Post historical figures who are unironically worse than Hitler

Post historical figures who are unironically worse than Hitler.

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Came here to post this

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>>>Zig Forums2557883

Who the gay guy or the guy who doxed him?

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not even memeing

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Who doxed him obv

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she's so ugly

how did the decaying pussy wound on his taint develop? is he full woman now?

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I think Elon Musk will go down the same path Mark Zuckerberg did. He will go from being one of the most beloved millionaires in the west to one of the most hated men in America. also posting Mark Zuckerberg because, yeah

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Hopefully people will someday realize that he is not the new Tesla but an even scuzzier version of Edison.

Chiang Kai Shek opposed the persecution of Jews in Europe, supported the foundation of a permanent home for Jews and provided refugee to Jews from all over the world in China.

You are just butthurt he happend to be there and ended up fighting the rival miliant "Communists" with Chinese characteristics.

The difference being Elon Musk actually s a pretty cool guy not some super autist running pedophile rings


Still a representative of landlords and triads, and the CCP didn't become "communists with chinese characteristics" until Deng.

true but I tend to be indifferent to him

its amazing people like this get a pass for being normal

not disagreeing there

50/50 as long as he doesn't try and kill Agrarian types. wouldn't doubt it though

nah technically a Georgist by Burger standards, ok dude.

no, he was right about women


Not a Tankie, but the collapse of the USSR was a very tragic event, it could’ve been reformed into Libertarian Socialism. But these two fucks decided to just destroy it instead. Granted Gorbachev didn’t want collapse per say, but his privatization is the root cause of Soviet collapse. The reduction in Russian life expectancy due to Soviet collapse killed millions.

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No he was a genius

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Payback for the Moorish invasions

I think you mean xir

Can't top him

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you just saw him in that varg video you nerd. smh.

unironically Richard Nixon, Regan, Bush, Trump. etc.

Fuck Varg lmao.

Reagan, Nixon, and Cheney.

All the neoliberals obviously.

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