Let's make meme magic® happen Americans

Let's make meme magic® happen Americans

I'm going to start flyering this all over my city.

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Let's do it.

I've spammed this image to all my city's local activist groups, emails, Signal threads, etc etc and already have a small crew who's willing to wheatpaste this at office buildings and shit


what a complete and utter waste of perfectly good paper

You're just as bad as the trumptards.

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"if you want to start a general strike by appealing to the mainstream's objections to the worst president of all time you're literally as bad as the fascists" what?

You're only appealing to a small section of the public with the language you're using. Yes, a majority of burgers dislike Trump, but how does the language you're using make sense as a mass appeal at all? Do you think the average burger is going to see this flyer, look at all the retarded hashtags, read "Flood the streets as if Mueller were fired", and take this even the slightest bit seriously? Fuck no. It would make far, far more sense to point to the myriad of tangible, unpopular policy decisions that happened under Trump than 85% of the word salad you spewed on your shitty flier.

>if you want to start a virtue signal against Reagan 4.0 Bush 3.0 Obama 2.0 using the abdolute most baseless and retarded lamestream media memes that nobody in the entire country but the most brainwashed #ImForHer sheeple, you're literally LARPing as hard as the Zig Forumsyps.
Yes, yes you are.

Fuck off

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Brillaint post, at last I truly see.


I think a day of no purchasing is a great idea though .

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At least he's trying, you pretentious fucks.

Trying to be counter productive you mean, OP's so dumb that it appears as though he's a legit corporate shill or a Zig Forumsyp false flagging. "Trying" at this level is worse than doing nothing at all.

What should we do then?

As I said nothing at all is better than this, spreading bourgeois obfuscation like Russiagate and other mainstream media memes is a good way of maintaining the status quo and suppressing class consciousness.

If you rather not do nothing, then campaign on material issues that affect the working class like universal healthcare, working time limits, minimum wage, net neutrality, socialist gun clubs, paid vacation entitlement, marijuana legalisation, political reform, anything other than the stupid irrelevant shitshow going on in OP's pic.

no it's not it's an obvious joke you idiot

nothing stay put in your armchair nerd for fucks sake don't you have ANYTHING better to do in life than care for internet shit? get a life, now, go, go, go.


They had that idea after SOPA-PIPA, except it was only for media, and was for a month. Dunno if it ever materialized though.

At least in the West/Burgerland, dragons are known for hording resources they have no use for. They're porkies.

benis lol

Hate. Stoners. So. Much. Urg. To. Kill. Rghghrrrrghrargh… Breath, calm down, just remember legalization is the first step to control and elimination.

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