What's leftpol's stance on the holocaust?

What's leftpol's stance on the holocaust?

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If one reads Mein Kampf Hitler was very hostile towards jews, so there's no reason to suspect it didn't happened. I do think it's a shared crime of humanity, not of "germanness" or something.

I don't support it.

bash the fash

Except there's no actual proof that it happened. Just self-serving Jewish lies and confessions made under threat/torture. Plus the huge criminalization of questioning the holocaust is another argument of it being a lie.

Yeah, WWII never happened. It's all just a lie used to justify US world dominance. USSR never existed, just a bunch of balkanised states the US propped up as the 'big other'. History is a lie.

Yeah yeah, didn't happened but totally should. Are you at least german or something? Because the topic has not been handled well in germany.

That the holocaust didn't happened is a residual big lie:

Err, not a fan.

Here's an idea: Go fuck yourself.

The holocaust is a spook.

Joke: It didn't happen.
Woke: It happened but shouldn't happen again.
Provoke: It never happened but should.
The Accelerationist Spoke: It happened and should happen again in order to further de-legitimize and weaken the right.

Pretty bad but the CIA has killed more people in their coups and assassinations than the entire holocaust.

It was horrific.

Never happened. It was made up by the right to attract the edgy teen demographic.

It was all capitalism's fault.

enjoy. anyone who wants to play historical revision on the holocaust should go through that album.

there were 2 possible Jewish reactions to the holocaust:
1) genocides are a stain upon humanity and we should strive for a world without murderous ethnic strife
2) the Jews as a people were too weak to stop the genocide, and now we must build Jewish state power to make sure there will never be anything like the holocaust against the Jews again
the first option is the structuralist, universalist leftist approach, the second the particularist right-wing option. the latter gave us the state of Israel and their low-intensity genocide in Gaza.

That's not how this works. Bring up the billions of bodies and empirical evidence. "MUH BASIC LOGIC" isn't a good argument on any side of politics.
You're an even bigger idiot than I thought.

Made me laugh.


Read the big lie quote (from mein kampf). "For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down"

It’s a shame it happend, but it wasn’t the fault of the German people, but of international capitalists, and the SPD. International Capitalists are the ones who put Hitler in power, not the German people. This can be shown in the 1932 German Election. The 1933 Election was probably rigged and Hitler even than only got into power through a coalition government. Also the SPD is at fault for not supporting the Spartacus uprising that would’ve stopped any fascist movement in Germany.

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This books should be mandatory reading for all everyone who attends school. Genocides will continue to happen until capitalism is abolished.

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It happened, obviously. But the mainstream narrative has issues.

Functionalism - Hitler and much of Germany were extremely hostile to Jews and other minority groups but there wasn't a grand plan from the Fuhrer himself to kill them all. The mass deaths were a result of nobody wanting to take the people whom were supposed to be deported, while Germany's infrastructure was put under stress from the war. That involved people up the chain of command making calls that played into the genocide happening (i.e. The Final Solution), but there's no evidence of Hitler deciding to gas the Jews or anything like that which is what you would expect if in fact Hitler was a Saturday morning cartoon villain as a lot of mainstream historians seem to think he was. It's been the holy grail of intentionalist historians for a while and they've never found the smoking gun. Don't get me wrong, he was still shit and functionalism implies that racist rhetoric is more dangerous than intentionalism does because you don't need some supervillain plotting doomsday for genocide to happen. You just need racist policies, general pervasive hatred, and bureaucratic failure.

Numbers - Close to 6 million Jews died in the concentration camps. The total number of deaths is over 11 million. Only counting the Jewish deaths is bullshit, especially if you're a commie since a lot of the other deaths were left wingers: "First they came for the communists" etc. The axis is responsible for even more deaths in the war itself but those are "acceptable" deaths to some people so they tend to restrict Hitler's culpability to the holocaust victims, even though he's more directly responsible for the war deaths (see functionalism above).