Combatting weaponized mass surveillance and AI

Hey, I didn't see a thread up about this and I wanted to pose the question.

Listen to this discussion here about what the fucking state-fascist Amazon x Law Enforcement is rolling out in various poor neighborhoods:

Warning, listening this podcast will make grown men cry
also this terrifying warning about autonomous AI:

The discussion I'd like to have is on what exactly can be done, as Bones puts it very succinctly, this kind of facial recognition garbage is just like the technology of the machine gun in WWI. Droves of men just walked into the line of fire and dropped, because they had never encountered such a menace. Now, what will happen when you call up a self-driving car, it recognizes you as having done activism, or you're generally on the wrong-think list, and the doors lock and you're driven away to a blacksite? I'm also sure that all these insane police killings were let loose on Americans just -so that- liberals find the funds for police body cams, then those body cams get equipped with recognition, then we're even more fucked than before. Instead of dismantling the police state, we've equipped them with our worst nightmare.
As Count Alfred Korzybski points out, as he wrote just after witnessing WWI, human society advances its technology, at great human cost, and then only after there is a gigantic upheaval/revolution/bloody insurrection does ethics start getting put into place. This advance in technology seems to be rolling forward at full steam, and the danger is that it gets in place with no ethics involved, then starts replicating itself on racist, white supremacist, or just straight up capitalist ideals, and there is no reset button by the initiative for common weal.

What do you say? What can be done against this, voting surely is off the table, we didn't even vote this stuff in. The corrupt, stinking institution just rolls forward, and it seems we are heading for a future where if you even look the wrong way, you're put on a list, and then captured any time you try to make a sound.

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remember what nietzsche said: "The highest type of free men should be sought where the highest resistance is constantly overcome: five steps from tyranny, close to the threshold of the danger of servitude."

This conversation needs to grow faster than it is atm. The moment google came out with that AI software that can make calls for you, I knew it could only go downhill from here. Even people like Elon Musk are warning about the danger of letting AI get into the wrong hands.

Personally I believe that AI needs to stop being produced all together. As the man in the Slaughterbots video pointed out, AI can make great achievements to humanity. But, IMO, at this point I think we are rolling the dice and the possibility of this being beneficial is the possibility of rolling snake eyes.

This is just what I think, if anyone has a better solution please don't hesitate to respond.

Be ungovernable. Smash cameras. Destroy expensive equipment. Make surveilance prohibitively expensive.

The technology is complex and unreliable, there's too much information in the world for any computer system or its overseers to take in or use effectively. It's a problem of course but it will never be apocalyptic, you have far too much faith in the human intellect and our ability to manage chaotic systems than is justified.

I would argue we are broadly tending towards a point in technological progress where our technology is becoming so complex its unreliability is making it less efficient and effective than simpler technology.

Face recognition software is retarted. Just use a bit of makeup or some shit and It doesn’t know who you are. The real danger is that it recognizes you based on your phone signal or your credit card number than takes you to a black sight.

"AI" doesn’t exist. Your thinking of Complex algorithms. Artificial intelligence doesn’t exist, and probably won’t for a few centuries.

Just ride a bike instead.

What leads you to believe this. Not challenging you, just curious.

Yeah I was listening to an interview with John Le Carre, the spy novelist who was a former MI6 agent and knows a bunch of spooks. His point of view is that all this info has actually made the job harder because they don't know how to sort out what's real and what's bullshit, and they're just swamped with information – and also quite vulnerable to big data breaches.

An EMP rifle would come in handy these days, you could kill a whole smart home with something like that.

So would a replicator and a tractor beam.

But then again, an AGS 30 can get the job done too

We should all become juggalos. Facial recognition can't do shit against makeup.
Pay with cash for as much as possible.
Newer detection systems will also use shape of face, body proportions and style of walking. Get an extra set of loose clothing.
Know what the laws in your country are for the retention and spread of video surveillance footage. Here they can't keep it for more than 3 days. Should be kept in mind when planning anything.
In 2013, 1 million people in the US were on some kind of list. Our usage of 8ch and possibly other stuff like TOR or TAILS or whatever may put you on some kind of extra list.
Prepare for a time when you have to drop off their grid. Look for friends that might want to help you when the time comes.
Keep in mind what they already know about you and all the things they might have access to. Written stuff and your thoughts will remain safe. Spoken words are safe unless you're under such special surveillance that they use your phone to tap that stuff. We're left with plenty of opportunity to organize.
Organizations with explicit names and goals will be infiltrated if they get big enough.

Or worse, what if you just happen to know someone on the wrongthink list (who's too smart to use self-driving cars) and they kidnap you to lure them out? People who aren't even radical and don't even know their friend is a gommie could get snatched up and find out about their politics this way.

Artificial Intelligence is what AI means, and we have not yet created a fully sietent mind that exists in a computer.

I really wanna listen to that podcast but these fucking nerds won't stop yelling for no goddamn reason

I think this is the most naive opinion… There are gigantic military-corporate grade server farms all over the globe crunching the most advanced data all the time, and "who doesn't like da gubbamint" has the be the easiest query ever.

I don't want this to necessarily turn into an OPSEC thread, but what makes you think that the data picked up from your Tor browsing (which necessarily as part of its 'anonymity' that you're just supposed to blindly trust, crosses boarders) doesn't get picked up and sent directly to the German server farm where they crunch this type of data? I don't have all the links atm because I'm trying to put my mind out of this for a while, but read the intercept. So-called anonymity tools are used to capture people all the time, it's very likely that Tor & Bitcoin were invented for the sole purpose of dragnetting criminals. We're going to see a report in a few years that calls the whole thing Operation Bitsweeper or whatever.
Also the NSA illegally collected 500 million phone calls last year and fine I'll give you one link but that's it, on the illegal FISA courts which surveil you and give the data right to local law enforcement or other letter agencies for busts without a court order or any due process

never underestimate your enemy

It's all ridiculous. Persons are already kidnapped using regular vehicles all the time, it's one of their biggest externalities. And if you're really on a ~wrongthink~ list and rule of law is weak you'll be killed outright, no need to kidnap you.

What exactly is going on in this video? I know it's some candidate being assassinated but how does this relate to the thread? Are you saying the assassin was a US agent or what?

It was a hitman. Probably he didn't pay an extortion fee charged to would-be candidates. See? The doors lock? Come on.

I'll summarize:
Fascism is here, it's worse than ever in total nightmare mode, and nobody is doing a god damn thing about it.
Kids are being kept in cages, they're sleeping on concrete, all for someone's profit, and the politicians who sanction it all could give a fuck less because they're all paid off.
If you try to do anything to stop Jeff Bezos from becoming a trillionare, his private security force will Trumpwaffe you and your family for the next 14 generations and you can't do shit about it. Amazon sells their facial recognition software to 'law enforcement' for pennies on the dollar.
Meanwhile, idiot leftists are debating on discord about, "when the revolution comes, these fascist guys are really gonna get it!" and jerking off to hentai instead of mobilizing a force to end the fucking ICE-SS. They think they can vote stuff out that they had no hand in ever voting in, they want to "abolish" ICE, as in, go about it the democratic way, as if any of the criminal crony politicians are going to listen to what you have to say. The shit marches on, and because the tanks aren't rolling out right before your eyes, we don't recognize it's fascism. But the concentration camps are here, they have addresses, they're being filled up by the tens of thousands of black and brown bodies. There are no leftist militias storming the gates of these for profit prisons, so what the fuck are you doing?
Also, black neighborhoods in MI and NJ are being surveilled by old white farts who have nothing better to do than snitch to the cops for free as soon as they see anything 'suspicious', creating an atmosphere of pure George Zimmerman on steroids.

Awesome, we are actually in The Matrix. Quick question though: How am I going to make an EMP when all the jobs have been taken away from my neighborhood and I can't even afford to eat? Take off the VR headset my friend.

Crisis averted guys, coast is clear, we have bikes, no more dystopia, SNAFU.

The will to power is weak with this one.

I don't see how this leads to anything other than a slaughter of the hypothetical militias, which would only further intimidate and subdue the passive. How the fuck is any civilian force going to stand against the pigs, let alone the goddamn US war machine? We're decades behind in terms of organization and technology. Are you charismatic enough to convince thousands of Americans to die for ideals they've been conditioned to fear?

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