What do you guys think about my country?

What do you guys think about my country?

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I read in a book that the state structure is very fragile and influenced by various forces, such as the russian goverment. Dunno anything else about it

Azerbaijan is a nonsense country that shouldn't exist.

Caucasus is shit dude
everything in the region is shit
so your country and you is shit

It looks comfy.

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what makes you think like that?

Your borders are unaesthetic.

It's called Stepanakert now.

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Wait arent the Armenians in the exclave?
OMG the borders are shit

Gotta be honest, I don't think about it. I did always like the name though.

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Don't know much about it, is it the usual counterrevolutionary post-commie shithole?

The country is the size of Maine.

tbh the only reason why I know of this country is due to cod 4. Sorry.
I do kind of want to lean more about it though.

Oh wow, didn't know the Baku commune was there. I thought that was in armenia.

Looks kinda like a tit.

Turkey's eastern satellite state and the politicians are very porkie and conservative. I've heard oil barons run the country too.
Also please leave Nagaorno-Karabak alone.

Probably the only good "Muslim" country that exists.
You guys have your own space program, and are heavily into technology and R&D.
Worst I heard is that the southern parts are full of typical mudslimes who durkadurka out all the time and occasionally need culling.

I think the most relevant it's ever been was that one time a Call of Duty level was set there.

Albania is pretty nice user.

In comparison to Kurdistan, Algeria and Tunisia; Azerbaijan doesn't hold up, especially considering the time they massacred Armenians in the 90s.

Not if you value your car though :^)

don't forget this dude: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramil_Safarov

Artsakh is a free country, leave it alone.

They had it coming tbph.

Well, it's the center of a cutback of a far-right cartel which really, really fucking pisses me off…

…otherwise I've got nothing against it.

Turkey is allied to Azerbaijan, and during the war they threatened to invade Armenia if Armenia occupied Nakhchivan.
As a low intensity conflict is still ongoing, the Armenia-Turkey border is closed by t*rkey.

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The conflict between Azeris and Armenians leave both sides accountable to massacres.