Is good?

Is good?

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Whats there to say its just some Site for Anarcho-Liberals to circle jerk while doing nothing

Gamers riseup


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No, fuck you.

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Idk but my anarchist friendos into idpol are using their email addresses and stuff to organize, so I don't think it can be really bad, as long as it doesn't bother (You) to have a domain with riseup or anything attached to that string of characters.

They used to have a TOS that said literally that you couldn't use Riseup if you believed the class struggle was more important than intersectionality and the gender/race struggle but I can't find it now.

So it's trash.

So it doesn't exist then.

Its pretty good for organizing, and I think that's the only part that actually matters at all?

Retarded niggers using closed source encryption. They're probably infiltrated by FBI and CIA.

The fuck are you talking about?

Or maybe they changed it.

Been using it since 2012. Great site. Service blocks your IP from showing in your email header, offers encrypted storage, and allows you to create aliases so you can receive emails without giving out your real email. It also has an XMPP server, free VPN, and other stuff. If you want to be extra cautious, use GPG to encrypt your emails on top of all this.

Where are the proofs?

Source, nigger?

Yes riseup is good, anyone doing actual organizing at least knows about it, but honestly people mostly use signal at least in the US.

The best form of communication is paper that gets destroyed, or word of mouth. Digital platforms are still generally fine for minor actions though.

How the fuck am I supposed to tell when a fucking invite is needed to get in?
I fucking hate anything that needs an invite to get in tbh, shit is fucking exclusionary af.

It's invite only so that the wrong people don't get access. I know this sucks because depending on where you live there might not be any near by, but the only way to get a riseup is to be invited by another anarchist who trusts you in meatspace who also has a riseup. If it makes you feel any better, I have one and rarely use it even though it's a good platform.

This is why we need more collective spaces in cities around the world. I was lucky to enough to be able to co-own a collective bookstore in my city and get to know folks through that space.

The problem is that real estate is expensive af, in my city our rent is less than 1,000$ but in manhattan that number can easily be upwards of 20k

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