavior you described is abhorrent and unjustifiable. Explanation is not the same as justification (calling bad actors "sociopaths" is a form of explanation too). I think you can have a more useful (to you and others) understanding of the situation if you want to change it.

That's a fundamentally different statement than describing women as sociopaths. People of whatever description tend to behave this way. There's nothing special about the Germans going along with the holocaust. The holocaust is not special at all. Throughout history genocides have operated in pretty much exactly the same way. All that makes the holocaust different is (1) its context with mass media capable of publicizing the event and (2) its utility to Zionists as an excuse to establish a different ethnostate. But I digress. The point is you're not pointing out some specific trait in people (as you say) but something very common. Sociopathy and similar language you were using claims some (uncommon!) aberration in a person as an individual, rather than the mass behavior of people according to (perceived) class interests.

They're not. You're just focusing on the part of the system that hurt men especially. Feminists make the same mistake, but for women. The material difference is that feminism has had more influence and made substantial changes. Your assessment of the material harm is generally right, but for the wrong reasons. I'm not even arguing that the system didn't historically favor women (particularly when you ignore class), but you are making the inverse assertion that feminists do where one side has all the problems and the other all the power. It's far more complicated than that, and a reductionist approach such as yours plays into the divisive nature of identity politics that plays to porky's advantage.

The welfare argument is a conservative/reactionary talking point. The vast majority of people receiving social services are the very poor who need considerably more to live a decent life.

It's actually arguable that more men/boys are victims of rape even when prison rape isn't accounted for, but you're missing the forest for the trees here. Crimes by men against women have a gendered component (as do crimes by women against men). They are less common than they used to be (spousal rape for instance) but still exist. There isn't a monolithic social order any more; cultural narratives are breaking down (good thing), but they're not broken down all the way yet. In different regions ideologies survive better than in others.

noun Psychiatry.
a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

And I'm not making a moral judgement, I'm saying women are maintaining their special privileged status with the state and its killing and hurting men.
At best they are apathetic, at worst they revel in it. In both cases they show no remorse for the consequences of their actions. Class is first, so porky is way more culpable but the culpability they do share they feel zero guilt about.
That's literally the personality of a sociopath. Plenty of men have brought it to their attention so spare men the "babe on the woods" act.
Women are more concerned with freaking dogs then the well being of prole men.
Its not useful, your just clutering up a simple dialectic with flowery prose.
Women are hurting men with state power and they don't feel bad about it. They have a long history of doing that. And maybe men in this #metoo era and 60% single motherhood rate should take that into consideration.
No its not, when my friend told me I hurt their feelings I stopped and I felt bad about it. I didn't try to gaslight him or justify my boorish behavior with her past transgressions. You know who doesn't do that? Sociopaths!
Oh I've read stories of slave owners that were the most fucking kindest and polite people you've ever met. Doesn't mean the their treatment of slaves was any less sociopathic.
My point was Germans of the former Nazi Germany all say the same thing to justify their tactic endorsement of the Holocaust.
They didn't know!!
Which is the exact same excuse you're trying to justify women's behavior regarding this issue. They just didn't know the state was killing and impoverishing men in their name!!!!
No fuck face, you trired to blame the state oppression suffered by on men themselves even though they're the ones getting raped and jailed and women are often accepting incentives to maintain that status quo.
Not really, feminists really only concern themselves with issues revolving around property and pay lip service to everything eles. See untested rape kits, an issue you'd think feminists would be all over, is mostly being addressed by male non feminists orgs
You're just assuming that, there are issues that effect women that don't effect men. But the are dwarfed because women wield the power of the state way more than men.
Caste systems aren't complicated
Its a grivence based in material reality. Again the single mother rate is over 25 percent now, up 7 percent form 1990 and it was even lower than before. What changed? Gotta be something material.
Single mothers that don't work get medicare and SNAP. It still allows them to live without selling their labor. Something men don't get with is why 3/4 s of the homeless are men.
If you don't think women are doing that on purpose than you're really naive.
Men don't get the same welfare as women. In fact men who have children out of wedlock get thrown in jail while women get welfare. The days of Cabrini Green type projects are long gone with section 8 vouchers.
Why? Because and vanishingly small percent of men are henious enough to commit violent crimes?
What about child abuse? The vast majority of that is done by women. Can we conclude that child abuse in an inherently female trait?
Huh???? What's that!?? Sex is an inalienable trait and ascribing complex social behavior to it is bigoted?!?
Huh, you know I see your point!

Fucking christ, go to the gym and stop being such a massive faggot.

Bitch no one was crying about women, its their relationship to the state is what we were talking about.
And I'm not from Tumblr, and Tumblrina would be helping you dog pile on male proles.

You've been talking about alienating half the proletariat, you've been crying.
Did you get so triggered you became illiterate?

Okay I've been crying, but not about women, but their relationship to the state.
It's just a typo you pedantic nerd.

Wrongfully crying. Women are hostages just like us, being a prole woman is shit even with child support, welfare, and whatever else. You should be organizing with them to topple the oppression of capitalism instead of playing the oppression olympics to see who porky is fucking harder.
Not what I was talking about you fuckwit. Read my post, then read the op.

So women have to agree to die for their country before getting the right to vote?
I'll take "House Niggers" for $300 Alex.
as in people who have special relationships to their oppressors in return they reenforce the status quo and are indespisable in its preservation
Having food, shelter and not having to sell your labor full time is loads better than homelessness or debtors prison. Oh, and let's not get started on the ethics of having a child JUST so you can get on welfare. Like I said, grew up poor, personally knew tons of women that did that.
Can't do that when I'm completely surrounded by welfare moms who's path of least resistance is getting me to a debt surf to them. They get child support and the state gets yummy interest on the Billions it collects in escrow. Why the fuck would either party want that to change…. unless…try and follow me here…. they're not ABLE to exploit men anymore.
I'm sorry, does debtors prison, rape, incarceration and death not fit your definition of oppression.
Strawman, I know porky is behind this. You're the type of leftist that would have tut tuted slavery aboliist,
Well you see we have slavery because of the commodity form, so *adjusts glasses* ultimately slavery abolition is a fools errand. I know this because of Hegiel *snort*

What are you proposing exactly? You've laid out a lot of ideas, but what's your conclusion?

It's one guy having a meltdown from clearly a lot of pent-up feelings.

Stop getting so worked up over idpol, retard.

So now I'm a Sadie Soapbox for speaking out about mass incarceration, institutionalized rape in said prisons, and debt serfdom?
Leftists should help men despook themselves of male disposability, and yes that would invole a lot of holding to account women that reinforced it.
It would help your goals as well, less men willing to be cannon fodder = less imperialism and police state

no you

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The draft is a spook?

The draft isn't even a thing anymore. Retards sign up of their own volition now.

Are prisons spooks as well? What about the almost all male police, military and intelligence apparatus? Spooks as well?

No! There's nothing wrong with being angry about these things. Why would you assume that because I'm talking about feelings that I'm trying to dismiss you? You're talking about important things, but you're going overboard with walls of text and not reading closely enough to see how little you're being disagreed with. I've been talking about the way you frame the issues, which is directly pertinent to
You're communicating your points (many of which are salient to leftist activism directly!) in a way that's making most people ITT think you're absurd. I agree with a significant portion of what you're saying and trying to engage you in the topic (in a relevant thread) but you're making that very difficult. I understand you're angry about this and I'm trying to validate what you're feeling so you can move into a place where you can productively discuss this.

t. liberal spooks

I know, that's why I told him to stop being a faggot. Perhaps he would benefit from being a fag though given his hostility towards women.

t.liberal feminist

I think he's so angry largely because he only ever gets "ur a faget" responses, which is just a positive feedback loop making him angrier and angrier. Our culture doesn't have a prepared response that helps re-socialize alienated people - guys this this, incels, tumblrinas, whatever. That's a problem, and being callous toward people who are in that position is poor behavior for a movement that has pretenses toward uniting the proletariat, many of whom are these thoroughly alienated people.

He's angry because he's a retard who can only see things through the lens of idpol and sees half the population as his enemies. No different than Zig Forumsyps really.

Reducing people to a simplistic stereotype like that is a self-fulfilling prophecy, nigga. If that's the only way people interact with you, that's the role you're forced into fulfilling for them. A radical-minded person should look past what's happening and inquire into the material causes.

Oh gawd please stop, I'm not some socially inept incel, you're trying to equate what I'm saying with being hysterical. Its the oldest trick in the book.
I've been called everything from an idpoler, to a sexually frustrated incel to everything in between. Stop acting like this board has been completely hostile to discussing these men's issues and their relationship to the state.
I've posted over and over the grave implications of these issues only to get scorn, indifference or mocking disapproval. Please stop pretending the boards aversion to this is due to framing. You sound like liberals that Martin Luther King talked about.
"Not now, not here, not so loud, not so uncivil"
Sorry I'll try to watch that, but I'm still going to make what I don't agree with you on plain.
Oh boy, you really think I'm an outlier don't you. Sigh….listen these issues are growing in importance, and the only place I hear them earnestly discussed are some pretty reactionary circles. The only reason why fascists haven't coopted this anger is because of their white supremecy spooks. Since these issues effect ethnic minorities even more than white men.
The minute fascists either give up on white supemacy OR more realistically expand the definition of white to include said ethnic minorities this political current is going to engulf anyone in its way.
Advocacy on any of these issues isn't antithetical to anarchism so I really don't under stand the aversion.

Because you spout nonsense like

How is wanting to end sexist state oppression actually in reality sexist?!?!?!
Please by all means explain to me why women should have this privileged status with the state.

Idpol in the opposite direction isn't "anti-idpol"