Why are current leftists out of touch?

Why are current leftists out of touch?

Lets say we kill leftism. All the tactics and theory we have works best for an old time. What can we create for today?

Also consider this a post-leftist/dark wojak thread
I fucking love dark wojak

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We can look to organized crime or how whores are dealing with sesta-fosta for inspiration on how to organize in 21st century conditions and extrapolate from there using theory we already have while discarding tactics that are no longer relevant.

Dark wojack is a forced meme

That sounds interesting user. Personally, I've been looking at nature for inspiration. So dig this. No one's gonna do a worker's strike since they have families to feed. No one's going to picket because they don't have the time, after all they dont have time since they have work tonight. The leftists keep to themselves and ignore the working class. So what is to happen? Its clear we have to look after each other. Its clear we need to sever dependence on employers and government and help one another become more powerful and self-reliant. Every institution is determined to suppress this. Modern politics divides us in camps in a modern version of divide and conquer. Corporations make us weak by saying we need them to survive. They claim, in this world without gods, that they can feed us through wages, they can fufill us through labor, and they can give us happiness through consumerism. Our enemies know there is only one thing that can lead us to overthrow them: discipline and independence. They do everything they can to kill these two virtues. American mythology says that these can only come alone. That with true cowboy magic and solitude these things come. But the truth is that it can only come through each other. Its time to end our pride. Its time to help each other. I think discussing tactics is getting ahead of ourselves. The discussion of tactics implies we have the skill, the power, the energy, and the means. How can a person discuss on the best style in which to build a house if they no not basic carpentry? Do we think ourselves ready? Do we think we can even begin to discuss tactics of attack when our soldiers are either unaware of the war, unaware that they're soldiers, or unaware that the people they see as enemies are actually comrades? Maybe we should start there.

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just like "post-leftism"

More than using "proletariat" to shame, current left uses it in my opinion as a glorified unattainable pure type of person that nobody is because everyone is "middle class" or they even use the term bourg even if the person doesn't own means of production (I have seen it used on service workers an awful lot)

Its the final evolution of the ENOUGH meme. DARK WOJACK IS DONE. WOJACK HAS BEEN BULLIED, SPIT ON, AND ABUSED BY PEPE AND THE WORLD. WOJACK SAYS ENOUGH. WOJACK GOES DARK. I dont know why but this meme makes me laugh every time to see it. If you have any post more.

I too love dark wojack and do not find it a forced meme. But sorry I don't have any I don't save memes

I see this alot too. Some people are just trying to live their life the best way they know how. Some leftists call people with jobs "boug". Its fine to explain how they participate in a broken system but its not okay to say they're a bad person for just trying to get by. It creates an us v. them where the us is the "enlightened communist elite" and the them is the "dirty prole". Its also really ironic considering some leftists are the definition of "boug". Its like when white people on twitter say they hate white people.

Even as post-left anarchist I have to admit that post-leftism is often used as a platform for feeling better than not only the moderate and right but leftists themselves. I'm trying personally to make sure that as an ideology its not just used as an edgy rejection of everything but rather the foundation for a new line of political thinking. It takes a child to say everything is shit. But it takes a big boy to say "Whats next?".

Or maybe they do not sell their labor power to the owners of the means of production in exchange for wages.

Someone do one with Shinji.

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A shame they twist the term to a petty insult and end up hurting the movement

Are you guys sure we're talking about leftists and not rich liberal elitists?


Well I mostly think about facebook comments or journal articles so I don't really know if they were rich libs or not per se. The rethoric is surely 100% lib though. A teacher of public high school once tried to do this shit, she was not rich but she was somewhat of a lib, she once explained us marx in such a retarded shitty way that made me think wow marx was really stupid, it is like she explained us lassalle and called it marx, also she was knee deep in idpol. Another that uses the term bourg repetedly is a friend of mine who is legitimately a radlib red coated, he calls himself a communist but he is a gay stalinist idpolist who wants the middle ages back and have a christian totalitarian thing. Pure schizophrenia. But he is indeed the son of a legitimate wealthy bourgeois family

Sorry for breaking post but For example read the "bourgeois" definition on urban dictionary. It is like a pejorative of "middle class" and I have seeb it used a lot by ignorant leftists that want to spazz out at their target of the day

I'm almost certain that the bourgeois culture has resulted in leftism being turned into a shiny piece of clothing that people use to stand out rather than something people are serious about.

Read McQuinn

Genuinely curious where you've gotten this from.

As opposed to arguing over race and religion?

What does this even mean?

And this?

And also this?

Most people don't give a fuck about politics, and those that do can't even define the current economic property relations. If you make the accurate statement of "Bush persued neoliberal policies" you would be immediately met with "LmAo hE iS KuNseRvAtIVe"

Yeah, I'm making a thread on Sesta-Fosta that should be interesting.
It seems you're talking about self-sufficiency for leftist movements, which frankly is ignored too much. Many seem to think the revolution will be like the rapture and not a conflict we will be participating in and have a chance of losing. If it were to happen tomorrow we would starve or be killed within 3 months, and no party or whatever can change that.