80s / 60s / 70s Nostalgia

How come people on the Right fetizise the 80s in terms of music Aesthetic culture etc so much?
And how come New-Left / Liberals love to fetisize the 60s / 70s etc?

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The 60's and 70's were a time of advocating for progress and protest but it went nowhere because liberals are too dumb to realize protest doesn't work, and the 80's were capitalism on steroids and Regan is a far right meme man for both the right and left so there morons actually idolize it. Also most Zig Forums users were born at the time.

Liking 80's music and easthetics is fascism now?
I love synthwave and stuff. Also isnt cyberpunk pretty 80's?

Cyberpunks is literally a world dominated by capitalism.
Synthwave stopped being good after 2015, as did all electro music, post trap post synthwave music is where it's at now. You're an unpopular faggot if you still like it and I wish I could bully you.
Yes it's fascist.
Now shut up.

This is really fucking arbitrary and stupid
Most people into shit like your image that I know are left

liberals don't count.

Cyberpunk is literally the punk aesthetic on technological steroids. It is hyper rebellion against hyper capitalism. The 80s aesthetic was weird in that it was tacky to the point of being fun. I can't really explain it in words. You're just being a bitterfag.

Jesus fucking christ you are mentally ill

we may never know

I'm unironically pretty sure the vast majority of them were born in the 2000s

Because they did not live through them long enough to have spent the nineties feeling embarrassed of having worn clashing neon colors and hockey hair the decade prior.

Because the era was the absolute pinnacle of feeling good about yourself for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

None the less, I would be lying if I said that I did not miss the truly great bands from both periods. Still, the nineties had good bands and the best fashion. If I were to relive a decade, it would be the nineties, at least the first half of the decade with all the Seattle shit.

Well the 1980's did have blatant machismo American nationalism even in pop culture.
They only to a limited extent, while the right loves to roll around in 1980 American propaganda, liberals are nostalgic for a sanitized version of the 1960's and 1970's even when looking at culture. For example many don't get hung up in the title wave of anti-establishment works of the period. Seriously go to liberals nostalgic about the period and see how knowledgeable they are about the original Planet Apes film series that was highly critical of contemporary society.

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As it pertains to fascists:

It's actually ultimately hypocritical of them since the 80s still had most of the "dejeneracy" they claim they hate so much. If they really wanted to attach a decade/aesthetic to fascism it should have been either the 30s or 40s.

Stop being a cunt bruv

It is kind of hard to argue against that one.

I would argue that they don't fetishise the the 'synthwave' aesthetic is any meaningful way. It was yet another thing they stole to "le troll le libtards epik style" and because it looks cool. It forms a part of their aesthetic identity because nobody else claimed it, just like with pepe. It's meaningless. There is nothing more to it that that. People who argue otherwise are the pretentious hipster liberal "journalists" who over-analyse everything that the far-right does, just like they did with Zig Forums and fidget spinners.

Don't forget that the 80s was the golden age of overtly fascist Hollywood

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Hyper-capitalism, nationalism, and it's when they were babies or shortly before they were born so it plays into the nostalgia factor.
Civil rights and hippie.
Similarly both fetishizations are removed from the greater context of the decades, like the radicalism/socdem reformism found in the 60's which is rejected by liberals and the "duhgwenerate" excesses of the 80's that fly in the face of professed reactionary values.

No, I would say that right now is the Golden Age of Fascist Cinema.

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The right fetishizes the 80s because it seems like the purest expression of capitalism (yuppies) and consumerism (TV, music, etc.). American Psycho is meant to be a parody but in these days of cynicism people can only express themselves in self-irony so the protagonist is even seen self-ironically as a hero and a model to some extent.

Liberals fetishize the 60s and 70s for its cultural and especially "sexual revolution".
But a radical leftist might also fetishize the same era - 60s for the May '68 and the 70s for leftist terrorism (Brigatte Rose, Rote Armee Fraktion) or mass anarchist movements (the Italian "Autonomia" and '77). These were the last decades that the left actually existed.

I don't know, the 1980's was pretty fasci.

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This. Some of the critical theory analysis is fun but the fash will try to co-opt whatever they can and will only bugger off when they get punched in the face.

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80s action movies were aggressively anti-authoritarian. The hero was almost always some manner of rebel working outside the system, and the villian always put his henchmen in uniforms and enforced military discipline with constant surveilance–pretty much exactly what the capitalist state has since become. In contrast, modern action movies often feature a hero who is proud to be a part of the capitalist machine and always behaves according to conventional morality–he is a soldier who was following orders when he was betrayed by some rogue agent, and in the end he restores the status quo. The villain is the renegade non-conformist working outside the system who in the 80s may have instead been the hero.

For example, compare the quintessential 80s action hero John Rambo to modern heroes. Rambo was a former soldier who was emotionally broken by his tour in Vietnam, and when he stumbles into the institutional injustice of small town law enforcement he starts killing cops in a one-man guerilla war. In the end he goes to prison for defending himself. The system is fundamentally broken in Rambo's world. It does not just have bad people in it who ruin things for everyone.

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But they are pro-imperialist, their beef with authority is the US bureaucracy is too inefficient, apathetic or corrupt to enforce US imperial goals. Rambo went to rescuing American POWs in Vietnam and putting the Mujaheddin in power in Afghanistan.
The message for a good chunk of 80's action movies is that a strong man is needed to make America strong again.

Yes, they are mindlessly imperialist, but they are not fascist. With fascism orders must be obeyed at all times without question. The system is an unassailable good driven by individuals who have everyone's best interests at heart. That is fundamentally at odds with the hero characters of 80s action films who tend to violently oppose a corrupt system. Contrast that with modern heroes who are true believers in the nobility of their institutions. They are the fascist ideal.

The Nazis showed no respect the the Weimar Republic and 80's action movies ideal state would be one that mirrors at least Mussolini's Italy, where police have unquestioned and unlimited powers while might command of military decides foreign policy.

Everything Nazis did was completely legal according to the article 48 of Weimar constitution. Either there was nothing wrong with Nazism or Weimar Republic itself isn't deserving of respect.

Okay but the beef 80's action movies have with authority is that the state is not fascist enough. Compare this to the films of the 1970's where you had the trend of the protagonist against authority because the whole US nation state only has self-interest.

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You must have been watching some different movies in the eighties than I was. Often state actors in those films were either so incompetent or corrupt that they were in the hero's way more than anything. Generals, police chiefs, and politicians were common foils when they were not outright villains. When the hero was a cop he was usually a renegade who doesn't play by anybody's rules.

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Only because they refuse to support the hero or upheld some ideal about the rights of the bad guy. Rarely is the state portrayed as overly aggressive, on the contrary the state is often portrayed as not aggressive enough. Also it is rarely suggested the hero might by wrong, the bad guys might have some rationally behind their actions or that the conflict is becoming pointless.

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That is the crux of my argument. It was always the renegade–the guy who refused to obey orders–who knew what needed to be done. They always act against conventional morality and outside the system.

That flies in the face of fascist ideals. Fascists always advocate adherence to a rigid morality. All the violence that they support is state-sanctioned. It is why they get so involved in electoral politics.

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Another proof that marxist losers are retarded beyond down syndrome and live in their own fantasy world.

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The renegade cop tends to be against a state that the action film deems not draconian enough. Take this scene from Dirty Harry where the supposed "bad" bureaucracy is that at the time the state didn't know that suspect was a bad guy and his rights was infringed.
It fits with the fascist ideal that the state shouldn't bother itself with such frivolities and should exercise its power without hesitation against the barbarian hoards threatening society (which is also how such films portrays criminals).

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Dirty Harry was made in 1971.

That did start many of the clichés that ended up in 1980's action movies.

I am going to have to agree with that user.
All 80's action movies are basically "america fuck yeah the american state is amazing fuck yea american government" and all the "rebeliousness" it has is against the process of law, against human rights, against things like "innocent until proven guilty". They do not fight against the american state, they fight for the state outside of the states burocratic rules, out of the books, without caring about human rights, about innocence, about humanity.

I am a right winger and I love music from the 60s and 70s despite it being laced with New left bullshit. Not everyone let's their politics inform every aspect of their lives

This, them fighting against state representatives does not mean they are fighting against the state ITSELF, they are actually trying to "regenerate" it, which is very compatible with fascist morality. Fascists were not against disobeying state orders per se, fascist were against the "weakness" of the state and if it was necessary one should have rebelled against a weak state to regenerate it, which is exactly the process behind the march on rome: in fact the socialists largely respected legislation, it was fascists which acted outside legality by use of violence. This because for the facist authority have to be forced by any cost, no problem about illegal violence if it is against a weak and "abnormal" government

Serves them right for buying into the myth that the bourgeois state can be an agent of change.

First Blood was about shell shock/PTSD colliding with cops who are totally removed from combat going on power trips. The whole setup is basically "respect the troops. this is how bad cops would be up against VC tactics." And Rambo kill exactly one person in that film, by fucking accident because the dumbass is dangling out of a helicopter and gets hit with a thrown rock. Everyone else just gets disabling injuries.

The rest of the Rambo films are not about one man going innawoods to avoid persecution by a state. They're about a one-man army slaughtering dozens of "bad guys" which at the very least has colors of fascism.

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Well I partly agree, praxis should be twofold, but the italian socialist were largely too pozzed with liberal collusion and appeasement to do anything

They don't.
Synthwave and Cyberpunk especially are deeply leftist, as they are based on a "punk" attitude of rebelling against a system, and Cyberpunk is about rebelling against the end stage of capitalism, it's a dystopia brought upon my the end result of corporations and capitalists dominating and exploiting everything on earth. That's the point of the entire genre, it's against tech liberals like Elon Musk by telling them that the current system's inequalities won't go away after technology progresses hard enough, in fact, that technology will only exasperate the current system's flaws.

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That was more the case with seventies action movies (eg. Death Wish, Dirty Harry, The French Connection) than it was with eighties action films like the First Blood trilogy, Die Hard, or The Terminator. The filmography of Chuck Norris is more like those authoritarian seventies films, but then he had been making and remaking essentially the same film since the seventies. You may point to Lethal Weapon as an example of the heroes ignoring the villains' rights, but remember that in that film the police department encouraged them. Riggs was a suicidal lunatic. Who cares if he gets in trouble or gets himself killed? And Murtaugh was about to retire anyway. Fuck 'em. The system was not exactly being overly nice.

Sure, there were a few blatantly fascist action films from the eighties. Cobra comes to mind, but check out the rest of Stallone's filmography. He played a convict more often than he played a cop. For every Cobra there are a half dozen films about a victim of a corrupt and sadistic system like Lock Up. The same goes for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yeah, he made Commando, but he also made The Running Man, Raw Deal, and Red Heat. The point is that the glorification of authoritarianism was an exception in eighties action films, not the rule. It was the seventies when the lone wolf renegade served up the totally necessary violent justice that a milquetoast system refrained from.

I could have sworn that David Carouso died on one of his traps. It is funny how squeaky his voice is when he is not doing that low, breathy dramatic thing that he always did on NYPD Blue.

Put it in context with the 1960's where police and military are seen as complete loyal conduates of power, where even with the ticking clock scenario they uphold the law. Those that for any reason step outside the system or are not team players are seen as evil and a threat to America itself.
While the 1980's action movies toned down justification of police brutality that existed in 1970's movies you still had films having the hero as rouge agents having their own little war mostly for something as benign as drugs.

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The people in this thread are thinking way too hard. The reason the right fetizises 80's aesthetic is because it has become a meme on the internet. And the far right has been infiltrating meme culture to convert "normies" to the alt-right (and sadly it seems to be working).

I'm assuming because the sixties was a time of peaceful rebellion and social change which is what liberals want. change within their own status quo definition that is

Uh, are you thinking of Robocop? which is an obvious parody so probably shouldn't count either Neither the Terminator nor Kyle Reese work for the cops, at all, ever. They're shown to be incompetent at protecting Sarah Connor and are never around when they're needed. Most of the people the Terminator kills are cops. Like a whole police station of them, in a really badass proto-FPS sequence. If anything, the story is a warning about automation, AI and the control of it likely being with Porky and his military-industrial complex, which was further reinforced in the second film. Stop trying to use a good movie to convoy this in with your hate-on for whatever it is that's probably Burgerland.

It's okay to just say that you listened to Kavinsky's Drive soundtrack on loop for years, user.

That is the entire point. Neither Kyle Reese nor Sarah Conner is helped in any way by the police. The entire law enforcement system is more a problem to them than it is a help. Skynet even used the MAD plan against itself to set off Judgement Day. The whole system in The Terminator was perched on the edge of catastrophy, and it only took a little push (by an entity that was created by a corporation no less) to make it destroy the world. That negative, cynical attitude toward the power structure of the time was prevalent in eighties action films. They certainly did not glorify governmental authority or prop up adherence to strict moral standards as the measure for being heroic the way that modern action films tend to.

It would be vastly more correct to say that the right got handed meme culture on a silver plate by liberals repudiating it.

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That is true for Terminator yet it wasn't the run of the mill action movie. Most action films supported the power structure they just had the hero step outside of bureaucracy to achieve the interests of the established ruling power. They also did uphold strict moral standards thus the cliché of the rouge cop being justified in endangering public life in their own little war just to go after drug dealers.

The thing is, while that is the popular perspective of the action films of the time, I do not think that was actually the case. Apart from good old Chuck who had been telling that same story over and over like the AC/DC of action heroes, eighties action films did not actually follow that seventies formula at all. Even apart from the big names like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, and Mel Gibson low budget action films starring guys like Michael Dudikoff and Sho Kosugi similarly had anti-authoritarian themes. They were the rule, not the exception. It is kind of fun to go back and watch them, because they frequently violently condemn the kind of shit that passes for normal now.

Stormfront has run Ops on 4/news/ / 4/pol/ for closing in on a decade.
You don't know what you're talking about.

Okay take Lethal Weapon 2 we open with a chaotic police chase where many people are put in danger the only thing the police know is that the suspects are related to illegal drugs. The police chief only mentions the chaos caused by the chase in passing. The police chief orders our heroes Murtaugh and Riggs to protect a witness and they don't take his safety seriously till they learn he is involved with drug dealers and under their own initiative wants to take the drug dealer down. In short you have a kind of romanticization of the war on drugs with 1980's police action films, hell Red Heat where you have a Soviet cop working with a American only allows this corporation because they are killing drug dealers in idea that the only thing worse then a Communist is a drug dealer.

80's were shit anyways

Yeah, the D.A.R.E. bullshit was big then, but the fact that drug dealers were common cinema baddies also has a lot to do with the decline of the Soviet Union as a big bad. By the time Reagan's presidency was over Gorbechev was more popular in the United States than he was, which is saying something since Reagan had damn near swept the electoral college in his reelection campaign. Red Dawn was a relic only a couple years after it hit theaters. Nazis had long since become old hat (excepting of course Indiana Jones), and the Vietnamese had increasingly started to look like *gasp* victims of the war in films like Apocalypse Now and Good Morning Vietnam despite Chuck Norris's cinematic efforts. What bad guys were left to choose from?

All the same, being anti-drugs is not the same as being fascist even on the sly, and Lethal Weapon 2 is not typical of the genre. I don't know about you, but when I think of eighties action films the titles that jump to mind are Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Road Warrior, Rambo: First Blood Part 2, and The Terminator. Even when you reduce it to just cop films, there were plenty of movies like Tango and Cash, Witness, and Mad Max.


Honestly, yeah they really were, but I would be lying if I said that this thread was not making me nostalgic.

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Yet the anti-authoritarian nature of such films like Lethal Weapon 2 is still authoritarian, falling in line with the what the real life US state wants along with the fictional US state. Thus you have the problem of films romanticizing the idea of rouge agents of the state wanting to be more even efficient in carrying out the will of the state then their standing orders would allow and that being the justification for stepping outside their chain of command.
The problem is not having drug dealers as the bad guy but painting anti-authoritarianism as just carrying out the wishes of ones master without direct orders to do so.

There was no great number of such films in the eighties. A quick look through the filmographies of eighties action stars will tell you as much.

Again, that theme was not common in eighties action films. It is a formula that was popular in the seventies and only appeared sporadically in the eighties.

Of course, that would only apply to films where the hero is a cop.

you're generalizing and it's because nerds dicovered vaporwave and think it is still cool. Even tho vaporwave was born in Communism, seriously i'ts a parody of Capitalism.

Alt-right retards don't know tho and just think it's cool and a e s t h etics and shit because of the meme.

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Because you hate the right, and you hate the 80s aesthetic.
Because you hate the new left/liberals, and hate the 60s/70s.

Literally the only correct configuration of ideologies and tastes is yours, because you like them, and anyone with the wrong tastes is obviously ☘️one of them☘️.

This is the kind of shit that killed Zig Forums and Zig Forums. Stop that

Pants-on-head moderation killed Zig Forums and Zig Forums.

Zig Forums was long dead before imkampfy LARPed as Hitler. The prolliferation of the "things I like == good == fascist, things I don't like == bad == librulz" meme nuked all possibility of debate. In the case of Zig Forums it was similar, with the whole Ferguson riots shitstorm, just that in this case, the association between tastes and us versus them was remotely related to politics.

The 80s was a time of socio-political conservatism and roots revival.
Televangelism, AIDS scare, military pride (action movies), dystopian literature.

The 60s and 70s was a time of socio-political liberalism.
Tim Leary's "Turn On, Tune In Drop Out"
Acid, pot, pills
Free love, "happenings", hippie fests, sappy love songs, sci fi.

I like the 80s because the birth of industrial and extreme metal

Yeah, although I would say that Judas Priest got that started in the seventies with songs like "Dissident Aggressor."

1. Fidget spinners are the tools of Satan.

2. Dubstep is the music of fallen angels, but grunge rock is Gods gift to man.

3. LSD is enlightment: sitting on ones ass for hours on end watching a sea of colors change shapes finding the secrets of life, but social media is evil.

4. Wrestling is cool but computer games are evil.

5. Gangster rap is the struggle of the coommon man against the system but pop is evil.

6. Rock music is a gift from God: singing about evil alter egos, succubi, alcohol, and just flat out screeching guitars is pleasing to the Lord. But R &B is Satanic.

7. Twerking is evil, but hip thrusts from the 70s are cool.

8. Baggy hand-me-down clothes are alright, but fashionable slim fit clothes are not masculine.


Who the fuck are you kidding? We did computer gaming way the fuck better back in the day than you all do now.

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Game made by people who (justifiably) refuse to even speak with right wing numpties.
Not sure how this has anything to do with what you imply it does.
ID were liberals, the Johns especially. I'll give you the theme, though. Also, as a GZDoom developer: I think you're full of it!
I don't even think you think you know who worked on Shadows of Amn.
Will Wright was one of the first big bridges developer to include liberal talking points in his games. Why you chose to attach cover art of the shittest sim city, rather than the awesome Sim City SNES box art or even better Sim City 2000 Playstation box art is a mystery to us all.

ehl oh ehl

Nigger, what the fuck are you on about? Are you drunk?

The snythwave aesthetic was more associated with shows like Max Headroom and club music like Devo or Digital Underground. Max Headroom being especially anti capitalist.
Movies like Red Dawn only did okay and I'd argue had more to so with its star studded cast, particularly Patrick Swazy.
I grew up in the 80s and Red Dawn was always relegated to crapy Sunday Afternoon movie blocks and wasn't taken seriously by anyone but the fringe right.
Fascist coopted synthwave because it is an interesting aesthetic that was by on means representative of 80s values.
Something like "Dallas" the runaway hit soap opera, is far more representative of the asthetics and values of the average person, yeah still reactionary but nothing close to the paranoia of Red Dawn and their ilk.
The red painted liberals on here just wanna smear all burger proles as mouth breathers because they're obviously so much smarter than them.

The last pic above all. They could enjoy themselves without worrying as much, and our focus was not war like it is now.
Good old times m8

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Wut? We had just finished with Vietnam–and theaters were still full of Vietnam shit–and Reagan was doing all that war-that's-not-a-war shit in Nicaragua, Grenada, Colombia, Panama, Lebanon, Afghanistan, the Fauklands, and God can't recall where else. It was all about war back then.

the left fethizes the period in between 1870 and 1945
because that's when there was atleast a left

It doesn't seem like the modern right wing has any interest in Christian conservatism. If anything, the left is the side spearheading most of today's retarded moral panics, some of which are the same as the retarded moral panics conservative Christians supported.

Top lel. Their social shit all boils down to "won't somebody think of the children?" The aut-right has turned into the Boomer soccer moms of old crying about offensive music, video games, and TV programs that harm the fragile fabric of moral society.


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except star wars which only recently got better

holy shit your taste in movies is horrible please kys