What the f is happening in China?


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China is not socialist, their marxism is watered down and just an ideological tool for the party. The youth there doesn't really give a fuck about marxism, they'd think it's just govt. propaganda, which it is there.
If anything this looks like a need for political consolidation which is not exactly a sign of political stability.

I knew China was based… but not THIS based. I hope Xi turns out to be the first reverse reformer in a corrupted Socialist state and actually makes China Socialist again. "Only Socialism can save China" he said that. I hope it wasn't just empty words.

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I wonder how many layers of revisionism we shall witness on this show.

wtf i love Xi now

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Somebody needs to sub this so we can form a first hand opinion
Otherwise this is just weird

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Xi is right. At this point China has two options: continue with capitalist development which is creating massive instability or begin implementing policies which put the country on track to socialism.

Xi Jinping deserves 110% support for this.

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Actually, Marx was wrong, the biggest conflict in the world isn't between proletariat and bourgeoisie but between americans and non-hegemonic bourgeoisie.

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Uphold Marxism-BOism!

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How many layers of COINTELPRO are you on? Read Cockshott: reality.gn.apc.org/polemic/imper.htm
> To justify support for a movement whose politics are founded on a petty European border dispute, that has nothing whatsovever to do with socialism, and which is indeed antithetical to working-class struggles, resort has to be had to anti-imperialist phraseology. But what now passes as the 'Marxist-Leninst theory of Imperialism', has nothing to do with Marx, precious little to do with Lenin, and is instead a concoction cooked up by Kruschovite revisionism and bourgeois nationalists during the '50s and '60s.
>The notion of neo-colonialism for instance, once had a purpose: to justify a diplomatic alliance between the USSR and new bourgeois leaders like Nasser and Nkrumah. As a policy it was terrible. Anti-imperialist alliances with the national bourgeoisies in Egypt, Iraq etc, did the working classes of those countries no good at all. And the Soviet alliance tended to be dumped by the bourgeoisies once they established themselves. Politically, it never offered any perspective of independent proletarian politics.

definately not. They are shit-tier and highly market-focussed, serving the homegrown bourgoies class rather than the people at large.

btw this was written in 1995

Xi is saying that modern China embodies the correct interpretation of Marxism.




Must have missed that part.

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Marx did not had a complete recipe. It's open to interpretation and pragmatism.

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But it's socialist capitalism.

Jason please

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Unruhe has denounced China and thinks they're imperialist. What is it with these brainlets thinking Maoists have anything to do with modern China?

The roo no longer considers himself a Maoist.

Also my reply was more a a jab at the whole "socialist commodity production" fit he had with muke.

Oh boy the company I work for was recently bought by a Chinese corporation, I can't wait until they introduce workplace democracy and hang our bosses! Any day now, r-right?

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Chinese politicians and propaganda uses to socialist rhetoric in the same way and for the same reasons as American politicians that talk about freedom, democracy and fetishism of the American revolution. It's completely empty and serves only too legitimize the regime and the status quo. Not long since a Marxist reading group in a Chinese university was disbanded by force and its members arrested by the state. Xi is just using China's revolutionary history for propaganda purposes. Socialism will not come to China from above, from technocrat pigs like Xi, and thinking he is truly committed to socialism is nothing but gullible, idealist garbage.

shills gtfo


Those are mostly Marcyites/Dengists and not Maoists of any sort, if you actually talk to MLM's you'd quickly realize they are some of the most anti China people on the wider left.

talk is cheap.

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take your pills BO you dumb sack of marcyite trash

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What's up Zig Forums BO?

The CPC also claims to be socialist despite Billionaire and Millionaire members running sweatshops and MTW is closer to marcyites than MLM. I suggest you look into On Mass or the RevLeft Radio (no connection to the forums) with Emay to get a better idea if what Maoists actually think.


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THIS i cant wait till Xi restores socialism
He Wont LOL XD

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I'm actually starting to think Ismail is right and they are working towards socialism through an extended period of NEP style politics

Seems absolutely legit.
The only way we can figure out whether China is socialist, is to see how will they act on an international scale during the inevitable birth of socialism during the 2020's. I expect the party to be extremely reactionary.


big if true

This is partially true. But smaller capitalist reforms that derailed economy from it's way to communism started back in 1965, known as Khrushev-Kosygin reform.
Gorbachev was just literal traitor and probably a CIA agent or something. He literally abolished social property on means of production with "cooperation" law which basically allowed 100% capitalist commerce legalized many con schemes and speculation. All this followed by instant currency inflation like in Zimbabwe and all around economic crysis.
But hey they built a McDonalds in Moscow! So liberals can eat their shitburgers grilled by Uzbeks now.

But even being partially socialist economy of Russia was in top 5 in the world. Now it's on same level with Brasil or something.
So yeah China should know better than follow "market reforms", but even NK shows concerning signals now with this anti-nuclear and "dialog with west" bullshit. It will end right there. In Brasil. Well in case of capitalist NK it would be Somalia.

But it should be added that Marx is not a fucking Bible written in the stone He lived 200 years ago and nature of capitalism changed since than, he didn't predict that liberal globalism we live in. If it's a science we should treat it as such and even back then Lenin added great deal to theory. Capitalists have also read Capital and they made sure to stop natural process of monopolization by anti-monopoly laws to ensure longevity of capitalism.

I don't know why i'm writing it. Who gives a shit. We've lost our best opportunity. Now we wont bult a communism any faster than polfags fix their 4th reich with aryan lolicon or whatever they do in their mental ward.

hot take: gorbachev did more to further the development of socialism than any other leader of the soviet union

Need English subs - NOW. Come on, somebody pleeease.

It's more complex than this. The transition to a market democracy was a planned plundering of the russian state by high-ranking officials of the security services. And it happened because the soviet system created relations of clientelism and corruption.

Chinese officials managed to avoid it and developed a very elegant and powerful hybrid model, and it is to their credit. Ironically, the sino-soviet split helped with this, so it's in part thanks to Khrushchev.

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China is Capitalist

They don't claim not to be. Read a book. Stop wearing ideologies. You're not fooling anyone.


what part do you need translation for

Nice pol memeposting.

All of it D:

doesn't China suppress unions and workers. Sounds socialist to me. Also what said

How in the world do all your kids turn out to be nerds.?


Is it really chess when their plans have been out from the very start?

Update? Are there translations / subtitles to be found now that a week has gone by?

First half seems to be history discussion.
Also why does CCTV have a YT channel?


China is just following through with Lenin's NEP. If Xi isn't a communist, then he's playing with fire cause Marx's readings will radicalize the youth of China. If he is a communist then this is the step needed to take China to the next level, the capitalist industrialization period is nearly over…..we are soon at a time to enter a socialist period. To accomplish that Xi will need huge amounts of power to destroy all opposing interests from both inside the country and out, which is exactly what he did by removing his term limits.

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From an admittedly cursory viewing the show seems to be a glorified lecture.

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these required watered down classes are like government classes in u.s
xi is probably leninist nationalist than maoist, and china president is not as powerful as party or military leader official.

Can Xi Jinping restore socialism in China already?

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Good enough.


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argubly though, Deng did preserve the revolution

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Bump because this thread has still got unfinished open questions

china isn't socialist and it never was

While I think some of us are still looking for a translation I found this other interesting program of 'The Point' (27min) from CGTN (CCTV is its parent-network) in which they speak English:

They discuss socialism/communism in the contemporary west and China. The host tries to keep it simple for the average viewer (a bit too simple imo), while the panel consists of the mix of a Chinese prof. of 'east-Asian studies', a t*rkish ML of the 'Patriotic Party' and a UK prof. of sociology / demsoc.

It's true

China is ComCap.

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You guys checked the Russian parade last year? Pure Soviet style, from uniforms, to flags, and they got Golbachev crying on scene, and Putin wanted to assign himself as the legit successor of NKVD.

Banking on nostalgic feelings is a way to distract population feelings in post-communism countries. We are living in a very ideologically confusing era.

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They do everything to distract from anything
Watch this and think about "fake news" for a sec

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Yeah hypernormalization was pretty good. And I recently checked out Kanye West is watching Adam Curits for fuck sake.

Guy Debord was right, we are in the Society of Spectacle.

I'm gonna play the full hypernormalization in the dubtrack in about 45 min. if people wanna watch.
Look for the dubtrack thread in the catalog.

oh dear? after watching this, I can only say holy fucking shit

Watch the full doc if you like it.
Really displays media manipulation IRL.
Wonder what the Russian hacking allegations and corruption investigations are all about in comparison to that.
Would it be a tactic to ensure revolution keeps being a faraway idea, by keeping the idea of possible impeachment in people's heads?

I'll definetly watch this, thanks. As for the rest, I do not think I can keep anymore with trying to understand burger politics, didn't the democrats like sued trump or something already lmao. It's like even the supposed big news do not really matter

It's all theatre. The only chance we can get at reaching that audience would be by passing notes along the lines, the moment their popcorn bucket goes empty.

It's fucking astounding watching morons praise Xi's counterrevolutionary clique just because some socialist theory still survives in China. I assure you, it is not his doing. The de facto party line is still to imprison any serious left-opposition that approaches becoming socialist in character. Just because there are some things in China worth defending does not mean that Xi is Marxist in any serious sense.


This Unruhe is not all wrong. China is more mixed economy nowadays.
But even if China is not his perfect socialism, that doesn't mean it is wrong. There are still many problem, but many Chinese are no longer in poverty today, which beneficial to socialist goals. Scientific Marxism should not be dogmatic.

of course they are not socialist, what are you fucking blind? the private sector owns 2/3 of the indusrty and the communist party even collaborates and helps a lot of private corporations, Tencent is an example of this.

Sounds specific, got a source for that?

60% of the GDP made in the private sector


here the source of the 2/3 blogs.worldbank.org/eastasiapacific/state-owned-enterprises-in-china-how-big-are-they

the info is from 2008, its probably worse now

i exagerated on there, the only corporations i know the party has collaborated with is alibaba and tencent, i got passionate and wrote that shit

I'd expect the opposite from how the CCP has been acting within the last year alone.

billy said that he is a wolf, therefore billy is a wolf