Transracial identity is now ok

The Left is now defending "transracial" identity.

It's apparently OK to be a white person who "identifies" as black. But not just any white person - Rachel "NAACP" Dolezal, a virtual fucking meme. She became famous in 2015 when she was outed as a white person pretending to be black. She was the leader of her local NAACP branch as well as an served in a capacity as instructor in some kind of Black Studies program. (She claimed to be a professor.) Apparently she also sued Howard University in 2002 because they allegedly discriminated against her for being…white.

WSWS has just published an article promoting a documentary about her and defending her insanity.

Furthermore, the related notions that one cannot “identify” with a race or ethnicity apart from one’s own and that the categories “whiteness” and “blackness” might as well exist on different planets are profoundly reactionary.

Read it here:

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History will absolve her.

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It literally hurts no one and matters to like 00000000.1% of the general population
Except for screeching rightists though ;)

read adolph reed

Kudos to WSWS for their forward thinking take. Both race and gender are social constructs. In 10 or 15 years, transracial identity will (rightfully) become acceptable and supported by the entirety of the left.

Unironically this.

Pretty much these

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you'll never be white stormcuck.

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>>>Zig Forums

It is hilarious how right he is. There is no rational way to support transgender silliness without also supporting transracial silliness.

if you claim not to see the difference between transgender and "transracial" then you're either trying to be sneakily transphobic or just a fucking idiot

Neither of them are hurting anyone asides from Zig Forumss feefees so who gives a shit?

Are you a race realist tranny or something? I think you should drop your spooks

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"Transrace" do not exist because race does not exist. Gender is a social construct based on real sex "tendencies" among humans, while race is 120% a lie and not existing.

Agreed. So why shouldn't people be allowed to identify as any race they want and deconstruct race however they please?


Tell us all about how transgender identity is common sense.

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This is fucking hilarious, when can I identify as a transnigger dragon?

Literally do it
There is Literally no reason not to asides from spooks

Race may be too broad a category, but specific ethnicity does exist, and its completely insane to believe that you can just pretend you're part of a different ethnicity than you are genetically. At least with transgender people there's evidence of a neurological origin for their perception, but "transracialism" is pure insanity, the final form of idpol.

Jesus Christ, I can't even tell if this thread is filled with Zig Forums or by reddit.

How is 'muh genes' any different than 'muh chromosomes'?

It isn't, what's your point? Both transgender and "transracial" people are experiencing a delusion, everyone with a brain agrees with that. The real disagreement is how society should respond to these delusions; should we let the people who have them identify how they want since it doesn't really hurt anyone and reduces mental anguish, or should we somehow treat them to prevent a possible spread of their almost entirely subjectivist view of categorization and its possible cultural effects?

Regardless of how they should be treated, their feelings that they are a man when they have XX chromosomes and female reproductive physiology, or that they are a Black African when they have no physical features or genes associated with that region's ethnic groups need to be recognized as caused, either directly or indirectly, by a neuro-psychological issue rather than a view that has ontological legitimacy.

It's a cultural issue, perpetuated by gender/racial stereotypes.

It literally is, you fucking idiot.

The difference is that trans=real dissonance between what should be an harmony of the organic relationship between self identifyng and the difference in sexes. Race is a sham because yes there are ethnic differences, however "genetic race" and visible phenotype characteristics are almost completely unrelated to each other, and the same for genetics and ethnic differences. If I tan myself nigger and start chanting whatever stupid bantu song I am not "trans race" I am simply using cultural characteristics from a pool of a different culture first, and second by tanning myself nigger and saying i am a nigger inside I am associating niggers with that culture. That is the true racust part, "trans race" is inherently racist because it links le ebin skin color to specific cultural forms and it reinforces the idea that there are genetic differences you are born "in dissonance with". The "cultural appropriation" thing is the retarded part, nothing wrong with that, do what you want, rob the culture supermarket and even tan yourself or whatever but by sating "trans race" one actually defeats all the purpose of cross culture relation and racial stereotyipe despooking.

Usually I wouldn't do something like this but in this case it's excused.
If I cut my dick off like a woman and start chanting whatever stupid female gossip is popular at that moment I am not "transgender" I am simply using cultural characteristics from a pool of a different gender first, and second by cutting my dick off and saying i am a woman inside I am associating women with that culture.

Good thread


Race does not exist, therefore being "transracial" or "anti-transracial" makes no sense.

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Wrong. This is the problem transgenderism has a real basis on the fact that there is a dissonance in how your body and mind works, since they developed in different ways

That still doesn't prove that minds can be associated with genders.

Race is as much a social construct as gender is. In your equivalency all you need to do is replace "real sex tendencies" with "shared local biology and cultural norms" and you got your material basis.
By extension, someone calling themselves "black", or "white", or whatever flavour they want is their own affair. That is, unless you want to argue for some essential "blackness", which is corrupted by spooky race invaders. Of course, that would be TERF rhetoric except with race instead of gender.

it's like the new attack helicopter meme but somehow even less funny

read stirner

i'm not a guy because my parents were both men moron, but i do have white skin, along with other superficial signifiers of "whiteness" because of my parent's genetics

Mind can't be associated with sex but it can with gender, which are the performances in himan society that arise from sex. I agree a trans person should always accept he will forever be a biological male for some characteristics such of course genetic code, but the intrinsic traits of his mind that developed as a woman makes the problem a real biological one that is not simply cultural, even if a lot of things associated with genders are in great part cultural

This is right wing tier rhetoric what the fuck.

This. The Stirnerites finally got one right.


Nonh: Broke
Julian: Woke

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I’m more concerned about transracial black Zig Forumsacks want to become white.

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You also have "superficial signifiers" of being a massive faggot.

It is, retard.

Gender actually has a biological basis so the idea of someone being 'born in the wrong body' has some merit, race is essentially a social construct which paradoxically is why I think it makes no sense to be 'transracial', unlike trangenderism, it's inherently political, and people like Dolezai and King want to be black because they want to assuage their white guilt and self-hatred in a way that's just destructive for everyone. I mean nobody on the left would say a man can't have a female-associated haircut or vice versa but when we get into race we get this idea of 'cultural appropriation' where King and Dolezai get stereotypical black haircuts in order to appear to have more credibility. I mean look at that OP picture, does Dolezai's hair actually look like that naturally like some black people? Of course not. Transracialism is not the same as transgenderism.

Dolezal had enough "superficial signifiers" to fool people for years. How, then, is she not "black?"

Sex is biological. Gender is entirely made-up bullshit.

Just because you darken your skin and affect black speech, hair, et cetera doesn't mean you actually are black, do actors actually, literally become the characters they're playing at the time? No.

Okay, either way, whichever.

Kill yourself terf retard

Gender is entirely constructed on top of the material basis of genetic make up and neurological state. The exact same applies to race, where the material basis likewise does not correspond to the Idea of (the) race.
Also, the cultural appropriation thing isn't about whomever adopting some cultural marker for their benefit: it's them adopting it at the expense of the group where it is considered an important element of that groups culture. Ergo: the complaint isn't that crackers wear Chinese dresses, it's that the act of doing so harming (in whatever way) the culture it is significant - that culture already being in a vulnerable position as an other to the dominant culture.

What exactly is this black essence you allude to? How would you define it? Can it be 'obtained'?
Conversely, do men who:
- Dress like men;
- Speak like men;
- Act like men; and
- Seek out relationships with men;
- Try to obtain positions, both formal and informal, as men; and
- In any other way act like a man, but consciously do not proceed with surgery or treatment (or anything else to "fully become a man", or whatever)…
not qualify as a man to you? What about inter- or nonbinary folks? What about people who willfully engage in a different gender as a temporary (but extended) experience? In general: where does acting stop and becoming begin?

Where is the difference with race? You mentioned the curious qualifier that someone's hair should look " naturally like some black people". How would you qualify this "natural" look of hair? How would you define it as "black" specifically? What about blacks who have naturally straight hair? By extension: what about albino blacks?

No? That just sounds like a woman who acts like a man and dresses like a man. Which is fine, gender roles are bullshit and people can do whatever the fuck they want. Why do you need to be a man to do "man things"? This whole idpol thing reeks of people doubling down on gender roles in an attempt to "be progressive". Just play with your fucking colored ponies or work construction without worrying about your tits or dick, jesus.

Then what does? Biology? I defy you to define "black" in biological terms. Ancestry? Just what blood quantum qualifies a person as "black?" Race is every bit as much imaginary bullshit as gender is.

Yes, tranny, you are as delusional as Dolezal is.

stop being such a pedantic asshole

this is exactly what i meant about using it as an excuse to be transphobic

You just mean people who won't humor your delusions.

Wearing clothes from a different culture doesn't harm that culture in any meaningful way. If anything the opposite is true, it might be a way of paying homage to that culture

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Every time.

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I self-identify as Red. Red people Unite!

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No you

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What the fuck is this thread.
Have you all forgotten the core tenets of communism.
Egalitarianism and freedom without oppression from anyone.
It doesn't matter how much biological or non biological foundation trans anything has, if someone wants to tan themselves until they're black and call themselves black or want to cut their dicks off and inject soylent green into their bodies daily then let them.
Shit like this is why I unironically advocate for mass forced racemixing, fuck you all.

Because we still live in a world were people recognize race and in some cases get legal advantages. Aw shit I can't get into Yale being white? Guess I'm a half-black half-inuit now! I wouldn't give a single shit what people identify as if there was no advantage to being one over another.

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Marxists, gentlemen and wopersons.

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not trans, as if that matters

fuck off back to reddit, logicfag, i've already made my point about why being transgender is different to just blacking up, and i really don't have the patience to explain it to people who clearly don't want to argue in good faith

yeah ok

They have too. It's that or give up trans politics in general and it's proven very valuable and exploitive so they won't.

Capitalism commodifies everything. If it can commodity a person or a religion, why not a gender or a race? They call it progress when really it's worse than reactionary bigotry because it just hollows the issue out into meaningless descriptors which people STILL discriminate based off of. I see no difference between someone being denied entry into a building for being a nigger vs this modern "you're automatically transphobic for being a cis white man so revleft ban" which btw glad those child molesters shut down. Hopefully the FBI is pulling out their teeth right now.

But my point is identity politics isn't going anyway. I don't even think they care about the illusion of right vs left liberalism anymore. It's why anti incels can sound just like baby boomers and social Darwinksts. Its why faggots can go on and on about "it's a private website"and conservatives can piss and moan about fairness and equality treatment while not actually doing anything about the central issue.

Shit is gonna get worse. And my advise is you all take advantage as best you can. Like me I'm trying to push the narrative incel and trans activism are one and the same. There is a lot of overlap in mental derangement and opposition to radical feminism…but it amuses me the notion of trans admitting they're just incels who want dick in their ass. Which I'd be willing to give them hence why I'm pushing the narrative.

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Pretty much.

And have you ever actually asked them about this?

I take that as a personal challenge.

Francia is MARXISM gang
State Mandated Qts for ALL

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Are there any trannies who don't try and look like a stereotypical woman?

I mean, I'm pretty sure there are yeah, but that didn't answer the question anyway.

I'm asking one now. :^)

Nah, I'm more of an admirer.

Funny how your worldview is so watertight that it can't actually survive basic falsification so you have to change the subject though

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HRT making you moody?

Tranny implies the "cross dressing" part.
Without it it's not a tranny it's just a gay fag.

Abolishment of the class, money, and the state.

Trans people just feel gender Diaspora, this can be solved by letting them take whatever societal roles they want. It’s society that forces them through manipulate to take sterility pills, saying if they want to act femine/masculine they have to take sterility pills.

again, not trans, just sick of people making disingenuous arguments

If you can't defend your semantics against first degree questions, it's not very useful. Per:

There are plenty of queer people who are fine with not transitioning. As another poster pointed out: it is about becoming whatever they want to become to them. To demand they fully transition, or adhere to whatever arbitrary definition is useful to you or is commonly accepted, is imperious and adverse.
to answer your question: yes, and I've gone further than that. In response: have you spoken with nonbinary people about gender?

Actually, this is apparently validating Zig Forums's beliefs even more than the existence of MtF trannies.

If being black is such a horrible burden in America, then why are people "choosing to become black"?

Wrong read a book.

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Disingenuous? You mean pointing out that race is no more a physical reality than gender is? You mean saying that any identity based on a social construct is nothing more than a personal affectation? Or do you mean stating the obvious that "feeling like the other gender" can only be a delusion when gender has no biological reality?

Social constructs exist they're just ideas and not material. They can affect the material though, like how the government is a social construct but has physical buildings and shit.

Bullshit and waste of energy like this is exactly why the CIA had leftist groups infiltrated with 'new leftists', feminists and other SJW's. My fucking gott.

The equating of simple definitions with reality itself is magical thinking on the level that not even creationists approach.

In what sense do ideas exist?


In what sense does existence exist?

In the same way information exists, in the smae way that software on a computer exists. Granted dynamic network of electrical impulses and chemical reactions in the brain are more volatile and complex than ink on a paper or bits in a computer but fondamuntally that's the same kind of existence

This only refers to the existence of dynamic networks that generate electrical impulses, which are no more ideas than the electrical charge generated by a battery is.

Ok that was badly formulated, the ideas would be the electrical impulses in the dynamic network.

That's right and this is beautiful my fellow citizens, we should continue to have very productive arguments about this sort of very important issues, let's listen and give our time to the mentally ill. Pay no mind to actual class discussion, all that talk about working classes and how the rich are exploitative it's all so 19th century anyway, don't you agree? well, I do and I'm sooo tired of it, it's good to see something fresh and actually important be discussed for a change, like, do angels have sex? and if so does it actually align with their gender? do they even have a gender? and what about their race? Now this is the real talk right here.

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But those are still electrical impulses, protons and electrons, that will never metamorphize into ideas no matter how often you charge the dynamic network.

Programs are physical, either by being etched in a storage medium or electricity running through a volatile memory component. Software isn't ethereal at all, unlike ideas as purported in at least the tradition of dualism.
Don't use references to IT unless you are absolutely sure the comparison is valid. That's a breeding ground for misnomers and very annoying besides.

You talk the talk, now walk the walk.